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For less than $1.50 per pound you receive organic vegetables harvested the same day you bring them home, from arugula to zucchini. Portland is a beautiful place to live.  I suppose I should clarify that and say that Portland Maine (or the Portland of the East) is a beautiful place to live.
When you examine the architecture of some of the old building in Portland Maine, you feel transported into the past where life was simpler – though perhaps more difficult.
Though nature is a big part of the experience of living in Maine, it’s not the only thing that provides beauty.  Though it’s not as evident as the trees, or the rocks, or the ocean, the history of this place is just as beguiling as its surrounding.
Are you a fan of organic, healthy food and looking for a flexible, part-time job opportunity? This week, Bison Organic Brewing of Berkeley, CA hits the road and visits Portland for three unique and delicious events. Since our founding, Bipartisan Cafe has prided itself on working with many of the Portland area’s best bread and bagel bakers and the region’s most reliably great coffee, juice, dairy and tea producers. Water Avenue Coffee, located on Water Avenue in Portland’s Southeast Industrial area, opened its doors in 2009. Dragonfly Chai burst onto the Northwest tea and coffee scene, reinvigorating what had become a rather dull beverage category with their handcrafted, microbrewed teas. The brand also grinds their own spices and they only use organic, fair-trade tea and organic sweeteners and spices. Sunshine Dairy was started back in the thirties by a Greek restaurateur who wanted to deliver dairy products to Portland-area food businesses.
They use the latest equipment and techniques to screen each batch of milk for antibiotics, and have product standards that are more rigorous than the federal standards for food safety and quality. Award-winning Columbia Gorge Organic is more than just the region’s best juice producer; they are also a genuine family farming operation.
They produce more than sixty different varieties of stone fruit, apples, and pears, and they also make their juice right on the farm. Founded by a New York transplant in Portland’s Old Town neighborhood, Bowery Bagels has always tried to replicate a true genuine New York style bagel.

With their light crust, chewy interior, and malty flavor, Bowery Bagels are known for being the best in the City of Portland.
Bowery uses all Pacific Northwest-produced flour and grains, malt, yeast, salt, water, and nothing else. Bipartisan Cafe’s sandwich bread purveyor, Fleur de Lis Bakery, prides itself on producing some of the highest quality breads and baked goods in the Portland area.
From our juice purveyor, to our bread and bagel bakeries, Bipartisan is proud to be working with and selling products from some of the best of the best in Portland’s near-ridiculously high quality food scene. Not to detract anything from the Portland of the West – I’m sure it’s also a beautiful place – but we live here and think it’s the best place to be…plus we were first.  Copycatters! Del Grande will address the crowd and answer questions about his brewery that has been producing 100% certified organic beers since 1989.
Evergreen Blvd., Vancouver, WA) serves as the Washington State launch party for Bison Organic Brewery, now carried by Alpha Distributing.
We work with the best in order to bring you the best food and drink that you can find in the Montavilla neighborhood. And if you’ve ever had a piece of our amazing pie (some of the best pies in Portland, in our humble opinion!), then you know just how great Water Avenue coffee really is. They make a wide variety of iced teas and chai varieties in their facility in Northwest Portland’s industrial area.
They compost all of their used ingredients, and re-use all of the glass bottles that they deliver their tea in. Since then, it has grown into one of the Pacific Northwest’s largest and most respected dairy products companies.
Sunshine Dairy produces and delivers a wide variety of milk products, and they source their raw ingredients from Farmers Cooperative Creamery, an Oregon dairy collective.
Run by the Stewart family in the Hood River area, Columbia Gorge Juice is a 180-acre spread that’s been in operation since 1989.
They do all their own fruit and vegetable juice processing, compost all their organic waste, and buy whatever they can’t produce themselves directly from other small growing operations.

They’re hand-rolled, fermented, proofed and boiled in small batches before they are baked in the traditional manner. Located at Thirty-Ninth and NE Hancock in Portland’s Hollywood District, Fleur de Lis wholesales Greg Mistell’s baked pastries and breads to restaurants and coffee shops throughout the Portland metro area. They make some of the best gluten-free bread, pastries, and other baked goods in the country, and are distributed internationally. You can rest assured that we’ll always partner with whomever is delivering the best products, so we can pass that quality on to our customers. Squarebar is looking for a high-energy, outgoing, active person with a passion for nutrition to represent the brand during in-store sampling engagements! Working with other local small businesses is one way we ensure quality and keep the dollars that you spend in the cafe working in the local community. They tirelessly search the international coffee market looking for the best available green coffees to bring home to Portland, and they only buy fresh, current crop green coffee. Since 2005, Amy and her husband have been growing and sharing the harvests with Portland metro area folks. They grow beyond accordance with organic and sustainable principles while always respecting life in the environment. They make their own compost, feed the soil cover crops and never use harmful chemicals on or around the food they grow!
They have CSA shares available early June through first week of November for a 22-23 week season: Double-shares and Standard-shares available with Salad-lover, and Berry-lover add-on shares.

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