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Sometime in early April, when soil temps are right and night time temps are staying above 60, I plant my pepper (and tomato) transplants. I have been told that the pablanos purchased in the grocery stores are hybrids and the mature bush will not bear peppers.
It is hard to say for certain but there is a very high probability that the one you buy are hybrids.
Been reading this with great interest, as this is the first year I have grown Poblano and Serrano plants.
Hi is epsin salt good for growing or azomlite is volcano ash is the good want improve the the,trees what do you recommended best way to grow poblanos or carlina reapers? I bought this Poblano pepper plant locally and transplanted it into a 5 gallon container with drainage holes. Hi, I think it would be bacterium, if you don't plan on burning the plant to stop the spread.

I have one pod that is about 2″ long but that sounds like it still needs to grow a bit before it’s ready! I have a meter squared of soil for planting in my backyard, but it has an underground mesh about 3 inches under to prevent pests from eating the roots. The leaves are looking diseased and wondering what it is and if there's anything I can do about it?
Last year I dug up my chiles before the frost came and brought them inside for the winter and they did even better than when outside.
They are in 9 inch pots so I suppose that these pots are too small to have nice fullgrown peppers.
The only problem is that now that they are fruiting and the Scottish autumn in now upon us.
Spray the leaves with the mixture when not in direct sun there should be air movement by fan if necessary.

They won’t fit in the dehydrator and I can’t set the oven low enough so how else can I dry them in the winter?
Thinking if I keep say 4 fruits a plant, will hurry them up before the light completely dies. Thanks RichardIf your pepper plants are in damp conditions with little or no air movement it is perfect conditions for bacterium growth.

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