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Giving tomato plants the proper care at planting time is one of the most important steps for ensuring a satisfying harvest. The best proactive, natural measures for disease avoidance of most plants including tomatoes, is to have a 2 - 4 inch layer of mulch around the base of each plant. Keep a good amount of compost worked into the top few inches of your soil around the plants. To promote faster growth and concentrate the plantis energy into the main branches and fruit, snap or cut out the small suckers that grow from the crotch of many branches and the main stalk.
There are three things I believe to be essential to fostering an interest in gardening in young children. They love being trusted by an adult to be responsible for something so they need to be given ownership of a plant, its home, and its care. When growing carrots in containers, starting with containers filled with new, good-quality potting soil provides several benefits.
You can use any large (at least 12 inches deep) container of your choice in which to grow carrots. Carrot seeds are so small it can be difficult and frustrating for children to try and sow them the recommended 1 inch apart. About 10 days after the seedlings emerge, you can lightly fertilize the carrots if desired. When the carrots tops are about 6 inches tall, the carrots should be thinned again to about 2 inches apart. Helping a child get their carrots going early in the growing season will give them time to continue new plantings until about 3 months prior to the end of the season for your area. It can be a challenge to keep kids occupied with wholesome activities all throughout the summer, especially when temperatures get too hot to spend the afternoon outdoors.
While helping your kids snip flowers around your garden, be sure to avoid poisonous plants. As you collect the flowers and leaves, stick them in a bud vase or small cup with water to help keep them fresh.
Organize your flowers by type, as you’ll want to press all your pansies together, your geraniums together, and so on. The easiest and least expensive way to press your flowers and leaves is between the pages of a large, heavy book (old phone books work well).
When plant roots encounter the various elemental materials found in garden soils, they absorb some of them, use some in their processes, store some in their roots, and pass on some from their various expiration systems. Although soil is very complex and may seem daunting, it is easy and inexpensive to get a handle on it through soil testing. To create and maintain healthy garden soil, plants and food crops, consider gathering and sending in some soil samples.
Take a few scoops of soil from your chosen bed, digging down about 12-18i into the bed to get a good mixture of soil deeper than just the surface. Within just a few weeks, you should receive a packet in the mail, a tweet or an email advising you on your soil test results and how to adjust your soil for optimal growing results. Umass Soil Testing: Amherst offers several different tests including a basic soil nutrient and composition test for about $10-15 and a separate texture (% of sand, silt, clay) test for around $50.
Midwest Labs: Offers a huge array of testing options from simple nutrient details to nematode levels to nitrate concentrations to much, much more.
As a guy who loves to grow his own food, I still don’t have all the room or time I need to enjoy everything summer’s bounty has to offer. When you go to the farmers’ market, there are usually many vendors offering far more than just fresh produce. One of the best things about a farmers’ market that’s unlike the grocery store; if you’re walking into the grocery store, the guy on isle two doesn’t typically know how to pick out fresh produce, and they’re not likely to have free samples around for you to taste before you buy. A harvest of summer fruits and veggies can be overwhelming…whether from your own garden, or your CSA (community supported agriculture).
One of the most frequent questions that I am asked is “how do you get past the color?” I usually tell people that green is one of my favorite colors – so it really doesn’t bother me! Fiskars’ Cuts+More™ Scissors were recognized at the NAOPA as an excellent example of a company taking a core office product and improving upon it through innovation.
The Best Product – Core Office Products award is granted by a panel of judges from the Office Products industry based on product innovation, design and functionality. This was the 2nd annual awards program for North American manufacturers, encouraging innovation and recognizing vendors that are working to deliver real value to the dealer community.
In addition to winning Best Product – Core Office Products, Fiskars’ Cuts+More™ Scissors also made the shortlist for the category Product Innovation of the Year.
Fiskars Corporation is a leading global supplier of consumer products for the home, garden, and outdoors. With temperatures soaring, how can you enjoy your garden when you can’t remain outside for longer than ten minutes? Your container can be anything from a French florist’s bucket to the most beautiful cut crystal. If you’re longing for flowers in the depth of winter, or if you don’t have a garden of your own, don’t worry.
Hybrid or Oriental lilies, but gently remove stamens so pollen won’t stain your clothes or tabletop. Rudbeckia spp., black-eyed Susans, are sunny flowers and with all the new varieties, they can be used in so many ways.
Zinnias, especially taller flowers in seed mixtures, make wonderful cut flowers and last a long time in the vase. Although daylilies last only a day, they can be floated in a bowl or shallow vase and will remain beautiful until the next morning. Two of the bouquets, above, were crafted from flowers entirely from my garden, and they reflect two garden styles I really like, overblown and prairie. Some animals eat desert plants for the moisture, because desert plants store water in their spongy tissue. Although they can be easy to grow, there are some tricks to making sure plants stay as healthy as possible as you patiently wait to harvest those first ripe fruits of your labor. But even with the best initial care, tomato plants need on-going attention to keep them as healthy as possible as you prepare for the bounty. Mulch can prevent soil-borne disease from splashing up onto foliage from irrigation or rainwater. In addition to being a great natural source of nutrients, compost has disease-fighting properties.

Once you locate this well camouflaged creature, handpick and toss them out of the garden where a bird is sure to find it.
The key minimizing any problem in your garden is to be proactive and quick to respond to signs of trouble. Ownership doesn't get any more tangible to a child than having their plants reside in containers of their own.
If it is not a container designed specifically for growing plants, a bucket or a washtub for instance, you will need to drill drainage holes in the bottom. You can mix the seeds with sand or sugar and have them sprinkle the mixture over the soil with a spoon. Teaching them to get the water spraying through the rose before moving it over the container will help prevent dumping water and displacing the seeds and, later, the small seedlings. Be sure to use a low-nitrogen fertilizer to prevent the carrots from growing excess foliage or "hairy" roots.
Collect them in the morning, after the dew has dried, but before the day has really started to heat up. You may not realize that euphorbias, rue, asparagus fern, and parsnip flowers can cause blisters or other types of discomfort. You’ll want to press them the same day you collected them, but putting them in water will help keep them fresh until you’re done picking flowers and have your flower pressing supplies ready.
Different flowers take different lengths of time to dry, so it’s easier to press them in groups with similar flowers.
You’ll also need several pieces of wax paper or plain white sheets of paper to protect the pages of your book from being stained by the flowers.
Having multiple flowers of the same type will allow you to experiment with placing them sideways, facedown, and face up. Once you have your flowers in between the pages of your book, you’ll have to wait two to four weeks (the thicker the flower, the longer the drying time) for the flowers to be completely flattened and dried. When we amend our soils with compost and other fertilizers, we aren’t actually providing plants with food sources. Because plants may absorb and then store unusable toxins like lead and arsenic, we may end up consuming them when we munch on an innocuous looking carrot or beet. For instance, Nitrogen, which is critical to the green growth of plants, quite often needs to be replenished more often than key nutrients such as Phosphorus, which may build up in the soil. For around $10-$20, a soil lab will evaluate your soil for pH, micro and macro-nutrient status, and toxic element levels.
It’s a fun project with kids, and it will give you some very powerful knowledge toward being a better, healthier gardener. Some agricultural extension offices will even provide basic testing for free, but they often don’t provide details on how to adjust the garden based on the facts they find. Or, what if you don’t even have a backyard, or one that’s sunny enough to grow your own fresh produce? That’s part of what makes these markets so great; it’s all about fresh and local, from homemade cheese to free range, grass fed organic beef and chicken, and of course plenty of fresh eggs! Turning those crops into juices and smoothies is a great way to ensure that nothing goes to waste. Some people prefer the instant energy that comes from juice, and believe that our bodies can access the vitamins much more quickly in this form. If you’re having trouble persuading little ones to gulp down a green drink, you can either try giving it a cool name (Shrek smoothie anyone?) or make the smoothie purple by adding berries. The judges were impressed by the product’s simplicity, coupled with its versatility, and Fiskars’ ability to showcase its features in a product video. The product must also demonstrate improvement upon previous designs, benefits for the reseller and consumer, and a high level of marketing support in promoting the product to the end user. The top contestants in each category are listed on a shortlist, from which one winner is announced during the S.P. Fiskars’ Bamboo Titanium Bypass Trimmer made the shortlist for Environmentally-friendly Product of the Year.
The world famous orange-handled scissors are a registered trademark of Fiskars Corporation.
If you still want to take pleasure in your handiwork, cut some flowers and bring them indoors. If you plan to stay outdoors for any length of time, place cut stems in a bucket of water to keep them fresh. Rectangular and square vases lend a more modern air than round ones although floral designers break the rules constantly. In the south, they are best in the spring and fall, but some of the landscape type bloom throughout summer. Lilies are also very fragrant so make sure you like their scent before bringing them indoors where it will be magnified. Sometimes itis a natural response to minimize exposure to more sun that the plant can support.
To minimize the amount of water on foliage, irrigate your plants with soaker hoses or drip irrigation placed under mulch.
An upright, supported plant also provides better air circulation and sunlight, which means a healthier plant and a better harvest. As long as they are properly watered, carrots are actually easier to grow in containers than they are the ground.
While the soil should be free of weed seeds, if a stray seed happens to ride the wind to the container, the loose soil makes weeding much easier for children. While on the topic of watering, throughout the growing cycle of carrots, the soil should be kept evenly moist down to the depth of the tip of the carrots, but not too wet.
If they are not poking through the surface, brush away a little soil until the top is visible. Preserving the flowers and leaves from your garden is a great way to collect the memories of the garden you and your children grew together. Of course, educate yourself on how to identify poison ivy, poison oak ("leaves of three, let it be"), and sumac. Don’t use paper towels, as they will leave their pattern on the flowers you press between them. Some flowers, like daisies, are easiest to press when you cut off the stem and place them facedown. It is from the soil that plants draw much of the water and nutrients they need to stay healthy and complete the process of creating their own food.

Then, if nutrients build up in excess, they can further inhibit a plant’s ability to draw out others they need. When pH is outside this range, plants can struggle significantly even if nutrient availability is sufficient. Plus, you’ll likely save money and improve the environment in the long run by reducing over-applying costly fertilizers!
Seal the bag, and mail it to the soil lab of your choosing, following any additional directions they may provide. The farmers that come to these markets are proud of what they grew and happy to let you enjoy a sample first.
They’re also a clever way to add more servings of fruits and veggies to your children’s (or your own!) diet. For smoothies, there is no need to purchase a specialty blender…just a standard blender will do the trick. The group has a strong portfolio of trusted international brands including: Fiskars, the World’s #1 Scissors Brand™, Iittala, Gerber, Silva, and Buster. You want your flowers to be able to take up as much water as possible, so cut an inch or two off of the bottom of the stem at an angle before placing them in a vase of tepid, not hot or cold, water.
It is a biological control that wonit harm beneficial insects, pets, or people so itis safe to use in an organic garden. And pulling something sweet and crunchy from beneath the dirt after weeks of watching the tops grow leaps and bounds, that's 2-for-1 in the reward department. It is made from ingredients like dehydrated manure, feather meal, and bone meal, so I feel comfortable having my kids handle it.
Cut the tops off of harvested carrots as soon as possible to prevent the foliage from continuing to draw moisture from the root. Don’t pick flowers that are bruised or have insect damage, as those marks will turn brown and unattractive after pressing. Use the flowers to make decorative bookmarks, gift cards, sun catchers, place mats, or anything else that could use a cheery flower or two! For example, if we have excessive Potassium in our soils, nutrients like Nitrogen and Calcium are blocked from our plants, which can lead to yellowing and blossom end rot in tomatoes. If your soil is too acidic, they will suggest type, timing and ratio of lime applications to 'sweeten' the soil for optimal growth. Besides growing it yourself, having access to area farmers is the only other realistic way to have fresh seasonal, and local produce. Perhaps you’re uncertain about the best way to prepare them, or maintain their freshness once you get them home.
The winners were announced during a special presentation dinner at the SP Richards Advantage Business Conference (ABC) event in Las Vegas on June 27, 2011.
Over 2,500 people attended the 2011 event including vendors, dealers, dealer group personnel, the trade press and S.P.
Founded in 1649, Fiskars has over 360 years of product quality excellence and is Finland's oldest company.
With many cultivars, cutting encourages them to bloom even more, and although hydrangeas (other than reblooming types) don’t bloom more than once a year, cutting a few from a large shrub won’t hurt.
A fuller arrangement is a better one, and sometimes flower stems are broken which you can’t see until they are taken out of the cellophane wrapper.
If you must water from above, as with a broadcast sprinkler, do it early in the day so the foliage has plenty of time to dry out. By mid-season, make sure your plants have plenty of sunlight and air circulation around all the foliage. Your soil will be free of rocks and other debris that obstruct the path of a growing carrot causing it to grow crooked.
Adding more costly Nitrogen or Calcium to fix the problem won’t help until the imbalance is corrected.
They will suggest which type of fertilizer to apply to provide missing nutrients without adding more of others that you may already have. And it’s a good feeling to know that whenever you shop at your farmers market, that money is going back into your local community, to support the very farmers who make it possible for you to enjoy that fresh from the garden goodness. These guys are a wealth of information on the produce you’re buying and they’re right there for the asking.
I tend to lean toward smoothies when I’m using more fruits, and juice when I’m using more vegetables. Because of such beautiful faded blue or green glass, I think antique Mason jars make especially nice containers.
If a plant is too dense, cut back some of the branches, especially any that have signs of disease: spotting, discoloration or curling. A favorable aspect to this control is that it is selective, specific only to caterpillar larvae such as the hornworm.
And, if soil pH is outside the optimal range, our plants may struggle – even if we provide them with sufficient compost, fertilizers, water and sunlight. And, they will provide you the peace of mind that you’re growing food in a space that is lead-free and healthy for you and your children. Whether it’s a wildflower bouquet picked by your children, or the most beautiful and complicated rose, either looks good in a Mason jar. If there’s no cracking, it’s super fresh to a level you’ll rarely find at the grocery store. As for carrots, the answer is no, remove the greens so all the sugar isn’t pulled out of the carrot. Apply a dusting of this powder to your plants once you notice a problem and reapply if rain washes it off. Be sure no leaves are beneath the water’s surface as they rot faster and will spoil your bouquet. Yet I still find picking them off the plant is just as effective and the most environmentally friendly option.

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