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For example, potatoes originated in the highlands of South America, particularly the Peruvian and Chilean Andes, and later became a staple in Ireland and Germany.
Wheat: There are many cerals used as staples, wheat is not the only one, but is perhaps the most important, so I will discuss Triticum aestivum L. I could go on, but this is one of the best introductions to paleolithic, mesolithic, and neolithic diets I have seen. It is raining cats and dogs here in Southern California and so it's time for rainy day activities.
The first domesticated tomato may have been a little yellow fruit, similar in size to a cherry tomato, grown by the Aztecs of Central Mexico. City, in 1521, although Christopher Columbus, a Genoese working for the Spanish monarchy, may have taken them back as early as 1493. In the region of the Andes, there are some other closely related cultivated potato species.
Following the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire, the Spanish introduced the potato to Europe in the second half of the 16th century.
Scopolamine has been used in the past to treat addiction to drugs such as heroin and coc aine.
Intravenously administered scopolamine has been found to be effective against major depressive disorder. So once more we get some more insight in to what it means to be the world's most successful family of plants. Family Solanaceae becomes even more successful, as human beings seek out ways to improve cultivation. This really deserves a thread all unto itself, and I hope to bring you all one specifically on Mandrake in the near future. I am sure you have all heard mention of these; but did you know that they were all realted to tomatoes and potatos and tobacco? Ibn Beithor, the Arab herbalist, refers to the mandrake as 'The Devil's Candle', a title suggested by the plant's glistening appearance at night.
This luminosity is accounted for by the presence of numerous glow-worms at rest on the plants's ample leaves.
So once again we find this very intriguing solanaceous plant enjoying a long and rich relationship with mankind and some of mankinds best minds. They all have the same active ingredients and they all have been impressed in to the use of witchcraft and shamanism for centuries, millennia even. They represent to us once more that Family Solanacae is a very, very special family of plant life that we have a very special relationship with. The South American counterpart to the Jimson Weed or Devil's Apple (Datura) is Brugmansias. His carotids were visibly beating, his respiration increased and his extremities twitched and shuddered of their own accord.
His eyes were now dry but had become bright red and rolled about wildly in their sockets and all his facial muscles were horribly distorted.
Over 4,000 varieties of native potatoes grow in the Andean highlands of Peru, Boliva, and Ecuador. Diversity is conserved on farms and in communities for subsistence use and as a highly valued heritage. This was crucial knowledge of the past and I feel that we could all benefit from re-gaining the ignored, if not lost knowledge.
I loves me some potatoes, but I had absolutely no idea there were that many different types. Thank you for the wonderful posts, Eidolon, the recipe for the cunning philtre is really precious. The thing that gets me is that the universal object of this whole 'greasing ones self in ointment' routine seemed to be to fly.
The ways that plants tie in to our societies and culture through folk practices and medicine is an endless source of fascination for me. This is going to have to take us to what is probably the most successful plant amongst these most successful plants: tobacco. Native North Americans had been cultivating tobacco for hundreds of years before European colonizers arrived. Geez, D, as I think about it, and with a fairly cursory inspection of the web with Google, that is a really tough question.
I think it is safe to say that these plants have been with us for 4500 years or so, in other words, as long as there has been antedeluvian mankind. Polyploid is a term used to describe cells and organisms containing more than two paired (homologous) sets of chromosomes.

Roughly, this means that, due to genetic coding issues (mistakes), plants within a group produce more than one set of chromosomes. One of my favorite pieces of plant folklore ever concerns the mandrake root and that most chaste of beasts, the elephant. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC.
Southeast.The economic impact of Everglades developers, especially Hamilton Disston, also affected St.
ANCIENT HISTORY: 13000 BC to 1565 ADHumans were living in the Florida Everglades area as long as 15,000 years ago.
All of that historic flow that had nurtured the Everglades for thousands of years was about to change.
RECLAMATION & AGRICULTURE 1881 to 1930This period in Everglades history was all about "drain baby, drain". FLOOD CONTROL FROM 1930 to 1971The Florida Everglades grew in population as a result of the drainage improvements completed from 1881 to 1928. RESTORATION: Undo What Man Has DoneThe Florida Everglades was being destroyed by all of the drainage, development activity and agricultural fertilizer and wastewater runoff. Many southeast Florida towns have had their western suburbs carved out of the Florida Everglades.
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Even more interesting, perhaps, is how the food plants made their way from their places of origin to other places, especially with the starch staples all cultures rely on.
I’d love to discuss a few aspects of the article that I am not sure I completely agree with, but would happily be proved wrong or simply just discuss an opposing view.
The deadly nightshade, Atropa Belladonna, which possesses stupefying or poisonous properties. The tincture sable or black when blazoned according to the fantastic system in which plants are substituted for the tinctures.
Then his eyes misted over and filled with huge tears and his lips twitched convulsively for a brief moment.
The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. Two major tribes - the Calusa Indians and the Tequesta Indians - lived as hunter-gatherers on the edges of the rich Florida Everglades ecosystems.Humans were living in the Florida Everglades area as long as 15,000 years ago.
Civil War took place from 1861 to 1865, and Florida was a southern state whose role was mainly providing food and other agricultural products to the battling Confederate armies further north.The State was consumed by the War and the painful Reconstruction that followed until 1877. Florida was about to enter into several economic booms that featured the Everglades as a star player. In 1881 Florida was still suffering from the economic ravages of the Civil War and the Reconstruction years that followed. Many new communities were formed in the vicinity of the Everglades in those years.Two of the worst hurricanes in Florida history stormed ashore in 1926 and 1928 and caused Lake Okeechobee to burst through its levees, drowning thousands of people. As the areas grew in population, they sprawled west into the Everglades.The southwest Florida coast developed later because there was no easy way to cross the Everglades from southeast Florida. First they were hunter-gatherers, then came the development of agriculture that allowed for permanent settlements and the evolution of food plants from something most of us wouldn’t recognize to the foods we eat today. The Asian varieties (Oryza sativa) overtook the African as it spread to other regions, including in Africa itself.
My take is that prehistoric diets were not, in my opinion, more varied that later diets, particularly the modern US diet, for example. Over time, agriculture actually reduced the variety of foods available, but, with population growth, hunter-gatherers were starting to starve.

Two major tribes - the Calusa Indians and the Tequesta Indians - lived as hunter-gatherers on the edges of the rich Florida Everglades ecosystems.There may have been about 4,000 to 7,000 Calusa at their peak. Even though not a tribal chief, he had great influence with Micanopy and the other Seminoles.Osceola was born Billy Powell in 1804 in Alabama.
The Florida Everglades remained pretty much as it had for thousands of years except for the Seminole Indians who lived off the land and waters.The waters continued to flow in the Everglades as they had historically done and as shown on this map from Wikipedia. Florida, along with other states of the old Confederacy, was just about broke.The State was looking for ways to raise money for its routine operations, and for ways to encourage development and agriculture and increase its tax base. The 1928 disaster was the worst in Florida hurricane history.The Federal and State governments began to concentrate now onflood control rather than drainage. A proposal was submitted to construct a huge jetport in the Big Cypress Swamp.Studies soon showed that the jetport would destroy the South Florida ecosystem and Everglades National Park. If you want to hear the most unusual rendition of this classic that I've ever heard, click on the video below. I do agree that during much of history, diets were more restricted, especially for serfs and peasants.
Florida became a state in 1845.Not much was happening in the Everglades when Florida became a state. He was a one man United Nations, and his heritage may have helped him become such a great leader.Many surnames of Seminole origin still survive in the areas around the Florida Everglades.
He paid 25 cents per acre, and it was apparently the largest land purchase by any single person in the history of the world.Disston tried very hard to drain the northern Florida Everglades south of Orlando. Army Corps of Engineers built a 66 mile long dike around the southern edge of Lake Okeechobee.
They considered it a god forsaken worthless land full of miserable animals and a few insignificant Indians.The Everglades were first mentioned in writing on Spanish maps made by map makers who had never seen the land. One of the greatest of all college football traditions takes place at home games in Doak Campbell stadium. He built canals and dredged rivers and opened the interior of central Florida to steamboat navigation.He dredged the Kissimmee River south to Lake Okeechobee, then connected the big lake to the Caloosahatchee River so that steamboats could make the trip from Fort Myers to Kissimmee.
The Corps also set the legal limits of surface water elevation on the lake between 14 and 17 feet above sea level.At the same time, an 80 foot wide 6 foot deep canal was built along the winding path of the narrow upper Caloosahatchee River. The restoration of the Kissimmee River is scheduled to be completed in 2011.In 1986 high levels of phosphorous and mercury were discovered in the Everglades waterways after years of fertilizer runoff from agricultural operations.
Central Florida was now connected to the world via the Gulf of Mexico.Disston's efforts started the first land boom in Florida history. Whenever the lake levels got too high, the excess water was released through the canal and went on down to the Gulf of Mexico. Now Florida Everglades water quality quickly became a focus.Many legal battles were fought between various governments to decide who was responsible for monitoring and enforcing water quality standards.
The Hoover dike prevented water from leaving the lake into the surrounding lands by sheet flow. Petersburg in Central West Florida.He also started the successful growing and harvesting of rice and sugar cane near Kissimmee.
Most of the drainage systems installed by Disston almost 130 years ago are still functioning today in the Kissimmee-St. The final project was the 22 miles long C-38 canal, which straightened the natural meandering course of the Kissimmee River on its way to Lake Okeechobee.The C-38 project almost immediately started causing serious damage to animal and plant communities and negatively impacted the water quality in the region. The plan also has to provide flood protection for people and property.Everybody fervently hopes that CERP will go a long way toward reversing the decline of the Everglades that has been taking place since Hamilton Disston first started his drainage projects almost 130 years ago. The company subdivided the land into 12,000 farm sites of various sizes and designated a site for a new town named "Progreso". They had plans for streets, factories, schools, churches and infrastructure.This created another of Florida's famous land booms. For $240, buyers could purchase the right to bid on a farm and town lot through a scheduled auction. His promotions even had the endorsement of State and Federal officials who touted the fertility of the Everglades land.Bolle's deals began to fall apart by 1911. He held a giant auction in Fort Lauderdale, and it was only then that holders of the $240 options found out there would be no genuine auction.
He maintained that he believed what State and Federal officials had told him about the Everglades, and that he was only acting on that information.Bolles died in 1917, and along with him the dreams of his Everglades land buyers also died. There is no town of Progreso, the land contracts expired and most of the land Bolles sold went back to the State for nonpayment.

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