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The landscape's various structures and gardens are steeped in classical and Renaissance iconography, and the ellipse is a key part of this narrative and drama. You find the Hornbeam Ellipse toward the lower fringes of the garden at Dumbarton Oaks after a descent along steep paths and stairs. It might then seem ironic that what brings it all home to me circa 2010 is the one exhibit that will always be firmly rooted in the past: the Journalists Memorial. The Newseum's 38,800 historic newspapers, images and cartoons, liberally interspersed with 8,149 artifacts ranging from the sublime to the silly -- from a 1416 letter relaying news of the Battle of Agincourt to the slippers worn by Wonkette's Ana Marie Cox -- are an absorbing and sobering tour de force encompassing five centuries of news.
Today an erstwhile motel, refurbished as the National Cryptologic Museum, is chocked with the gewgaws and gadgets of electronic eavesdropping and code-breaking.
Capturing the spirit of special moments in African American life is prize-winning photographer Carrie Mae Weems.
A Weiner that just went up near the elevators on the third floor of the Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum establishes that institution as Washington's main home for cutting-edge art -- even if in this case, that edge is more than four decades old. Lawrence Weiner, born in New York in 1940, is almost the epitome of the radical conceptual artist. You will find a 60-year-old specimen at the entrance to the walled Morrison Azalea Garden at the National Arboretum.
Of all the evergreens that grow in Washington, none is more beautiful, or less well known, than the lacebark pine.You will find a 60-year-old specimen at the entrance to the walled Morrison Azalea Garden at the National Arboretum. We think of the Smithsonian's great National Museum of Natural History as being full of facts and objects rather than artworks. Or how about, for sheer peculiarity, the Mayan carved-flint figures at the Dumbarton Oaks Museum in Georgetown? Given that we've all got more or less the same brains, it's a miracle that human cultures can turn out such an absurd range of art. You catch a glimpse of the German freight car before you confront it directly, just after you descend from the third floor of the U.S. In an overlooked gallery in the West Building of the National Gallery of Art sits the oldest object on display in the museum, and one of its finest.

Some might head to the Stradivarius strings, probably worth more than almost anything in the museum. The Drug Enforcement Administration Museum, nearly hidden in the agency's headquarters across from Pentagon City Mall, is a 5,000-square-foot cautionary tale. Over 40 years, Bernard and Shirley Kinsey, a Los Angeles couple, have acquired every kind of artifact related to the African American experience.
Lois Mailou Jones, the artist and professor, tended to bark at her friends and students in a sharp voice that was heavily tinged with a French accent, acquired during her years of inspiration in Haiti, West Africa and France. Shrimp on Sugar Cane ($4.75) was equally delicious with spiced ground shrimp deep fried on a piece of sugar cane, which added a touch of sweetness to the shrimp. The pho was exactly what I wanted it to be, comforting enough for a rainy day but light enough for a summer dinner.
In the end, Pho Spring Garden may not have the best pho in Toronto but it's certainly a worthy contender and proof that you can get good pho north of the 401. Peach Garden is a Vietnamese restaurant located in the small plaza across from Pacific Mall and Market Village.
For all of Dumbarton Oaks' antiquarian Mediterranean references, the 16-acre garden is a singularly American expression of fine landscape design. The National Firearms Museum has just the thing: the Vampire Hunter's Colt Detective Special.
My favorite remains the Nazis' famous Enigma machine, which looks like a very strange old typewriter, but in its day enabled German military units to send and receive completely secure coded messages. But many of the most famous and impressive of the museum's exhibits are really works of art in disguise.
Could the same species really have made the Rothko canvases at the National Gallery, the bronze Buddhas at the Sackler and the Kongo nail-studded statues at African Art? The golden chalice of the great Abbot Suger of Saint-Denis, crafted near Paris about 1140, is one of the greatest treasures of the Middle Ages.
But as soon as she had made her point, and the visitor turned to the walls in her Northwest home and atelier, the sting was gone.

Lately everyone is talking about pho, debating where to get the best, most authentic Vietnamese rice-noodle soup. The shrimp rolls ($4.75) were as expected, rice paper wrap rolls with rice noodles, fresh mint and shrimp accompanied by a hoisin-based sauce.
However, I was disappointed that the Yelly Fish with Pork and Shrimp Salad was simply a remix of the garnish - a bed of greens with rubbery jelly fish, pork bacon and a few shrimp with the pickled carrot and daikon as the dressing.
I've never been a fan of Pad Thai, or as I affectionately refer to it, noodles with spicy ketchup.
You need to be a big fan of star anise because the chef did not skimp on this spice in the broth. While most pho noodle places have three sizes of bowls to choose from, this place has four (S, M, L, XL).
The revolver has a cross engraved on the muzzle, presumably to keep vampires at bay while the vampire hunter takes aim. Instead of jewels, however, the trunk contains minutiae from the artist's life, with a new item glued in each time he was invited to a show.
It's also a time machine: It takes us straight back to those years in the 12th century when Suger was flexing his clerical muscles as regent of France while his king was leading a crusade. In this case the Seafood Phat Thai ($7.75) was full of seafood but the noodles weren't spicy or tangy, just bland - further reinforcing my disdain for the dish. It spits silver .38-caliber bullets, each of which is sculpted in the form of a vampire's head.

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