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Almost every weekend, the Mo and I drool over the dishes we see featured on the Phantom Gourmet TV show.
I received a text from my brother the night before the event asking if I wanted to go to the Phantom Gourmet Food Festival, VIP status. The VIP ticket holders were able to jump the line and go through the gates as soon as it turned 11:00 AM.
I don't remember the name of the company but there was a vendor that had a great pressed Cuban sandwich, the Mo's favorite. Instead of "sliders", Fuddrucker's actually made hamburgers and cut it into quarters and called them sliders. I really enjoyed Cabby Shack's "Clam Chowda." It was a tad bit salty but the flavor and consistency was all there. I didn't get a picture of Hancock's short rib mac and cheese but it was absolutely delicious.
Hit Wicked had a mixed International offering including English Banger, fried plantain and jerk chicken wings. Summer Shack stuck with their seafood theme and served a clam "ceviche" type of appetizer with chopped clams, lime and tomatoes. The 2016 Boston A-List awards are based on more than 33,000 votes from local Boston-area experts. Nickerson's back with its Top 5 Things to do This Weekend!Believe it or not, this is the last weekend of summer.

As you can see from my crappy drawing on Google Maps, that's how much it took up of Lansdowne and Ipswich Street!
Although it was Sunday -- and yes, the Patriots game was that day -- they had a big screen TV near the taco-eating contest where you could watch the game and enjoy everything. I would like to say fantastic job to the guys at Phantom Gourmet. Check out their official website here, and the official Food Festival site there. Also like to thank my girlfriend for getting me the hell out of the house to enjoy Boston a bit more! If you never been to the Yard House, you have to go and get one of their half-yard beers, as it's always an interesting glass to drink from. Find your local Yard House here. We here at the Boston Bastard Brigade want to say that we don't encourage drinking large quantities of beer alone. We hope our weekend guide provides some great activities to finish off an unforgettable summer!
It's a beautiful thing to pay for a ticket walk in and just start mowing, om-noming, and stuffing my face with food. My girl and her friends we were able to hit everything with such precision, but we were able to get out and go to the local Yard House, sip back a couple alcoholic beverages, be afraid of the Pats in the first two quarters, and then cheer them on during the final half.
It was an amazing time at the festival, and I will probably look forward to it every year from now on.
It was just really hard to say which one topped my list, seeing that all the food was excellent. I was so excited but I had no where to put the stuff so I kept my freeloading to a minimum.

I'm not sure if I would shell out $100.00 per a person to do it again but it sure was a great experience.
Now I know why people in other countries hate Americans: it's because we have food festivals like this! I'm telling you with all the samples I got I was almost full before reaching Ipswich Street.
The tickets online were $40 a person, but if you showed up and bought at the front it was $50. Do us all a favor: hang out with friends, watch the game on the TV at the bar or home, and always have designated driver. Ticket includes SAMPLING 100 OF PHANTOM'S FAVORITE FOODS!Tickets are $50 at the event, $40 in advance andnow just $30.
Beside looking for special deals this set up wasn't too costly, due to all the food you obtained while going to each of the restaurants tents.
Running around and testing out food -- ranging from meatballs, ice cream, salsa & chips, marshmallows, hot dogs, sliders, pulled pork, candy, sausage, and so much more -- is like another level of happiness. Yes, you were able to obtain beer and drink it right out on Lansdowne Street, although it's not like I haven't seen that done before.

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