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Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Phalsa (Grewia asiatica L., Tiliaceae) is an exotic bush plant considered horticulturally as a small fruit crop but also used as a folk medicine. Subtropical fruit trees - daleys fruit tree nursery, Subtropical fruit trees such as avocado, custard apples and babacos reach their greatest potential in coastal regions from sydney to mackay. Urban harvest - prices, The varieties & prices listed below are for our final spring fruit tree sale on april 9, 8am to noon. The ripe fruits are eaten as dessert  or made up as a refreshing drink in the summer time which is considered as a delicacy. The ripe phalsa fruits  are consumed fresh, in desserts, or processed into refreshing fruit and soft drinks enjoyed during hot summer months in India.
A fruit of the summer season, it has various health benefits, apart from its excellent protection against the hot summers.

However, phalsa fruit has a short shelf life and is considered suitable only for local marketing. Since phalsa bears fruit on current season's growth there is a need for regular but severe annual pruning before the on-set of spring. Annual pruning to a height of about 1 m encourages new shoots and higher yield of marketable fruit than does more drastic trimming (Singh and Sharma 1961). It makes a lot of fruit once it gets cranking, but they tend to bear over long period, so it's hard to pick a lot of fruit at once. Gibberellic acid has been reported to improve fruit set and increase fruit size (Randhawa et al.
It can be pruned back radically after fruiting and that is the commercial practice in India.

High levels of phosphorus supply increase sugar content in the fruit while higher potassium suppresses sugar and promotes acidity.
I find that mine fruit just fine also without any pruning, so it's certainly not necessary.

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