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These pictured cans are good example of old shop display tins as these are sealed, with no contents.   Some merchants in a local milk bar would display these items and reach for stock under counter to sell to costumer.
I love that it’s sugar-free because I can feel totally comfortable chewing in bulk in between meals. With a pack of carrots flavored like chips and pureed fruit tubes wrapped in colorful packaging, this is not your average healthy eating campaign. Bolthouse Farms, one of the largest producers of baby carrots and juices in North America, is rolling out the new display across selected grocery stores.
For every ad that kids see for healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, they see over 50 more for junk foods like soda and chocolate-flavored cereal.
Can produce growers co-opt some of the same tactics to get children to eat vegetables instead?

The project is part of the company's larger approach to inspire kids to make healthier choices.
As Bolthouse and other brands start to bring some of that innovation to the produce aisle, they're hoping to see real changes in how children eat. The food industry spends nearly $2 billion annually marketing junk food directly to children, and it works: The more ads kids see, the more they eat. That's the strategy adopted by Bolthouse Farms, one of the largest producers of baby carrots and juices in North America. Over the last few years, it's launched everything from an extreme baby carrot ad that parodied junk food commercials to a new project with Sesame Street. Some experiments have already shown that it can work—when a company called Super Sprowtz put its vegetable superhero characters on healthy snacks at a school salad bar, for example, the number of students eating vegetables at lunch rose 250%.

In the campaign, Sesame Street will be offering the use of their characters, for free, for produce companies to put on their packaging—so bananas and apples can be plastered with Elmo to lure kids in.
Ever since I started eating right and implementing our #NoExcuses workouts I have been on the hunt for the perfect gum.
Juicy Fruit and Starburst have teamed up to bring us the most perfect gum ever. You can now enjoy the Juicy Fruit® gum you know and love with your favorite Starburst® flavors!

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