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More than 7,000 kids throughout the United States and in Canada commemorated Ocean Day at the 11th Annual Kids' Adopt-A-Beach Cleanup.
One thousand elementary school students from Santa Ana and Garden Grove cleaned up Huntington State Beach. The Malibu Foundation for Environmental Education and the California Coastal Commission started the annual event in Los Angeles in 1994. In addition to the 1,000 students who participated in the clean up, over 25 classes from the Santa Ana Unified and Anaheim City School Districts attended presentations on ocean pollution.
This year, two classes of students from Peters Elementary in Garden Grove wrote letters to the students in Canada about the presentation, the clean up, and why they like the oceans. The California Coastal Commission is the statewide coordinator of the Kid's Adopt-A-Beach Cleanup, the year-round Adopt-A-Beach program, and Coastal Cleanup Day. Two Orange County schools are among 23 statewide that have had their Academic Performance Index scores invalidated by the state this year for staff misconduct and proctoring errors during state standardized testing.
Peters Elementary School in Garden Grove and Willmore Elementary in Westminster did not receive a school API score earlier this month because more than 5 percent of their students were exposed to "adult irregularities" during administration of the Standardized Testing and Reporting exams in spring 2012, according to state reports obtained through a public records request.
At Peters Elementary, a fifth-grade teacher reviewed actual test questions with her students a day before administering the science portion of the state tests. At Willmore Elementary, a second-grade teacher improperly read passages and questions out loud to her students during language-arts testing, providing a leg-up on an exam that was designed to test, in part, students' reading-comprehension skills. Trudell said the Peters teacher was transferred over the summer to another school in the district and assigned to teach a grade level that does not take STAR tests.
Westminster School District spokeswoman Trish Montgomery said she could not comment on how the Willmore teacher was disciplined.
Westminster also reported that the Willmore teacher improperly reviewed with the class a previous day's test that a substitute teacher had administered. The testing irregularities were voluntarily reported to the state by the school districts in May. The state does not assign API scores to schools in which more than 5 percent of students are found to have been exposed to a testing irregularity. Students at the affected schools, however, still received individual score reports, and the schools received raw test scores, officials said. The 23 affected California schools this year do not represent an anomaly, said state Department of Education spokeswoman Tina Woo Jung. API scores are intended to provide an annual, overall gauge of a school's academic performance. Baldwin Lane Elementary, Bear Valley Unified: Teacher who was the school testing coordinator coached 15 fifth-graders and five sixth-graders during state testing. Westside Elementary, Coachella Valley Unified: Teacher pointed out to students which of their answers were incorrect during state testing.
Freedom Elementary, Farmersville Unified: Principal improperly took state tests herself and created a scoring key. Randall-Pepper Elementary, Fontana Unified: Teacher inadvertently gave correct answers to the first two questions of the language-arts portion of state tests.

Cooper Middle, Fresno Unified: Teacher gave students a study worksheet before state testing containing at least three questions that were "virtually identical" to actual exam questions, with only one or two numbers changed. Concow Elementary, Golden Feather Union Elementary: Students with a special-education plan called an Individualized Education Program were allowed to use a multiplication table when they took the math portion of state tests.
Navigator Elementary, Folsom Cordova Unified: On morning of state science testing, a group of fifth-graders was moved from their assigned testing room to another room. ICEF Inglewood Elementary Charter Academy, Inglewood Unified: Teacher provided actual science test questions to students prior to state testing, and also developed a study guide "directly related" to specific test questions.
Lloyd Hance Community, Lake County Office of Education: Special-education students were improperly coached during state testing and were allowed to use unauthorized study materials. Capistrano Avenue Elementary, Los Angeles Unified: Teacher improperly disseminated copies of actual state math test to at least one other teacher. Short Avenue Elementary, Los Angeles Unified: Just prior to passing out the math portion of state tests, a fifth-grade teacher instructed students to write out a "cheat sheet" on scratch paper.
Oak Valley Elementary, Oak Valley Union Elementary: Teacher instructed students to read language-arts passages out loud during state testing, coached students on concepts such as the meaning of a synonym during the exam, and read passages out loud to the class. Global Family, Oakland Unified: Fifth-grade teacher did not remove instructional posters from her classroom walls during state testing. La Mariposa, Pleasant Valley: During state testing, teacher improperly displayed her proctoring manual using a document camera projector. Adams Middle, Redondo Beach Unified: During state testing, teacher returned answer documents to students and encouraged them to check their answers. Community Day, Rowland Unified: During make-up state testing, principal caught a teacher working out a math problem with a student. Arroyo Valley High, San Bernardino City Unified: Science teacher who assembled test-prep materials in advance of state testing included 19 actual science test questions.
Howe Avenue Elementary, San Juan Unified: Teacher coached students during state testing, making comments such as "Take your time" and "Good job" and also providing hints to struggling students.
Fairwood Elementary, Sunnyvale: During state testing, a third-grade teacher looked through a test booklet and then told a colleague she planned to teach her students a concept she had not yet taught them.
National City Middle, Sweetwater Union High: Teacher improperly read passages out loud to special-education students.
There are 46 private schools located in Missouri that offer Baseball as an interscholastic sport.
Orchestra, string ensemble and jazz band perform separately and together throughout the school year.
Row of trees facing the Saint Paul victory bell and in the background you see the Fine Arts building.
Trinity is proud to introduce ROBOTICS, our brand new course to be added to our Engineering and Technology Department. Cleanups took place along the Pacific Coast, stretching from Vancouver to Humboldt, San Francisco, and Monterey in northern California to San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, Huntington Beach and San Diego in southern California.
With funding from the Whale Tail License Plate, this program has expanding throughout the state.

The presentations focus on why the oceans are polluted, why we should care about them, and what we can all do to keep the oceans clean. The students who are participating in the same program in Canada wrote letters back to the Peter's students.
All of these programs are funded by the generous support of the Whale Tail License Plate Fund. The state report said the teacher was removed from the classroom for the remainder of testing.
Students were not able to change their answers after the review, Montgomery said, but the practice is still against testing regulations.
She told students which answers were wrong, including through facial expressions such as smiles and blank stares.
She intended to read sample questions out loud, but instead read the first two questions of the actual exam and instructed students to provide the answer out loud.
After the first day of the Algebra I exam, teacher also taught a new lesson that was to be tested on the second day of the exam. The alternate room wasn't cleared for testing and contained a variety of science informational posters. The posters included science vocabulary, information on verb conjugations, and directions for solving math problems.
Teacher also instructed them to read "the fine print" as the teacher read test questions out loud, and discussed questions with individual students.
She also paraphrased test questions out loud and provided advice such as "Remember your fact families." Students also were permitted to use a pre-created study aide during testing. Principal observed her teaching a math lesson later that day and ordered her to stop immediately.
The presentation involves a slide show and stresses that reducing and recycling are the first steps to keeping litter out of the oceans.
Over 80,000 plates have been sold since 1996, raising more than $4 million dollars for marine education and protection. She also placed dots next to incorrect answers, read passages out loud to students, corrected wrong responses and set up math problems for students.
Prior to the cleanup, the program includes a series of school presentations that demonstrates why the oceans are polluted, why we should all be concerned with this problem, and what we can all do to fix the problem. By participating in the beach clean up, these young people have helped to keep the beaches safe and clean, while protecting the oceans as well. By protecting the world's oceans, these students are preserving animal life, air quality, clean food sources, and human life.

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