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Calorie counts and sugar, fat, and protein content vary wildly from treat to treat, which affect how Halloween treats satisfy your craving and, in turn, how much you’ll keep munching.
To avoid overeating while trick-or-treating, take your time licking to the center of this hard candy. If you’re contemplating which candy in the bowl is worth the splurge, a Tootsie Caramel Apple Pop might be the way to go. Although rinsing your mouth with a glass of water and following up with a good brushing is a smart move after eating anything sugary, it’s especially important after eating lollipops and other hard or sticky candies. When this beloved candy bar was introduced in 1932, the package contained three small, separate bars: one chocolate, one vanilla, one strawberry. A 3 Musketeers bar contains slightly less fat and fewer calories than many other candy bars. These colorful, cone-shaped candies are America's No.1-selling gumdrop brand, and have a licorice-flavored counterpart called Crows. This tart candy, which packs six fruity flavors into each serving, has been a leading Halloween treat for more than 50 years.
Chocolate, cookie, and caramel all in one bite…what else could you possibly want from a candy bar on Halloween?
This rich chocolate treat, introduced in 1921, was originally called Knights Knifty Knibbles. The creamy coconut center in Mounds bars (and in nuttier sibling Almond Joy) contributes to its high saturated fat count, at 3.5 grams per fun-size bar.
In its best-known form, each piece of this sweet and sour candy is miniscule, but it's also recently been re-branded in rope, gum ball, and jelly bean varieties. What gives these brightly-colored, candy-coated pieces of sugar their signature crunch and shiny appearance? This chewy chocolate earned its self-deprecating name when the original manufacturer failed to produce perfectly round pieces.

Milk Duds are easy to pop in your mouth while on the go trick-or-treating, but their sticky, chewy texture makes them hazardous for anyone with tooth problems. The creators of this mouth-watering disk-shaped candy invented the first American candy machine.
Serving-for-serving, Necco Wafers are significantly lower in calories and fat than many other types of candy. From our SponsorsEveryday Solutions are created by Everyday Health on behalf of our sponsors.
Take our nutrition label quiz to see what you really know about your favorite Halloween treats, and learn what lurks inside the fun-size packages of the most devilish indulgences. One benefit of choosing a lollipop over another type of candy is that it usually takes longer to eat — and will likely result in fewer return trips to the candy bowl.
The nougat center is made by whipping egg whites until they are light and frothy, and then combining them with syrup and several other ingredients. Coconut is naturally high in saturated fat, although the jury is still out on whether the type of fat in coconut is as bad for your ticker as other saturated fat sources, MacDonald says. They can easily get stuck in your teeth and may damage fillings, crowns, braces, and the like. Their original recipe included eight flavors: orange, lemon, lime, clove, chocolate, cinnamon, licorice, and wintergreen. View all.ConnectDon't miss out on breaking news, live chats, lively debates, and inspiring stories.
Zone perfect nutrition bars are delicious snacks and an excellent source of protein for people on the go. While these bite-sized kernels may contain fewer calories than some other goodies, they offer little nutritional benefit to trick-or-treaters, MacDonald says.
It sounds healthy enough, right, but 3 Musketeers also contain the trans fat hydrogenated palm kernel oil.

Gummy candies are lower in fat than other types of sweets, but their calorie count is comparable to other fun-size candies, which means they’re comparably higher in sugar, according to MacDonald. Even though a serving of Laffy Taffy has 30 calories and 0 grams of fat, the candy does contain small amounts of trans fat and saturated fat.
In 2009, the New England Confectionery Company started eliminated artificial ingredients by using red beets, purple cabbage, turmeric, and cocoa powder in its Necco Wafers. Join the conversation!Free NewslettersPersonalized tips and information to get and stay healthier every day. Of 14 ingredients, five are various types of sugar, and most others are artificial colorings and flavorings.
But lollipops can do a number on your teeth, which is why dentists advise against sucking candies that bathe your pearly whites in sugar for long periods of time. Much lower in calories and sugar than many other Halloween candy, Smarties are a rather, well, smart way to satisfy a sweet craving.
For a woman on a 1,600-calorie diet, that’s just 16 grams a day, and a few Twix bars could get you pretty close.
The levels are low enough to be rounded down to zero by government standards, but eating multiple pieces can add up to an unhealthy intake. In addition to dental dangers, Milk Duds contain numerous added artificial flavors and stabilizers. Candy corn does tend to be so sugary that it’s difficult to eat too many at once, though.
Goodbar is that the fat from the peanuts slows the speed at which your body absorbs the sugar from the chocolate,” MacDonald says.

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