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My choice - combination of green apple and pineapple frozen yogurt, strawberries, M&Ms and granola.
Shawn Clifford, a consultant for Peachwave Frozen Yogurt, at the chain's new store on Post Road West. Among the first customers at the new Peachwave Frozen Yogurt store in Westport were Deborah Phillips, Jennifer Grin, Caitlin Mausey and Sarah Slavkin, 9.

Troy Flynn, an employee at the new Peachwave Frozen Yogurt store on Post Road West, lays out some of the 60 or so toppings and syrups available for customers. Sixteen kinds of frozen yogurt are featured on a rotating menu of flavors, including coconut, cookies 'n' cream, bubble gum, eggnog, green tea, guava, peach, pistachio and pomegranate.
The franchise frozen yogurt shop got a warm reception from local "fro-yo" fans when it opened Friday at 170 Post Road West, across from Kings Highway Elementary School.

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