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Back to GalleriesPublic and Private GardensAll images copyright John Martin Freelance Photography. Plant Paradise Country Gardens has published a new book, Spectacular Plant Combinations for the Perennial Garden by Lorraine Roberts and is due out the first week of April.
Here are only a few photos from the past season that may inspire you to visit Plant Paradise Country Gardens and experience it in person.
Photos help me assess garden design and plant combinations, so I try to take them regularly throughout the growing season. There are so many perennials for shade that will add pizazz and flair to a garden.  The shade garden is a place to escape into a cool, relaxing oasis of beauty.
At Plant Paradise Country Gardens, we grow thousands of perennials every year and when choosing new perennials to grow we are very selective.
CopyrightPlease do not copy photos or text (words) from this site for use elsewhere without my permission. Not using pesticides or herbicides encourages birds, toads, frogs, snakes and beneficial insects to thrive and create balance in the garden.
Organic garden fertilizers contain natural plant and mineral elements to ensure a complete balance of nutrients.  They are ecologically friendly with low environmental impact that will feed the soil and the plants, build good root system and improves soil microbial activity.
Healthy, moisture retentive, well drained soil is one of the single most important elements of successful, organic gardening. The botanical gardens at Plant Paradise Country Gardens in Caledon, Ontario showcase the perennials we grow and sell with continuous bloom, colour and texture all season long.

Contact us if you and your group would like to book a guided talk and tour of the botanical display gardens.
We had a little look round the nearer gardens first, then came back to the van and had a picnic lunch, then went back in and pretty well covered the whole place. With the right plant choices you can make it a destination worthy of spending some time enjoying.
With the addition of perennials that attract beneficial insects you will encourage them to live permanently in your garden.
Over time with the use of synthetic fertilizers, residues of arsenic, lead and a long list of equally toxic substances remain in the soil indefinitely. They provide a complete balance of the mineral elements and plant nutrients required to build healthy soil and grow healthy plants. They are a testament that you can have a beautiful garden without pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers.
If you wish to use any photos for ANY purpose please contact us for permission or licensing information. We were in the orchard at the far end of the garden when it started raining, and we hurried back to the restaurant and shared a cream tea. Here are some photos from this past year (April-September) from the botanical garden at Plant Paradise Country Gardens.
This year, plants for bees, butterflies and beneficials continue to add beauty and benefit to the garden.

These toxic substances are absorbed systemically into the cellular structure of the plants you grow. This increases moisture retention and improves the soil structure and fertility which encourages millions of micro-organisms to thrive. When mycorrhizal fungi colonize the plants root system, they create a network that increases the plant’s capacity to absorb more water and nutrients. Their existence increases the absorption of essential minerals to the plants which creates better root growth and greater resistance to disease and pests. However in most soils that have been disturbed by residential construction or intensive applications of synthetic fertilizers, and pesticides, the mycorrhizal fungi have considerably diminished to insufficiently enhance plant growth. We went back in the garden to look at one or two parts we'd missed then came home along the A45 about ? to 5. It is not surprising that many noteworthy spring blooming perennials are grown in part shade to full shade. The solution is to add the product MYKE (mycorrhizal fungi) on the roots when you are initially planting. Incorrect watering is a key reason why some plants may not overwinter, become weak and are prone to disease and pests.

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