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We are the trusted full service Organic catering and event planning company specializing in weddings, social events and corporate catering using only natural and organic products. Whether your guest list is 2 or 2,000, in a busy district in Vancouver or on a farm in the Fraser Valley we are ready to make your next catered affair a culinary experience you will never forget and one that cannot be found anywhere else. Supporting our key goals for organics and natural products in our catering menus is the sole fact that we are also a wholesaler, processor and distributor of the highest quality of Organic and Natural products. According to the Canadian National Organic regulations that we adhere to, animals sold as organic must be raised on organically grown feed. Organic Farming at its core is a commitment from the farmer to seek the most natural way of raising animals – without pesticide spraying, without genetic modification, without hormones or without antibiotics. EdgeCeptional Catering provides a wide range of catering services including Corporate Meals, large Events, Weddings, BBQ’s, Private and Seasonal Celebrations and Memorial Services. We cater from Fraser Valley to greater Vancouver, from weddings family celebrations, BBQ, private home catering,personal chef, corporate cocktail parties, business lunch drop offs. Planning your wedding can be overwhelming, but taking the time to choose the right venue, caterer, photographer, DJ, and other vendors will help create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.
Planning a party can be a very stressful task and many people don't know where to start. I’m guessing if you’re on this site you have a bit of an interest in beauty and skincare? Megan: This a great question as people do sometimes get a little hung up about where products are made. Supercritical extraction technology is a unique and highly potent method of extraction which retains all the properties of the plant in its most pure state, yet in a concentrated manner. In addition, we’re very proud of our links with India and especially our partnership with a number of organic Indian Community farms.  We support and participate in the organic movement in India and actively work with community farms and organic herbal suppliers, assisting with the certification costs necessary for farms to be recognised as organic producers and paying an average of 15% above market price for their produce, giving the farmers security of revenue.
Finally, we have also begun to spread our base and are now manufacturing in New Zealand as well as India.  Our all-natural sunscreen is made in New Zealand and is of fantastic quality and we have New Zealand made Aroma Oil products coming out soon. Megan: All of our products are certified Organic by either Ecocert or more recently BioGro. We’ve also been delighted with the reaction to our recently released all-natural lipsticks and our Day Star suncare range.  These products have only been on the market a month, but we’re already experiencing a high level of re-orders for them.
In the short term, this will see the addition of a line of exclusive Aroma spa products to the River Veda range, a baby range to The Organic Skin Co., an extended line of cosmetics, and the first tranche of supplements under Nature’s Clinicals. In the longer term, we’ll also add an all-natural hair range (including shampoos and conditioners free of sodium lauryl sulphate), a healing range, a bath and body range, an organic household products range (including cleaning agents), and even a range of organic supplies for pets!  We also intend to establish a web-site which will offer health and lifestyle tips to members who share our passion for healthy, organic living. The possibilities are virtually limitless and the future very exciting.  We are passionate about what we do and want to become a one stop shop for those searching for healthy, high quality, organic solutions to their lifestyle needs. I would love to win this for my daughter, she’s nearly 13 and has a rugh time with all skin care products as her skin is super super sensitive.
I would love to win, because this stuff looks gorgeous and I love trying new brands and different products, especially if they are naturally based.
I have very sensitive skin and it would be a great way to test it before investing in the full sized product.
Recently I was lucky enough to go to a World Organics Skincare party and fell in love with the delicious products.
Hi Mary-Anne, you’re an addict This pack is great for travellers like you, best of luck! Germany's organic market took a hit in 2002 after a banned pesticide turned up in organic poultry. This trend can be traced back to the summer of 1985, when traces of the anti-freeze diethylene glycol were found in more than 1,000 Austrian wines. In the wake of the scandal, 'natural' organic farming suddenly seemed a lot more attractive.

There are already more than 18,000 organic farms in Austria, accounting for about 12% of the country's total agricultural area.
Despite this, Austrian consumers are no more likely to buy organic than those elsewhere in Europe. Our commitment to only utilizing organic, natural, seasonal and mostly local or domestic ingredients in our catering menus empowers our passion and creativity to provide our clients with tasteful, bountiful and cutting edge dishes no matter what the occasion.
Organic World is here to provide you and your guests with the healthiest, most wholesome menus developed in accordance with organic principles and practices - respecting the dignity and interdependence of human, animal, plant, soil and global life. The land has to be free of any synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides or other chemicals for at least three years before the pasture or any crops produced on it can be certified as organic.
Organic farmers also have a concern for the animals' health and well-being, and for environmental sustainability.
EdgeCeptional Catering prides itself on providing customers with exactly what they are looking for: delicious, healthy food at competitive prices – flexible options, detail oriented execution and personable service. Allow our professionals at EdgeCeptional Catering’s event planning team manage every detail of your next corporate or special function. Consider these tips as you begin your search and learn from the experiences of other brides. Upon receiving your new password, it is recommended that you login and immediately change your password to something you will remember. Unlike something like coffee, our products often have over 20 ingredients in each formulation, ingredients which are sourced from all over the world. It is the most powerful and therapeutic way of delivering herbs and plant oils to the skin and offers a revolution in high quality therapeutic organic skincare.  River Veda and The Organic Skin Co.
The net result of this partnership has been the establishment of strong business relationships, enduring friendships, and an organically produced, pure product which ensures we can deliver to our customers a skincare range of the highest quality. This guarantees that all our products are free from any nasties, Packed with organic ingredients, produced ethically and certified by an independent auditor to be so. World Organic Travel Kit Essentials valued at $95 each, simply tell us why you’d like to win in the comments below.
They give you the amazing opportunity to try brands and products you may not get the chance to fall in love with otherwise.
I would love to win because my skin is so sensitive to many skincare products I feel these products would be a wonderful change.
It would also be a great way to start working towards reducing the amount of chemicals that I expose my body too. Her skin is sooo sensitive and we have really struggled to get a really simple routine she is able to do easily.
But it soon recovered, and German consumers continue to outspend all other Europeans on what they call 'bio' food – spending about US$3 billion. A larger share of farmland in Austria has been converted to organic than in any other country — except for the tiny principality of Liechtenstein next door.
Some producers had added the toxic chemical to increase the sweetness of their dessert wines, and so achieve a higher quality rating. And because much of Austria's farmland is too high and steep for intensive agriculture, the grasslands and dairy farms that predominate in this landscape could convert to organic production with relative ease. The country imports most of its food, and the vast majority of these imports are the products of conventional intensive agriculture.
From dining in our restaurant to grocery shopping in our store Organic World as a whole is committed to providing customers with the best possible experience and is proud to showcase what we can do for you at your next catered event. Our approach is personal and genuine – we live by the phrase “catering to the client.” For us, it is about providing our customers with what suits their needs best. Whether it be a buffet or plated dinner, or high end cocktail affair, your event will be complemented with attentive, friendly wait-staff and bartending professionals.

It offers a high quality, well priced range of certified organic face, body and skin products, as well as a range of five gorgeous natural lipsticks.  The range has been specifically designed so that it works on a wide array of skin types.
We primarily manufacture in India because we have access to a fantastic, high tech, GMP facility that is solar powered and specalises in organic skincare. I would love to win this gorgeous wee pack of goodies as I have not yet been able to afford to buy any of the goodies I tried. It’s the organic factor, plus the exclusivity of the product that appeals, and the fact it makes a visible difference even after a short time!
This paper disaggregates the global growth in organic agriculture land over the past decade using country as the unit of analysis. The British market is roughly half that size, with the Italians and the French close behind. The goal is to have a quarter of agricultural land farmed organically, says Rupert Lindner, a spokesman for the Austrian Chambers of Agriculture. We make it our mission to fulfil your specific requirements and exceeding your expectations. Our services are delivered with professionalism, and our clients will be the first to tell you about the delicious food, efficient service and excellent value they receive from us every time!
Only using the freshest local ingredients from our local farmers check our website or Facebook page. The powers that be are working on this, but suffice to say your best bet is to look for certification on the label. It is suitable for those that like a relatively simple skincare routine, applied with a minimum of fuss but which is also highly effective and lovely to use.
We also source many of our key supercritical organic ingredients from India making this a natural partnership. I travel a lot and this pack would be a perfect travel aid, just like the range is perfect. For each country, two indices of organics sector growth are derived, firstly, the actual hectares increase, and secondly, the hectares-multiplier, that is the factor by which the organic hectares have changed over the decade.
But, per capita, the Swiss are the clear world leaders, buying nearly twice as much organic food as their German neighbours. The Edge’s philosophy of fresh, healthy and locally-sourced ingredients is reflected in every aspect of our culinary offerings.
Let us facilitate Availability and Access to Adequate food that is produced truly sustainable.
Our Chefs will provide a customized menu that is perfectly suited to any occasion with food types available to fit all themes and budgets. The analysis reveals that, underlying what appears at the global level to be steady incremental growth over the decade, the growth appears very uneven when disaggregated by country.
We also happily address food sensitivities, special diets, and offer ethnic style dishes as well as many vegetarian options.
Globally, the organic hectares total has multiplied by 2.3 in the decade from 2001 to 2011, but this has varied greatly by country.
China and India are the only countries that rank in the top ten countries for both of the indices of organics growth, namely, the decadal organic hectares increase and the decadal organic hectares-multiplier.

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