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Everyday is Earth Day at Cottonwood Creek Cellars, producers of award-winning super-value wines made from Certified Organic Grapes. As much as the term ‘organic’ is popular, organic foods make up less than 4% of US food sales! Let’s find out why organic wines face a dilemma in the US and what you can do to drink more green.
The dilemma with organic wines (and what sets them apart from other organic foods) is the importance of sulphur-dioxide (SO2) in the winemaking process.
Organic wines from the US must not add sulfites, which in most scenarios greatly reduces a wine’s shelf life and, in some cases, can substantially change the flavor. Non-Organic wines can use chemicals like herbicides and fungicides in the vineyards and other additives (like sulfur or Mega Purple) in a wine. We were curious about what exactly vineyards are using and it turns out there is a reporting agency that tracks pesticide use in agricultural areas. Fortunately there is a solution that drinkers of American wines should know about and it’s called ‘Made with Organically Grown Grapes’.
A certification of sustainability for California wines that restricts the use of bad chemicals in vineyards.

A certification program created in the Northwest that focuses on bolstering riparian areas and reducing farm run off into streams and rivers. Do you have any problems with the limitation of sulfites in wine “Made with Organically Grown Grapes”?
Since we do not make organic wine I am not really that limited in how much SO2 [sulphur] I use in the winemaking process. Have you noticed any changes in the area around your vineyard since it’s been organic?
If you walk around our vineyard right now you would definitely think it is more alive compared to our neighbors who are not organic.
It is definitely more challenging to farm for top quality Pinot Noir organically and this comes mostly in not being able to use synthetic herbicides and synthetic fertilizers.
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I would be very concerned about wine microbial stability if I could not add any SO2 to the wine. This does pose a challenge and what this usually means is that during my annual organic audit, I have to show the auditor that I am keeping a minimum distance between my neighbors use of synthetic chemicals and my organic vineyard.

I do not use herbicides so I am use to seeing more vegetation under my vines compared to my neighbors or to when I use to use round-up. What I do think organic farming does is it is better stewardship of the land, and will allow us to farm for quality for many generations to come.
The wines are also environmentally friendly, packaged in ultra-lightweight bottles with labels made from recycled paper and using natural cork closures.
I was told that when I started to farm organically I would see a change after farming organically for 10 years. I fear that I have not noticed any drastic changes in my vineyard today compared to back in 2001.

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