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SAVE $1.00 when you buy any TWO (2) WONKA® bags or NESTLE® BUTTERFINGER®, NESTLE® CRUNCH® or NESTLE® BABY RUTH®, Fun Size or Miniatures. Ozark Trail 1 Person Backpacking Tent Only $14.97 (Reg $30) + FREE Pick Up!Ozark Trail 1 Person Backpacking Tent Only $14.97 (Reg $30) + FREE Pick Up! Our homogenized whole milk is a rBST Hormone Free*, pasteurized, homogenized, Grade A milk with Vitamin D3 added prior to pasteurization. SustainabilityUmpqua Dairy recognizes that our business, our employees, and our suppliers all impact the environment.

Our PledgeWhen you purchase Umpqua Dairy products, you are selecting natural, locally made products that are nationally recognized for their quality.
Umpqua Dairy's state certified lab tests each load of milk to make sure that it is pure, fresh and free from antibiotics.
We can teach you how to be savvy by working your MoJo and saving up to 50% of your budget whether you need to, or want to. Strict sanitary controls throughout the bottling process ensure that, from the farm to your table, our products remain fresh and wholesome.

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