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Jen and I just spent an entire morning perusing the new Whole Foods Market Newport Beach wonderland (the word market just doesn’t seem to do it justice) and WHOLEY MOLY, if it weren’t for a looming preschool pick-up, both of us could have spent the whole day there! Upon entering the store we were greeted by an inviting rainbow of colorful, perfectly ripened produce, stands and stands of it.
The care they put into their produce was subliminally saying: Eat these beautiful whole foods and you will feel happy. It was a little bit of sensory overload because we wanted to take it all in and enjoy but we weren’t sure where to begin (in a good way). We worked our way through the produce and noticed some bins of sprouted grain trail mixes and porridges (ooooooohhh) next we found ourselves in front with large vats of different types of olive oils to taste and bottles you can fill yourself  to take home (aaaaaahhh), and behind that were a bunch of empty little honey bear bottles begging you to choose your flavor and fill (I chose a sage flavored selection). As we strolled a little further we encountered the friendliest of helpers in the meat department. We were quite enamored by a find in the center cooler for a quick grab: a few different types of pre-packaged dinner kits. Ryan shared that their meat department also boasts an in-store smoker and they will smoke smaller cuts as you shop or with 24 hours notice they will smoke a larger cut to order. Just behind the cheese is the Back Bay Tavern a gastro pub featuring a cozy atmosphere, 24 beers on tap, cocktails and a nice wine selection plus a playful menu of exciting comfort foods.
We were rounding out our visit and headed back to the front of the store to The Tea Hive featuring frozen tea drinks, a mixologist’s version of an iced tea and a selection of hot teas. As we were shopping and chatting we made plans for Jen and her family to come over for dinner. As we headed out the doors with our shopping bags, we were greeted by a shuttle attendant that offered us a free ride to our car.
Allie – I was there to witness it – and can attest to the fact that Susanne had found her mecca! Organic food is produced by farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations.
Whole Foods is the WHOLE package – a bakery, a deli, a fresh fruit stand, a flower shop, a fish market, a meat shop, a salad bar, an olive and antipasti stand and even a CHEESE shop.  Ohhhh, especially a cheese shop!

Check the Whole Food website and print coupons for your favorite treats.  You can also check out their healthy recipes. Did you know you can ask to taste samples of the goodies in the fresh food section?  Go for it!
Tomorrow, Berkeley’s Whole Foods is hosting a school carnival from noon to 5pm at its 3000 Telegraph Avenue store to support Berkeley schools, and it will follow up on Wednesday next week by giving a percentage of its proceeds to the same cause.
The day includes a kid-friendly carnival with bouncy-house, an engine company from the Berkeley Fire Department, musicians, face painting, a BBQ and vendor fair, and tables for PTAs and non-profits. Also attending is the Berkeley Public Education Foundation, which will be benefitting from a 5% Day Donation on Wednesday, September 14.
Whole Foods has also launched a campaign to support school gardens in an effort to fight childhood obesity.
To find out what is going on in Berkeley and nearby, be sure to check out Berkeleyside’s recently launched Events Calendar. Essential for growth and repair of tissues in all parts of the body, vitamin C promotes vision health, periodontal health and collagen, bone and cartilage formation. Garden of Life®’s RAW Vitamin C is a comprehensive, whole-food, vitamin C formula made with RAW Food-Created Nutrients™ providing delivery of this nutrient. Vitamin Code RAW Vitamin C is RAW, gluten-free, dairy-free and contains no binders or fillers. We were given a sample of this goat cheese called Mitica Capricho De Cabra (he simply called it Mitica) which put the other pre-crumbled stuff to shame.
I of course gravitated to the home-baked chocolate cookies.  They were quite tasty and very large and are rumored to have five cookies per zip lock bag but somehow only three of the cookies made it home. Organic meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products come from animals that are given no antibiotics or growth hormones. Contact us for a free market analysis of your home or to discuss a strategic home buying plan.
In partnership with the non-profit FoodCorps, and the newly established Whole Kids Foundation, Whole Foods Markets throughout the nation will be collecting donations to support grants for gardens for local schools.

With fat cats like Whole Foods CEO John Mackey attacking the poor and the needy, it is an uphill battle. There are just too many better options here in Berkeley to make Whole Foods seem attractive in any way. Also needed by the adrenal glands, vitamin C helps with emotional and physical stress response. Individually cultivated with their unique Code Factors™ intact, the RAW Food-Created Nutrients in Vitamin Code formulas enable natural recognition of nutrients by your body, just as nature intended. Taking this RAW vitamin C formula to the next level, Vitamin Code RAW Vitamin C also provides a RAW probiotic and enzyme blend along with a RAW organic fruit and vegetable blend for additional nutritional support.
All you have to do is unwrap, season and throw it in a 300 degree oven for about 3 hours for a delicious dinner! And a great deal- priced about $15.99 for about 5 lbs of food (before cooking).
Last May the store was able to donate over $4,500 to the Berkeley Unified School District from a similar event. Code Factors are the known and yet to be discovered synergistic compounds found in food and are necessary for proper nutrient delivery. Providing these Code Factors infuses the essential elements of whole-foods that the body thrives upon. Companies that handle or process organic food before it gets to your local supermarket or restaurant must be certified, too. Once you step foot into the doors, you too, will be taken away into the Whole Foods Wonderland! Rather, it is evidence of the operation’s adherence to a prescribed system of agriculture and food production.

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