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We are offering a delicious range of Fresh Fruits that includes Fresh Apple, Fresh Banana, Fresh Grapes, Fresh Orange, Fresh Mango, etc.
We are a recognized firm involved in providing a wide range of Fresh Vegetables such as Fresh Brinjal, Fresh Carrot, Fresh Cauliflower, Fresh Garlic, Red Onion and various others. We are involved in providing a wide array of Indian Pulses which is comprised of Arhar Dal, Black Gram Dal, Masoor Dal, Pigeon Pea Pulse, etc. Yellow Maize is highly rich in nutritional content and considered as a healthy diet especially for weight conscious people. Our company is a reputed provider of a huge assortment of Indian Spices that includes Red Chilly, Red Chilly Powder, Turmeric Powder, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, cinnamon sticks, Cumin Seeds, Green Cardamom, Black mustard seeds, etc. Wheat are one of the most nutritious grains that are extremely rich in anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins and fats. We are one of the renowned Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of 100% pure Organic Agro Food such as and Grass Fed Organic Ghee, Organic Jaggery and Organic Turmeric. Most seeds germinate in dark, damp conditions and need to be covered with a suitable depth of topsoil.
Sowing seed for these plants can cause difficulties as the seed is merely pressed into the soil surface and require close attention to prevent them drying, resulting in germination failure. A way to avoid problems with these seeds is to fill a punnet with damp seedling mix and then cover the surface of the punnet with a single layer of gravel or small pebbles. Many of the seeds are produced at Greenpatch, but where cross-pollination can be a problem, other varieties are produced by local growers.
Greenpatch also has a huge selection of fruiting plants, herbs, cottage garden and aquatic plants.
You can find more about different types of seed, including GM seed, in my book Easy organic Gardening and Moon Planting, pp 138–140. Open-pollinated vegetable, herb, flowering annual and green manure seeds are available from a range of suppliers, including those listed below.

A wide range including green manure mixes (inoculants included), and organic gardening products. A wide range including bulk seed and green manure mixes (inoculants included if available). An interesting range of open-pollinated vegetable, herb and ornamental seeds, including some unusual varieties. A limited range of certified organic seed, but mostly open-pollinated seed and some hybrid seed. GARDEN ADVICEIf you have a gardening problem, I can provide advice on Aussie Organic Gardening. For readers in other countries or more western parts of Australia, it is easy to find the local time for the change of phase in Darwin, Perth, Chile, New Zealand or South Africa by going to Time converter. Fresh Vegetables that we offer are organically cultivated and free from the treatments of pesticides & chemicals.
These Indian Pulses are organically cultivated and kept away from the treatment of pesticides & chemicals. The wide assortment of Dry Fruits that we offer includes dry grapes, cashew, almonds, dried nuts, ground nuts, dry dates, wall nuts and pistachio nuts.
Wheat that we offer are organically cultivated and used for preparing wheat flour that is further used for making breads, chapatti, biscuits and many other items.
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Or, they are scattered on the surface of a punnet where they can be easily washed into clumps at the edge of the punnet despite careful watering. Then sprinkle the seeds sparingly over the gravel and water very gently, being careful not to flood the surface.
Greenpatch supply a wide range of open-pollinated, organic seeds for vegetables, herbs, flowers, and grains, grasses and sprouts.

I like buying organic seed that is produced in Australia because the seed comes from plants that have adapted to Australian soils and seasons. Neville and Sophia have been producing seeds and plants on their farm for 20 years, and you can order seeds and plants by mail but, as Greenpatch is just off the freeway at Taree and only a short drive from our farm, I enjoy paying a visit and browsing through their stock for plants to add to our collection.
Open-pollinated seed varieties are selected for consistent vigour, nutrient levels and flavour. This is hybrid seed where two parent plants have been self-pollinated under controlled conditions for up to 10 generations before the parents are cross-pollinated to produce their first filial (offspring) seed – known as F1 seed. The gravel provides crevices for the seed to settle while still allowing them to receive light, and also helps to keep the growing mix damp for germinating seeds. Previously, I had found that imported seed did not perform particularly well, and I achieved better results from seed I saved from those plants. So-called hybrid vigour only exists for one generation, as seed collected from plants grown from hybrid seed is either sterile or reverts to the characteristics of one parent.
The eastern mainland states of Australia can order seed by mail from other states if there are no local suppliers, but Tasmania and Western Australia have restrictions on some species of seed.
Organic, open-pollinated seeds are not hybrids or GM seeds, and that means you will be able to save seeds from your crop for next season. We do save seeds from some of our crops but saving seed from all our vegetables and herbs can tie up garden beds for long periods while the seed matures, and being able to buy locally-produced seed makes life much easier. The benefit of saving seed from your own crops is that the seed will have come from plants that have adapted to your local growing conditions. Open-pollinated vegetable seed varieties are grown for flavour and vigour rather than shelf life.

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