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Many are not particularly good (potentially even harmful), so I thought I'd browse through and make a list of the best organic fertilizer options for you.
Instead, I decided to keep the same list, but link to my other favorite online fertilizer suppliers. And then almost 3 years after I wrote this post, I decided to sell a small selection of the best organic fertilizers I've personally used.
You can check all of mine out here if you're interested (for some of them, I actually tell you how to make them yourself). This research process involved going back to the fertilizer manufacturers' websites and reading through their MSDS sheets and labels to see what the products are really made of.
By the way, there are some companies who seem to have their hearts in the right place, but I just can't recommend them because I don't like some of the organic fertilizer ingredients they're blending together. This is a decent rock dust fertilizer, one of the best organic fertilizers on Amazon, providing a broad spectrum of minerals for your soil instead of just N-P-K. This organic fertilizer for vegetables contains fish bone meal, kelp meal, feather meal, alfalfa meal (alfalfa is now genetically modified, but according to the label, this product doesn't contain GMOs), fish meal, soft rock phosphate, mined potassium sulfate, seaweed extract, humic acid, and 7 strains of soil microbes plus endo and ectomycorrhizae.
This is a little more advanced, but humic acid is an excellent addition to a foliar fertilizer such as kelp or fish because it helps the plant take in the nutrients from those fertilizers.
This is my top selling product, and definitely 1 of the top 3 I recommend to my students, customers and clients.
Neptune's Harvest Organic Seaweed Plant Food, 32-OunceThis is a nice seaweed product from a company that's been around for awhile. This liquid organic fertilizer contains some good ingredients - molasses, seaweed and fish hydrolysate - but it also contains bone meal, which I no longer recommend due to the potential transmission of prions associated with mad cow disease and also heavy metal concerns.
This might be okay, but I can't find any information on it, which always makes me walk away. In my opinion, this organic gardening fertilizer is not as good as some other fish products, and I don't like the track record of the parent company Lilly Miller.

It's sewage sludge, which research shows is toxic stuff no matter what they do to clean it up. Corn gluten can be useful, but this (like most) will contain genetically-modified corn gluten, which we don't want in our gardens because we just aren't quite sure what might happen to it when it gets into the environment and is consumed by microbes. Do you have any thoughts or questions on which are the best organic fertilizers for your garden? The Black Gold® product line has everything that you need for successful gardening, including Amendments, Premium Organic Potting Soils, Organic Fertilizers, and Decorative Products. You can’t control how much the sun will shine or how often the rain will fall, but you can do your part to ensure that your garden is successful by using Black Gold® products. Contains naturally mined products that promote season long nutrients for maximum quality and quantity.
Feeds microbes and enhances their ability to break down nutrients and make them available to the plant.
We are revolutionizing what we grow by replenishing the soil with nutrients needed to develop healthy, nutrient-dense produce & plants.
It's not technically a fertilizer, but it's the number 1 product I use in my garden, even before organic fertilizers. I've actually partially moved away from fish products in favor of ocean water products, because the results can be incredible and ocean water is much more sustainable. It supplies carbohydrates to feed the beneficial microorganisms in the soil, plus vitamins and minerals. I don't generally recommend single-mineral applications without a soil test, but calcium is the exception.
It's a special fungus that associates with over 90% of plant species at the root level and brings those plants nutrients and water, in addition to protecting their roots from predators.
I'm always kind of on the fence about bone meal, not wanting to totally bash it, but not promoting it either because of the potential problems and because there are better options.

This product (and others from this same brand) contains ingredients that I don't usually recommend - bone meal, sulfate of potash (useful only if you need both sulfur and potassium, which you very well may not), composted poultry manure (may be okay if it was from organic birds, but is it?), and feather meal (which may or may not be okay, depending on source). Other than that, this product - fermented sugar beet molasses - could actually be a helpful organic fertilizer and biostimulant in the garden, but my main concern is that sugar beets are now being genetically modified. It's true that we need to find ways to deal with our sewage - and more important, we need to stop dumping chemical fertilizers, pesticides, heavy metals and other industrial toxins into our soil and water systems - and using microbes as part of that process is great, but in my view, putting it on our gardens is not the answer. Whether you’re designing elaborate beds, cultivating exotic hanging baskets or planting simple window boxes, every aspiring gardener needs to start with the right gardening products. It feeds microbes and enhances their ability to break down nutrients and make them available to the plant. Actually, I buy a mother culture, which I can activate to make my own, whereas this is more of an already-activated product that would just be used straight from the bottle. Blackstrap molasses is the best, and you want to go with unsulphured, because the sulfur kills microbes.
There are better liquid calcium products out there, but they are very difficult to track down - this is the best one I found on Amazon and it is decent.
Seaweed is full of natural plant growth hormones and over 70 minerals that improve plant health.
No materials contained herein may be duplicated or used in any way without the express written permission of Sun Gro Horticulture or its legal representatives. It contains slow release nutrients to replenish the soil of essential elements and soil amendments to improve the physical properties of the soil. An emulsion is often not as good as a hydrolysate, but can certainly be useful - still, there's no way to tell what is in here because they don't have any info on it.

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