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To enjoy fresh, healthy, organic fruit and vegetables on a regular basis there’s no better way than to join our local organic veg box scheme. Our pre-packed boxes provide you with a range of seasonal vegetables and fruit chosen by us. Call in for freshly picked organically grown vegetables, organic fruit, bread, milk, eggs and cheese, and a full range of packaged organic foods. In 5 large greenhouses we grow a wide range of traditional and unusual crops for our veg boxes, farm shop, and our retail and wholesale outlets. In season, our glasshouses are a spectacular mix of abundant vegetable crops and flourishing nature as we cultivate flowers and wildlife as an essential part of our organic system.
Taken today, toms, cucumbers, aubergines and peppers looking good and the mulch is all down ready for.. Growing With Grace is a community-owned Cooperative and Social Enterprise registered in the UK with the Financial Services Authority (No.31135R). You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
This is one of our most popular boxes and it is a great balance for people who eat their vegetables on regular basis. Feel free to visit our Facebook and Twitter blogs for new recipe ideas or even share your own with us and other MyVegBox customers. This is our full range of STANDARD 'ready made' organic veg boxes & bags available to order. Alongside each box is an indication of how many people it is suitable for.  Box content and item quanities can vary.
We like to have happy customers so, if you prefer, you can give us a list of items you do not want to receive as well as anything you particularly like.

Our special Juicing Box includes both fruit and vegetables in mixtures for juicing and smoothie making. The tender, globe shaped roots of Beetroot 'Bolivar' have beautifully smooth skins and a rich, deep red colour. This early maturing Nantes type carrot produces smooth skinned, conical roots with a rich orange colour.
Companion planting: Try growing carrots with spring onions, leeks and mint, whose aromatic leaves deter carrot root fly.
Enjoy huge yields of glossy, dark green, cylindrical courgettes that can be harvested throughout the summer. Sweet Pepper Atris produces a prolific crop of fleshy, green fruits turning deep red on maturity.
This quick maturing variety produces delicious, long, pure white stems with dark green upright leaves.
AmericafruitAmericafruitAmericafruit is the news and information service for fresh produce buyers in North America. AsiafruitAsiafruitAsiafruit is the leading international magazine for fresh fruit and vegetable marketing and distribution in Asia.
Fruitnet LiveFruitnet LiveFruitnet Live organises the world’s leading fresh produce conference and networking events. Fresh Produce JournalFresh Produce JournalFresh Produce Journal is Britain's favourite fresh produce industry magazine since 1895. Produce PlusProduce PlusProduce Plus is the leading magazine for fresh produce marketing in Australia and New Zealand.
Asiafruit CongressAsiafruit Congress6 September 2016, HONG KONG (China)Asia's premier conference event for the fresh produce business takes place in Hong Kong alongside ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA.

Global Berry CongressGlobal Berry Congress14-16 March 2016, ROTTERDAM (The Netherlands)The annual conference event of choice for the international berry business. Asia Fruit LogisticaAsia Fruit Logistica7-9 September 2016, HONG KONG(China)Asia's leading fresh produce trade show. Fruit LogisticaFruit Logistica3-5 February 2016, BERLIN (Germany)The world's premier international fresh fruit and vegetable exhibition with 2,600 exhibitors and 62,000 visitors. Fresh Produce IndiaFresh Produce India26-27 April 2016, MUMBAI (India)India's leading fresh produce conference and networking event. In this way we hope to be able to provide you with a really enjoyable delivery each and every time. Your list of preferences can be updated at any time. This high yielding variety is ideal for harvesting as baby beets while young, or let them mature for a delicious full sized crop. Specially bred for increased vigour, improved garden performance and flavour, Carrot 'Jeanette' has good pest and disease resistance making it ideal for organic gardeners. A uniform crop of Leek 'Pandora' can be harvested from late summer onwards, as and when they are needed in the kitchen. We advise all our customers to use their cards when choosing one of our subscription packages. Courgette 'Dundoo' also has good tolerance to powdery mildew making it a useful garden variety. Our customers know we continuously work towards exciting them with our new offerings and that now, more than ever, they can buy their entire weekly shop at Aldi, safe in the knowledge they are purchasing the best quality products at everyday low prices.

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