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It’s not easy for us to eat well rounded every day, but Organic Valley has made it effortless for us to receive the proper daily nutrition we need.
Maybe you don’t like fish or you have difficulty swallowing a large Omega-3 Fish Oil capsule.
You might be thinking, “Is this milk going to taste fishy?” But honestly, you can’t even taste it! To learn more about Omega-3’s and all of Organic Valley’s delicious products, please explore their website at I usually don’t get crazy for Kettle Corn, as I like salty more than sweet, but let's just say, I tried Katy Perry's new Kettle Corn popchips, and I liked it! Every year we've heard more and more requests for Kosher items during Passover here in Hawaii, and we're happy to expand both our selections and locations where Kosher for Passover items can be found at Foodland and Sack N Save. This year, Passover begins at Sundown on Friday, March 25th, and ends at Sundown on Tuesday, April 2nd.

When I originally got samples of the three flavors, I organized a tasting within our office for a few people to try. Then, I went and bought one at Foodland Beretania and my niece polished it off before I ever got a chance at it! It has become a staple in my house, but often when I tell people about this wonderful oil, I hear something to the effect of, “aren’t tropical oils bad for you?” I also heard a lot about coconut oil being high in saturated fat, which didn’t sound good either. We are excited about our recent launch of Organic Valley’s Omega-3 Milk in our Foodland, Foodland Farms, & Sack N Save stores. Fish should play a key role in a healthy diet and many of us aren’t eating enough to reap the benefits.
Organic Valley’s fish oil supplement is made using an innovative micro-encapsulation process. Our guests were from various locations of Weaver Street Market, Deep Roots, Hendersonville Community Coop and Alamance County’s own Company Shops!

We send 700 gallons of milk twice a week to Asheville to be bottled and sold under the Organic Valley label.
Each 8-ounce serving of Organic Valley’s Omega-3 Milk contains 50 mg of DHA and EPA, plus at least 25 mg of ALA Omega-3s, which are naturally found in the milk of cows on pasture.
We also gave tours of the dairy, and our new friends got to talk to the cows, visit the feed mill, and then eat some more. We used to milk them three times per day, but once we became organic, our cows give milk as nature – and not hormones – intended! Silvia Abel-Caines an OV veterinarian, and Gerry Cohn, who is the OV Southeast Pools Coordinator.

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