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Out of desperation to ensure economic stability for the future of farming, a handful of Wisconsin farmers pooled their resources to create a cooperative, one with a focus on the group's shared belief that farming should be sustainable and done organically. This year the Wisconsin-born Organic Valley celebrates its 20th anniversary and its "family of farms" is 1,239 strong, with members across the country and in Canada and products available at food cooperatives, natural foods stores and supermarkets nation wide. The cooperative has significantly expanded in its two decades in the industry, and now specializes in Organic Prairie meat, juice, gluten-free products, healthy snacks, and soy-based dairy substitutes in addition to its traditional dairy and produce offerings. In 2004 the coop opened a $5.9 million "green" construction headquarters in LaFarge that incorporated energy efficient practices such as cool day lighting, which maximizes natural light while minimizing heat, and solar powered lighting. Organic Valley remains an environmental leader is celebrating, in part, this summer with the 5th annual Kickapoo Country Fair, Saturday and Sunday, July 26-27.
Organic Valley, the cooperative of organic farmers and organic brand, announced it will launch the first ever organic milk protein shakes, company officials say.
Unlike other protein drinks, Organic Valley Milk Protein Shakes get their protein from real organic milk—not protein powders—for the taste and nutrition consumers prefer, officials add. According to the “2014 Protein Beverage Home Use Test” conducted among 300 consumers by SoundView Research, Organic Valley Organic Fuel and Organic Valley Organic Balance were "significantly preferred" over the category leaders, officials say. Consumer demand for organic products has grown exponentially over the past decade.  Specifically, the segment has grown more than 12% in the past 10 years and organic milk accounts for about 4% of total fluid milk consumption, according to the Organic Trade Association.
Organic Valley Organic Balance is an organic milk protein shake ideal for a sensible snack, breakfast or light meal on the go. Organic Valley Organic Fuel is an organic high-protein recovery milk shake with 26 grams of protein, 70% of the recommended daily intake of calcium and no artificial sweeteners. Like all Organic Valley products, Organic Balance and Organic Fuel are made with a simple list of high quality, fair-trade, USDA Certified Organic ingredients. Large corporations were dominating over small, family-owned farms and even agricultural epicenters like rural Wisconsin were feeling the hit.
Much of it building material was recycled or locally sourced and from rapidly renewable resources. Located on the grounds of Organic Valley's headquarters in the Kickapoo River Valley, the fest features organic farm tours, farmers and farm animals, sustainability workshops, hiking, Butter Churn Bike Tour, food and artisan vendors, not-for-profit exhibitors, family "farm-friendly" activities, all-day music and entertainment, and dancing. Made from real, organic milk, Organic Valley Organic Balance and Organic Valley Organic Fuel will be available nationwide in natural food stores, food cooperatives, major grocery chains and gyms in June. With retail sales valued at $35 billion last year, the organic industry represents a tremendous opportunity, according to the US Department of Agriculture.  Sales of whole, organic milk are up 10% this year, making it the fastest-growing category of milk. Packed with protein and essential nutrients, Organic Balance has 16 grams of protein from real, organic milk.

High protein for muscle recovery combined with a one-to-one protein to carbohydrate ratio for rapid absorption make Organic Fuel a complement to any workout regimen.
Organic Valley products never use antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides or GMOs.
Two years later it adopted the name Organic Valley and released the nation's first certified organic butter. The company even enacted its own alternative transportation system, the "Green Bike Program," that supplies used bikes -- painted green for identification -- for getting to, from and around the farm. Organic Balance is a source of naturally occurring calcium from organic milk, providing 50% of the recommended daily intake, with vitamin D for enhanced calcium absorption. Both organic milk protein shakes are gluten- and lactose-free.  Organic Balance and Organic Fuel will be available in 11-ounce single servings and in four- or 12-packs. Minimally sweetened with organic stevia and unrefined, fair-trade, organic cane sugar, Organic Balance comes in two flavors, Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Bean, with a SRP of $2.89. A  They are fed unnatural, GMO, pesticide and antibiotic laced feed with no access to fresh green grass. A  A These cows stand on cement floors their entire lives and usually die within about a year and half.
A A consumer with only partial knowledge of how milk is processed is easily lured into buying this milk because on the surface, it seems so much healthier. Doesn’t that mean something?While the cows producing organic milk may not be subjected to the drugs and antibiotics used on conventional dairy operations, the milk coming from an organic-industrial complex is even more highly processed.
Such a high temperature results in a product that has extended shelf life and can remain unrefrigerated for up to 6 months in aseptic packaging.I find it outrageous that Organic Valley and Horizon frequently display their aseptically packaged, organic dairy in the refrigerated section of the healthfood store! A  Turns out that consumers (particularly those in the US) are much more likely to be duped into buying organic milk if it is displayed in the refrigerated section.
A Buying organic milk unrefrigerated on the shelf goes against intuition and just doesn’t seem very natural, does it?Moms buy individually sized aseptic packages of Organic Valley milk and put them in their children’s lunchboxes with ice packs! At that point, the body identifies them as foreign proteins and mounts an immune response, better known as allergies, asthma, eczema and other symptoms of auto immune disorders!
I remember when my first child was nursing, I drank a lot of A Organic Valley ultrapasteurized milk. A My son spit up so badly during that time that there was some concern that he had a reflux disorder. A  Remarkably but not surprisingly, when I stopped drinking the Organic Valley milk, his reflux problem resolved. A  A I have no doubt that if I had continued drinking this milk and had weaned my son onto it A that he would undoubtedly have a milk allergy today.

Most everyone now knows never to heat food in a microwave with plastic wrap on top for this very reason. And, if you are fortunate enough to have a source for this type of health giving milk, don’t run out and buy a half gallon of ultrapasteurized organic milk from the store if you temporarily run out of the fresh from the farm variety.
LOL October 24th, 2014 5:56 pm Reply EllenNone of those choices are time-honored or traditional milks.
November 25th, 2014 11:47 am Reply RachaelWow, a kinder tone might be more effective in trying to convince people. Plus even the versions of these you may be able to find that don’t have sugar do almost always have other additives (unless of course you make your own). It’s the same for other foods out there until all of them were tampered with in our modern times. Gotta go back to the original state of foods and make sure they’re clean and high-quality.
To end this comment, I love raw milk and am really thinking about doing a raw milk fast this spring when it is extra nutritious from the spring grasses. I think that will be the easiest way for me to detox and go grain free for a period of time.
I wasn’t raised on traditional foods and battle sugar cravings off and on so I have frequent sinus infections and other health issues. You just don’t want your dairy consumption to always be these dead foods because we need the probiotics and other nutrients found in fresh dairy. If you’re careful about where you source from you get a much, much cleaner product and from cows that are treated better and that get fresh air, sunlight and are able to forage. January 27th, 2015 9:02 pm Reply George The VIThere is Not a single Paper, article, science journal, or proof in this article. October 6th, 2013 10:59 am Reply LLI try to avoid UHT when I can (mostly due to the flavor). However, if it’s what I have in the house I do use it to make yogurt and it works just fine!
February 4th, 2013 11:50 am Reply Julianne PressonYou do not develop lactose intolerance, it is genetic.
If you are experiencing problems since switching the milk you drink that is the cause of your discomfort.

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