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Tomatoes grown on organic farms accumulate higher concentrations of sugars, vitamin C and compounds associated with oxidative stress compared to those grown on conventional farms, according to research published February 20 in the open access journal PLOS ONE by Maria Raquel Alcantara Miranda and colleagues from the Federal University of Ceara, Brazil. In their study, the researchers compared the weights and biochemical properties of tomatoes from organic and conventional farms. Tomatoes grown on organic farms accumulate higher concentrations of sugars, vitamin C and compounds associated with oxidative stress compared to those grown on conventional farms, new research suggests.
According to the authors, organic farming exposes plants to greater stress than conventional farming. Although I have been to the Noe Valley farmers market before, it had been years since I spent any real time there.
I had the most fun at the Tomatero Organic Farm stand where their selection brimmed with summer bounty, especially tomatoes. Even though I bought a good amount of food in Noe Valley I still wanted to head to the Ferry Building. It was a beautiful day and I tried so many kinds of stone fruit I should have probably just counted it as my lunch. Also exciting is that the early girl tomatoes are finally available, even the ones from Dirty Girl Produce.
Another reason I visited the Ferry Building was to check out the Epicurious booth that will be hanging around at various SF foodie events this week, giving out free tote bags and goodies. Topinambour or Jerusalem artichoke is a potato-like root vegetable with a delicious nutty taste. Organic tomatoes contain more vitamin C and other healthy substances than conventional vegetables because they are subjected to more stress during their growth.
The conventional plants, on the other hand, were sprayed with mineral-based synthetic fertiliser and pesticides. Combine with cucumber, onion, fresh mint and a little vinaigrette and you’ve got yourself a salad.

They found that tomatoes grown on organic farms were approximately 40% smaller than those grown by conventional techniques, and they also accumulated more compounds linked to stress resistance. They suggest that this increased stress may be the reason organic tomatoes had higher levels sugars, vitamin C and pigment molecules like lycopene, an anti-oxidant compound -- all of which are associated with the biological response to stress. I started the morning by checking out the Noe Valley farmers market on 24th Street then headed off to the Ferry Building to buy a few more things and chat with the people at Epicurious. I came out to the Noe Valley market to try Tomatero tomatoes because they are (drumroll, please) starting an all tomato CSA this year!
There will be 3 pick up locations, 2 in the Noe Valley area of San Francisco and one in the Lake Merrit area of Oakland.
If you haven’t heard of Epicurious, it is a fabulous online resource for food lovers. They are delicious, but it is hard for me to buy grapes when there are so many stone fruits and melons still around. A study conducted by Brazilian scientists in which they compared organic and conventional types of tomatoes points towards these results. Liquid manure was spread on the organic tomato field and the remains of pulses as well as bagasse, a by-product of sugar cane, were ploughed under before sowing. The scientists took samples of unripe (green) fruit, at an in between stage, and of fully ripe, harvest-ready fruit (red). They also generate a variety of biologically active secondary metabolites, including glycoalkaloids, that likely serve as natural deterrents against phytopathogens (bacteria, fungi, viruses, and insects). Based on these observations, the authors suggest that growing strategies for fruits and vegetables should aim to balance plant stress with efforts to maximize yield and fruit size, rather than trying to eliminate stress to increase yields. Many of the farms I recognized because they also have booths at the Ferry Plaza farmers market. I asked for a new recommendation (I’ve tried many of them before) and the woman working there nearly exploded with excitement about a new bean they have from Mexico, Alubia Criollo.

Definitely get yourself some this season from Tomatero, Dirty Girl or wherever you can find them. During the growth period, the tomatoes were protected from fungal infections by a mixture of slaked lime and copper sulphate.
They compared size, weight and the amount of certain elements such as sugar, vitamin C and secondary plant compounds such as phenol. Organic tomatoes were 40 percent lighter and also smaller than the conventionally grown crop.
At harvest, the organic vegetables had 57% more vitamin C and about 139% more plant phenols with known health benefits in protecting cells from aggressive free oxygen radicals. Researchers believe that these compounds have the potential to be both beneficial for human health and, conversely, to impart toxicity. This is probably due to conventionally grown tomatoes enjoyed a good nitrogen supply from the mineral-based fertiliser and generally better growth conditions.
In terms of health promotion, tomatidine has been reported to mitigate hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis and protect against cardiovascular disease. Researchers put this all down to the moderate stress while they’re growing which results in the production of micro nutrients and improves quality. To do this, they prepped and solid phase extracted the samples before subjecting them to analysis on an Accela liquid chromatograph coupled to an LTQ Orbitrap Discovery hybrid platform (Thermo Scientific).
This capability is useful for the determination of new metabolite analogues and bioconversion products.Overall, the researchers report their high resolution LTQ-Orbitrap MS method to be selective, sensitive, and efficient for the identification and quantification of secondary metabolites, including glycoalkaloids and aglycons.
These findings render the method suitable for routine food monitoring of biologically active compounds that impart reported health benefits while also posing toxicity risk.References1 Caprioli, G.

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