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Dan Gibbs, CEO of San Diego, CA-based vertical organic farming startup Home Town Farms, doesn’t believe he’s introducing a new company, but an entire industry that will benefit consumers, the environment and the future of sustainable agriculture.
To grow the vertical urban farming industry, Home Town Farms plans to build one-half to three-acre greenhouses on the rooftops, abandoned lots, and corners of urban areas in densely populated U.S.
Prior to developing his vertical farming concept, Gibbs focused his agricultural efforts on exploring opportunities in the growing organic produce marketplace.
Home Town Farms’ vertical growing system is hydro-organic, meaning that it combines vertical hydroponic growing methods with organic media. He did tell us, though, that Home Town Farms’ vertical organic growing systems will yield six to eight times more produce per square foot than conventional farms and require 70 percent less land, 85 percent less water and 80 percent less fertilizer to grow the same volume of produce.
In a densely populated area, one greenhouse would be able provide produce to all of the consumers and businesses within a 15-mile radius. The cost to construct a Home Town Farms vertical urban farming system ranges from $700,000 to $1,000,000 per acre.

Home Town Farms plans on selling its produce at conventional non-organic prices – a novel idea for those who equate Whole Foods quality with ‘whole paycheck’. After receiving endorsements from the City of San Diego and a list of local businesses interested in buying its produce, Home Town Farms’ only setback seems to be its timing.
Despite this hurdle, Gibbs has entered into a cooperative venture with the Encinitas School District and plans to erect a Home Town Farms systems on 5 acres of school property that will supply low cost organic produce for the school district’s food service program. The company also recently entered into an agreement with Specialty Nutrition Group (SNG) for the master licensing rights to construct Home Town Farms vertical farming systems in the State of Florida. Time, energy and money are saved by skipping the normal steps of processing raw wood into standard wooden structural sizes. He partnered with agricultural expert Michael Castro (now the Chief Operating Officer at Home Town Farms) and the two began developing models for large-scale organic farms. Conversely, for the Home Town Farms model to work, a greenhouse need only be large enough to supply its immediate consumer base.
Gibbs said that he wouldn’t be surprised to see vegetable, berry, lettuce and herb production migrate completely into urban areas. Gibbs said this initial investment would get a farm built, running and cash flow positive by the end of year one.

By eliminating the traditional costs to wash, pack, and ship produce, Home Town Farms believes it can offer organic foods at non-organic prices, said Gibbs. This house wrapped with curved glulam pine beams, provide privacy to the neighboring property that located at north, while offering broad views of the oak hammock at the south and west, and the inter coastal waterway to the east. Using proprietary vertical farming techniques, each site will produce organic vegetables, berries, lettuces and herbs to be sold to local consumers on site and wholesale to local farmers markets, restaurants and grocery stores. Within the system plant roots grow around organic materials – such as compost and cocoa fiber – that facilitate the production of nutrients and enzymes necessary for plant growth. This curved glulam pine beams are anchored to the elevated concrete slab at their base, curved up and cover one side of the house. It was weeks later, when Castro recalled work he’d done nearly 20 years earlier implementing high-efficiency growing systems in greenhouses in Mexico and Spain, that they decided to bring the farm to the city. Gibbs stopped short of providing too much detail about how the system works in order to preserve his company’s competitive advantage.

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