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The next time you feel parched, reach for the beverage experts say can boost the overall health of your entire body: green tea.
1)      Researchers at Kyushu University in Japan found that the catechins in green tea have an anti-inflammatory effect on the gums and significantly reduce the depth of periodontal pockets, minimize gum bleeding in the presence of gingivitis, and slow the loss of connective tissue. 2)      A study from Tohoku University in Japan indicated that green tea has an antimicrobial effect on the bacteria that causes tooth decay. 3)      Findings from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Israel demonstrate that green tea also counteracts volatile sulfur compounds, one of the primary causes of bad breath. Other popular hot beverages, namely coffee and black tea, have far worse staining effects than green tea and do not offer the same number of health benefits.
A professionally administered teeth whitening system will effectively remove green tea and other stains from your teeth, so you can enjoy this beneficial drink and your gorgeous, bright smile.
To talk you your family dentist about green tea and other nutrition choices you can make to improve the health of your teeth and gums, call the Comfort Dental Spa office at (248) 474-6434 to schedule an appointment with Dr. This entry was posted in Dental News and tagged cosmetic dentist farmington hills, dentist detroit, dentist farmington hills, dentist farmington hills mi, dentist in detroit, dentist livonia, detroit cosmetic dentist, detroit dentist on December 3, 2012 by Dr.
Conjugated linoleic acids, or a family of substances found in dairy and meat products, which are known to improve immunity, limit food allergy reactions, fight against atherosclerosis and support weight loss. CLA was found to reduce the amount of belly fat and to improve the belly firmness, this explaining its wide use in overweight and obese patients. On the other hand, CLA supplements may alter the body’s sensitivity to insulin, may upset the gastrointestinal tract and increase the levels of potassium, causing kidney problems. In fact, if you have the time to browse for opinions from real users, you’ll see they are slightly different than the marketing stories used for promoting these fat burning supplements.
Although there are people who did manage to lose weight easier after using these supplements, lots of the users who have tried CLA for reducing their body fat percentage have experienced kidney problems. The myth promoted by companies producing dietary supplements and weight loss pills says that green tea products – pills, extract and even the beverage itself – are able to speed up the destruction of abdominal fats, leading to a faster reduction of the belly fat layer and thus to a leaner body. Hundreds of articles and web pages available out there suggest that green tea extract may have meaningful effects on the body’s ability to burn fats faster. Are there enough scientific arguments to support the effectiveness of green tea as fat burner in humans? Researchers say caution should be used when interpreting animal data and applying them to humans. This theory is backed up by scientific studies, numerous research papers showing that EGCG provides high amounts of polyphenols, which are proven to exert anti-inflammatory effects and to inhibit the accumulation of body fat by suppressing lipogenesis.
Also, consumption of green tea is proven to increase thermogenesis, or the process through which heat is produced inside the human body. Then, caffeine – which is found in green tea as well – is known to support weight reduction by increasing both the metabolic rate and thermogenesis. The question is how much tea or green tea supplements should one use on a daily basis, to experience these effects? In order to experience the effects induced by green tea, the daily consumption of EGCG should be somewhere around 270 mg, in two or three doses. It’s generally agreed that getting 130 mg of caffeine per day is safe, and some scientists say that 300 mg of caffeine is still not threatening for one’s health. Another study published last year in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews showed that three months of daily consumption of green tea preparations only induced a small, statistically non-significant weight loss in overweight adults. And last, this study showed that consumption of 960 ml of decaffeinated green tea for 6 months can cause a slight reduction in body weight and increase the metabolic rate, but doesn’t have significant effects on the weight or body composition.
Then, green tea alone is not able to cause significant improvements in one’s body weight, so for maximum benefits, the intake of this beverage should be coupled with high intensity exercises, as the effects are not impressive in overweight people doing moderate-intensity exercises. Conclusion: if you’re trying to drop the excess pounds, you shouldn’t rely on green tea only. So a healthier option would consist in practicing physical activities regularly, watching your diet and drinking green tea for its other health benefits. The length of time for the expiration date or "best used before" date depends on the type of product, as well as the brand. Perishable items (such as flax oils or certain probiotics) generally have shorter expiration dates.
Our receiving department does its best to verify and then enter the correct expiration dates for all incoming products. The Shipping Weight includes the product, protective packaging material and the actual shipping box.
Since tea is made directly from tea leaves plucked on a continuous basis during harvest (and these tea leaves are not washed), it is vitally important to make certain these leaves are free of any chemicals.
The tea bag is attached to the tag by a pure, sanitized string without the use of metal staples. The tea is packaged in an air controlled, immaculate chamber which prevents any impurities from affecting the taste of the tea. On Products-With-Reviews page, I have more reviews of other products I have bought and used.
So were you hunting for a slightly chinese sounding name too?(Owing to the origin) You may have all loved wonder hotel properties by the name, but this brand is a tea brand and great at that. This dark smooth coffee blend is infused with 100% authentic Ganoderma; Great for all traditional coffee lovers and modernists alike. With the exquisite mix of cocoa and coffee beans, Gourmet Mocha is one of our most popular beverages. This organic green tea provides tranquility and the healthy benefits of 100% authentic Ganoderma, rich with anti-oxidants. Organic Red Tea is a caffeine free addition to the family with Cordyceps and 100% Organic Ganoderma. Health Disclaimer: We don't make any claims that any coffees or other beverages cures or mitigates any disease.
There are some great reasons why Asian countries have been drinking green tea for thousands of years.
Cancer Prevention – Asian countries that drink a lot of green tea tend to have significantly lower cancer risk than other countries that do not drink green tea.
Weight Loss – more studies need to be done on how effective green tea is on weight loss, but is thought that the Catechins that are found in the green tea create a thermogenic response in the human body. If you purchase or green tea from a grocery store, then it’s very likely that the green tea is in its own individual packages. The quality of green teas and grocery stores can vary greatly but are almost always inferior to buying loose green tea.

Some people do not enjoy the taste of green tea because it tends to be bitter and grassy flavor. People from China and Japan have enjoyed both the taste and long-term health benefits of this lightly-colored brew for thousands of years.
To brew a perfect cup of green tea, heat a cup of water to about 180°F (almost, but not quite, boiling).
Oz Show, but in one of November’s episodes, he talked about some of the most popular belly fat myths and gave some useful tips on how to get rid of belly fat using only natural solutions.
Oz, drinking two cups of green tea per day, in combination with a CLA supplement, can reduce the body fat percentage and help one get in shape faster. Oz’s solution also included green tea, and if you’re curious to check the labels of different fat burners and weight loss products, you’ll see that lots of them contain this tea. Yet, most of the scientific papers discussing this topic refer to the weight loss effects of green tea in mice or other lab animals. While scientists agree that green tea products can be efficient in reducing the body fat percentage and inhibiting the accumulation of new fats, they also highlight the fact that these products may not have the same effects on the human body and that better clinical trials are needed for establishing whether green tea can, in fact, cause significant weight reduction in humans. They started with the premise that green tea supplements may aid in weight control, and that EGCG, one of the active compounds in this beverage, may support the reduction of body fat percentage.
Catechins in tea are known to interfere with the intestinal absorption of lipids, preventing the accumulation of fats and acting as effective, natural lipid-lowering agents.
Thermogenesis enhances the energy expenditure and fat oxidation, helping in weight regulation. Moreover, the combination of caffeine with EGCG seems to have even more powerful effects, and contribute to more impressive results in terms of body fat reduction and metabolic rate. Their test showed that, depending on the brand, the green tea supplements provide between 22 mg and 300 mg of EGCG per suggested daily serving. Based on the existing studies, we could conclude that getting 270 mg of EGCG in combination with up to 300 mg of caffeine per day can support the fat loss process in humans, without putting one’s health at risk.
In reality, this interesting study published in the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise journal showed that 7 days of green tea extract ingestion can increase the lipolysis (destruction of fats), but has no effect on whole body fat oxidation in people practicing moderate-intensity exercises. It can inhibit the absorption of lipids, accelerate the metabolic rate and contribute to the reduction of body fat percentage, but only when it provides a certain daily amount of EGCG and caffeine. This beverage has several health benefits and can help you lose the extra fats a little easier, but unless you’re physically active and practice intense exercises on a regular basis, you shouldn’t expect for green tea to act as a miracle beverage and melt away your excess fats overnight.
Although our warehouse is fully air-conditioned, these more fragile items are put in cold storage (freezer or refrigeration unit) for maximum freshness. Dalfour Organic Golden Mango Tea, and everything I said about that tea I would say about the Strawberry Rose green tea. You have seen millions and billions of fitness and beauty gurus raving about how their daily cup or maybe cups of green tea did the miracle for them. The packaging is bright and the organic blend is that of full green tea leaves mixed with white ones too. Talk of Teavivre and you can’t not name their premium Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea.
Black tea is allowed to oxidize after it is picked, but green tea is immediately heated up to prevent this oxidation process. It is only become more popular within the last decade for its antioxidant and health benefits.
Not only does green tea quench the thirst, but it also has many antioxidant properties which can ward off cancer as well as protect your cardiovascular system. In studies, green tea has been shown to protect the liver from toxic substances such as alcohol.
Many of the chemicals in green tea have been used for thousands of years to reduce the symptoms of flu and colds. I personally enjoy the taste of green tea and I drink it completely straight with no added sugars or other substances.
Granted, the caffeine level is about one third the amount of a coffee, but if you’re drinking six or 7 cups of green tea a day then you will feel the caffeine’s effects.
Some people find green tea soothing and it helps them sleep, while others have a very difficult time falling asleep. Many recent university-based studies have demonstrated green tea’s ability to lower your risk for developing heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. We serve patients from Dearborn, Novi, Livonia, Farmington Hills, and the surrounding Detroit neighborhoods. Does it mean that the tasty beverage obtained from the Camellia sinensis plant can trim down fats and get you a model’s body? And what about the amount of caffeine that comes together with the ideal doses of green tea? As for caffeine, the tested products provided up to 130 mg of compound per dose (capsule or cup). I do not know how it will work for other people but most of these tips consist of natural ingredients which I doubt, would irritate anyone’s skin. This method is going to calm your skin and reduce the redness,which really makes your pimple noticeable. It dries out the acne super fast without leaving a scab or scar like other spot treatments does. This being said, the exceptionally high turnover at iHerb ensures that our inventory is among the freshest in the industry.
Compounds in green tea like EGCG have been found to benefit your skin from the inside out when consumed. Originated as a health tonic from China, it has largely become the not so secret health hack every one has resorted to atleast once in their lifetime, or tried to at the least. They have delicate rose buds and jasmine flavour brewing and they are sure to please your taste buds. A top seller, this is a turkish green tea flavoured with orange bloosoms, rose petals, berries and dates. The packaging might be too formal and uninviting but the spring harvested Mao Fend full leaf green tea brought from China will sure have you addicted with just the right amount of spearmint and myrtle. You choose if you’d like a splendid, mellow and blended green tea or just lightly spiked with vanilla, coconut and lemongrass. It is the resort of purists for it brings to you only pure green tea leaves without the grassiness.
You can see this oxidation process happen on an Apple that is been sliced (The brown of the apple).

Since these are two of the main contributors to heart disease, studies have shown that green tea can prevent heart disease from forming. Green tea can lower your cancer risk anywhere from 20 to 50% depending on the type of cancer. Evidence is also piling up about how green tea can slow the aging process by boosting the immune system. I highly recommend you do this as it can be much cheaper and higher-quality than what you get at the stores. You put your loose tea within the ball and then steep it like you would any other store-bought tea. If you find you don’t enjoy the taste of green tea, a good solution would be to put a bitter honey in it to sweeten the green tea up. It is especially important for people that are sensitive to caffeine to be careful with the amount they are drinking. If you are sensitive to the caffeine and it keeps you awake, try not to drink green tea and hour before you are planning to go to bed. Now, emerging research from all over the world has successfully shown that green tea can improve the state of your oral health as well. Yet, for getting the needed amount of EGCG, one generally ends up consuming around 3 capsules or doses of green tea extract on a daily basis.
Natalie Glebova, Miss Universe 2005, says in her blog, "Green tea can help you lose weight!
It is known for it’s anti depression effects, thanks to the soothing aroma of jasmine. There are many other types of foods that help cleanse the liver, but green tea is a big player in the cleansing process.
After doing more research, I discovered that green tea is very well known at reducing intestinal gas and is also good at treating inflammation of other digestive disorders such as ulcers and other diseases such as Crohn’s disease. If you do not have a spot treatment on your hand, and a pimple is really bugging you big time.
In these gardens master planters nurture tea bushes with natural organic biomass and loving care.
It’s no wonder why supermodels and celebrities use green tea in their diets to stay in shape.
It has aroma with notes of hibiscus flowers and raspberries while your taste buds will delight in apple and plum. Well they are high quality green tea leaved which are steamed and rolled into tight pellets that explode with flavour as soon as brewed in hot water.
The leaves are flattened and dried but the taste is sweet and rich with orchid undertones and slightly vegetal flavour. The tea has a single note of green tea in its taste and is enriched with vitamin C and antioxidants.
These antioxidants stop the inflammatory response which is associated with damaged DNA, cancers, and other diseases.
Some Japanese studies have shown that if you drink at least 4 cups of green tea a day, it can lower your chance of developing heart disease by over 50%. Leaving the Tea-ball in for 3 to 5 minutes is usually enough to get all the antioxidants extract into the tea.
Aziza Askari, your Farmington Hills dentist, discusses the value of drinking green tea for the health of your teeth and gums.
If you like your tea sweetened, use an artificial sweetener such as xylitol which has further benefits for your oral health. You can not get rid of acne instantly, but you can help your skin to speed up the process, plus you can use anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-redness ingredients to reduce the appearance of your acne and almost shrink them. Do not use this method too often, save it for when you really need to get rid of your pimple. As such, these products will reflect a higher Shipping Weight compared to the unprotected product. Don’t we all envy how most chinese women have such smooth and clear skin and such petite well toned bodies? These antioxidants also help actors dilators to the blood vessels, which helps lower blood pressure and reduce the chance of clogging of your arteries. So they are less noticeable and specially if you have a special occasion coming up, by reducing the appearance of a pimple, you do that most work and then you can cover it up with makeup.
It also flushes toxins out of the body and has diuretic properties to reduce water retention.
For example your wedding day is approaching real fast, your emotions are all over the place, and many things stress you out.
When I was getting ready for the Miss Universe contest, my nutritionist advised me to drink a cup of strong green tea after every meal to help my digestive system burn more fat, and flush out excess water to help my belly look flatter. This is because green tea goes through very little processing which allows the antioxidants to remain intact. It reduces the redness, and shrinks the nastiest puss-pimples, you know the kind that really annoys the heck out of you (lol) best way I can explain it.
And then an unwanted giant mountain like pimple appears on your skin, right before your big day.
You can shrink it, calm it down, and reduce the appearance of it, and the rest makeup will do. Or if you are someone who travels a lot, plane’s compressed air, different place, water, environment, everything affects you skin causing pimples, and last thing you want on your vacation is acne. Honey itself is an amazing spot treatment, but adding lactic acid to it, speeds up the process. It is better than any purifying, stress-acne, hydrating and clarifying masks out in the market. 10-15 minutes of this mask will calm down you skin, kill the bacteria, remove the dead skin, and give a beautiful radiance to your skin.

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