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Working in a job which requires me to constantly wash or gel my hands, it's always been a struggle to keep them soft and moisturised. We all know the benefits of a good skincare routine, but despite using my hands far more I can be guilty of neglecting them so it's nice to have a specific range designed to exfoliate and protect hard working hands.
The Gardeners hand cream on the other hand is absolutely gorgeous, thick but not heavy or greasy, it's perfect for slathering onto dry damaged hands and it's now taken pride of place on my bedside table. Laura Chapman6 July 2014 at 17:37I suffer from terribly dry hands, so loving the sound of the hand cream. The Organic Surge Gardeners Hand Scrub* uses natural Olive Seed, which helps to buff away rough and dead skin, alongside skin-calming plant extracts and natural active ingredients of moisturising Shea Butter, calming and moisturising Aloe Vera, and Lime, Basil and Rosemary Oils which naturally refresh and nourish skin.
Following up with the Organic Surge Gardeners Hand Cream* is the perfect way to have soft, hydrated and happy hands. Both products leave my hands much happier - but it's the scent which is the real winner with this range for me. The Organic Surge Gardeners Handcare Range is a new range that was recently launched at the Chelsea Flower Show Gala. The hand scrub contains finely ground olive stones to naturally exfoliate, removing ingrained dirt and roughened skin.
I think the stand out benefits of this hand cream is the fact it is has a rich, thick formula yet it absorbs super quickly.
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Starting with the Organic Surge Gardeners hand scrub, which I like to use once or twice a week.

Being a gardeners collection, I'd imagined the scent to be either very green or floral and I wasn't disappointed. Their products are such high quality for real budget-friendly high-street prices, and the variety of products, ranges and scents is incredible.
I take a generous helping and massively both of my hands for 60 seconds or so, before rinsing off with warm water.
A luxurious cream lotion with the same beautiful scent as the scrub, it massages in and dries quickly, so suitable even for on the go. Suitable for all skin types, this quick drying formula makes it suitable for use with or without gloves.Used before you start work, the omega 3 from Peruvian Inca Inchi Oil helps protect skin from dehydration and damage, whilst extracts from marine algae soothe skin redness. Although my fiance is the gardener of our house, I still don't think you can beat a good handcare set, so this range really would be suitable for anyone. The olive stones are surrounded in a thick cream, containing Lime, Basil and Rosemary essential oils, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter, which work together to nourish and hydrate the skin. If you're a regular gardener this is especially great as you can use it before, during and after gardening without having to spend lots of time waiting for it to sink in. It's got natural olive seeds to gently buff away dead skin cells as well as shea butter to keep them soft and hydrated. Organic Surge have chosen lime, basil and rosemary which gives it a fresh herbal edge, but at the same time is really relaxing and luxurious too.
The scent is incredibly refreshing and invigorating, and my skin is left feeling beautiful soft and smooth to the touch after use. The range consists of the Gardeners Hand Scrub and Hand Cream, presented in beautiful green packaging with a floral and gardening design on the label.

This creamy formula stops the olive stones feeling too harsh and doesn't leave your hands feeling really dry afterwards, just really soft.
Peruvian Inca Inchi Essential Oil protects skin from damage and dehydration, Marine Algae Extract helps control skin inflammation and to nourish and hydrate you have essential oils of Rosemary, Basil and Lime, Aloe Vera, Coconut Butter and Shea Butter.
It's scrubby without being too harsh and always leaves my hands feeling soft and smooth, ready for a thick layer of the matching hand cream.
Presented in a 150ml tub, this is a budget-friendly hand scrub that will last months, using two to three times a week. As the formula is quite thick I prefer to apply the scrub to damp or slightly wet hands, otherwise the cream does dry quite quickly. I would say that the formula is not far away from being on a par with my beloved L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream; the consistency isn't quite as thick but it has that same rich, velvety feeling on the skin. You don't need to use much product at all, so the 150ml pot should last for ages, making it great value for money. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.Product colour or texture may vary slightly due to natural ingredients.

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