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We try and buy organic as much as we can, and now with so many different stores and markets popping up around town, taking the organic route has never been easier.  Our current favorite organic store is a new addition in TECOM that allows us to not only shop but also enjoy a healthy meal after. The bakery section has a deliciously moist carrot cake and yummy banana bread along with other freshly baked breads all made on site.
Airy and spacious we love the open space that allows us to navigate our trolley without bumping into other shoppers.  This treasure trove is the perfect spot for those who care about eating organic.
Emotional design turns casual users into fanatics, ready to tell others about their positive experience. This line of thinking has shifted in the last 5-10 years and the web has become more about identifying a unique brand personality rather than trying to be “stuffy” and machine-like. The web design industry for many years has been a left-brained industry where accuracy and perfection were paramount to success.
The most successful websites satisfy both the left and right brains of visitors and leave a lasting impression. You must find a way to “humanize” your site so people will feel there is a real, genuine person behind it and not a computer or machine.
When visitors feel a connection, no matter how small, the walls of skepticism begin to dissolve, and trust will replace it.
Usability is a crucial aspect of designing for emotions because, as stated before, if your visitors cannot perform simple tasks, they will leave frustrated. Take a look at how these websites offered small details that made a big difference and got noticed by users. This little bit of humor gives users a chuckle which breaks down walls immediately urging people on the fence to take the next step.
You cannot effectively arouse emotion in your website visitors without knowing who they are. If you are designing a website for your clients, you can impress them by asking them detailed questions about their target audience.
Color theory is very important for web designers because colors will affect people in different ways and command different emotions. People want to feel familiarity and recognize themselves which is why images of people are popular and often used on websites. Kleenex does a great job appealing more to the female demographic with the floral background. Some websites may find that an emotional connection can be established through “sad” feelings, which is appropriate for this website and how its clients most likely feel.

While images of people are effective, websites can also create that feeling of recognition in other ways.
You cannot separate great web design from impactful content because the two are closely related.
Please share with us any examples of designs you created that take some of these points into consideration. We have done a number of not-for-profit websites, such as hospital auxiliaries and foundations that benefit from emotionally effective imagery. It requires the hands of a skilled artist, one who understands complexity yet knows how to display it in a simple way. The websites of yesterday lacked personality and character and were based on serious company personas.
For example, if a user cannot find the elements for which he is looking (left-brained), he will express emotions of frustration (right-brained) and potentially leave the site. We will discuss some of those principles when we talk about color theory, but generally, designing for emotions is centered on building a site that allows users to build trust and feel secure. It’s that extra something that makes people think your site is special because you took the time to add elements that are a little “outside of the box”. Garnering a smile is a great way to establish a connection, provided it is done professionally and in the right industries (it wouldn’t be appropriate on a funeral home’s website!). But the websites that exercise these techniques will edge out all the rest because they will speak directly to their visitors and establish an emotional connection quicker than anyone else. By designing with their target audience in mind, your final product will not only look great, but it will also do a better job at increasing conversions.
The image paints a picture of a father-child relationship which will most certainly evoke emotion. Your visitors can recognize a problem or habit for which they need solutions and feel that familiarity with demographic-specific design elements and strong copy. Join our community to be the first to know.  Register to our newsletter, thousands of readers have signed up already! It also requires the ability to adapt to an ever-changing industry and a dedication to learning the latest technologies to remain competitive.
Businesses left humor and creativity at the door because they thought users would think these traits were trivial. The web is full of job scams, identity theft plots, and phishing crimes and internet users are scared as a result.

This defense mechanism can only be eliminated when you, with your web design, make visitors feel comfortable and strive to portray someone they can trust. Usability will form the foundation of a great website and allow emotional aspects to take center stage.
It’s similar to how Zappos automatically upgrades your package to Next Day shipping when you pay for Ground, or how your husband comes home with a rose even if it isn’t a special occasion. To truly know your audience means reaching beyond the surface and creating a marketing persona.
A persona allows you to put a “face” to your audience which will help you see your visitors as real people.
All of the above points also apply to content and the tone of voice should mirror the website design as well as the audience’s needs.
It gives you insight into what motivates your visitors and their decisions to work with you. The more “humanized” the website to a specific target audience, the greater the chance of trust and a lasting connection. Whether you write your own website copy for your clients or you hire a copywriter, make sure the writer understands the power of evoking emotion and building a foundation of trust with words, tone and layout. Users want something to relate to; they want to see something familiar, something recognizable. This thought process will lead to a website design that is connected to the needs and wants of your visitors.
Having said that, I was positively surprised to see several designs from the Nordic countries having made the cut, as well as that lovely Peruvian entry.Chris W. You’ve outlined it wonderfully and i will reference this article often, as a checklist sort to speak. I don’t think their design blog is even the best design, though it does have some really cool details, such as the roman numerals for line numbers when they post code. Dec 20 2008As Toumas said many of these have been around a long time and have enjoyed some good exposure but that doesn’t discount the fact that this is a very good list. Nice job Jacob.jd Dec 20 2008OK – with 100 million blogs out there, how did these 40 manage to show up here?

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