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If you are interested in organic gardening and better health sign up for our intensive course taught by Master Gardener Darren Butler. Hello, Can anyone tell me what I can use safely on my leafy veggies, such as spinach, lettuce and collards, that can rid of bugs, especially beetles?
Hello all, I am looking for organic (and therefore pestiside free) edible Nasturtiums, Elderflowers, Dandelion Heads and Violets that I can get relatively fresh in (or shipped to) Spokane WA. QUICKLY TEST YOUR soil FERTILITY COUNT EARTHWORMS It sounds crazy, but by knowing how many earthworms are in your garden soil, you can quickly estimate your soil fertility. Our OrganicTopsoil is a mix of composted leaves and, grass, with rich farm soil and sand to create the basic ingredients needed for a premium organic topsoil.
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The introduction and first chapter for the Organic Soil Guide, a book written to help you understand your garden soil. You wouldn’t build a house on a poor foundation, and neither should you plant a garden on poor soil.
If you want to grow your own healthy, vibrant, organic vegetables and plants, this is the book for you.

This book will teach you how to assess your garden, pinpoint problems and provide options to fix them. The type of soil you have can dictate what type of plants you can grow, and how well they will grow. Just as milk does not come from the supermarket, soil does not come from your local nursery. Weathering is the process where rocks are broken down into smaller rocks, particles and eventually soil. If you dig deep enough, or drive by an exposed soil surface, you’ll probably see a ‘soil profile’. Volcanoes, glaciers wind and water all move soil around, forming different soil profiles and layers.
Gleying – in waterlogged soil (no oxygen), iron in the soil is either removed or forms clumps. Certified organic blocking mix makes blocks that hold together and last as well as great potting soil. Here is what customers are saying about how soil blocking has changed their seed starting experience.

I have been using your Seed Blocking Mix for years but I am still amazed that my seeds sprout in 5 days!!!
In addition, we love helping others – through our books, talks and workshops – to learn the shortcuts to spectacular cut flower gardening from seed. I thought about buying some Burpee organic seeds for my vegetable garden this year but I'm totally in the dark. You may find the source of your problems and that your gardening problems are easily solved. Even if it didn't I plan to mulch with straw or hay anyhow so weeds seeds shouldn't be a problem. While The Gardener’s Workshop began as a hobby 16 years ago, we now produce thousands of cut flowers each week May through October.

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