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Tranquil Sleep is a safe, fast acting formula containing the amino acid 5-HTP, the hormone melatonin and green tea's stress-reliever, L-Theanine.
The statements and products referred to throughout this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. Other Ingredients: Softgel capsule (gelatin, glycerin, purified water), aqueous coating solution (ethylcellulose, medium chain triglycerides, oleic acid, sodium alginate, stearic acid), organic flaxseed oil, yellow beeswax, sunflower lecithin (non-GMO).
It takes me quite some time each night to relax and feel calm enough to drift off to sleep. I'm a creative type of girl and unfortunately, right when I go to sleep my brain tends to race with ideas, to-do lists, blog posts, and stories.
I have an active lifestyle and sometimes I'm wide awake late at night and need to fall asleep fast in order to be fresh for work the next day.

Sprout is a Canadian-owned company and operated that specializes in hand-made natural mattresses and accessories. Then, like many women my age (fifty-something), I often wake up in the middle of the night and again have trouble falling back to sleep. I am generally a very light sleeper and have a hard time winding down at the end of the day and sometimes it feel like it takes me forever to fall asleep.
During times of stress when my brain wouldn't shut up, I used to take straight Melatonin (another natural sleep aid) and it would knock me out but it would give me nightmares and I'd feel groggy the next day.
Locally made in Canada, Sprout uses only the best natural materials to create a well-ventilated mattress and guarantee a hypoallergenic, healthy, and comfortable rest.
L-Theanine comes from the mellow part of green tea and is a stress reducer that can enhance the tranquility of sleep.

They are the expressed opinion of John Gray for the sole purpose of educating the public regarding their health, happiness and improved quality of relationships.
So we've created superior products that unite age-old quality and natural materials with contemporary design. I do not take any prescription medications and focus on natural supplements for staying healthy. I highly recommend this product, either the softgels or the chewables, which taste very good.

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