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Organic Oscars overs a line of organic, all-natural, biodegradable dog shampoo and conditioner.
All the products are gentle enough to not only use on your dog, but also your cat (if you fancy bathing cats. The lather was excellent (lots of coconut-based foam) and it smelled like almonds. It was lightweight and washed out easily, but the conditioner stayed in enough to keep the hair silky and shiny.
The organic shampoo leaves you with light and clean hair and the scents from both products are light and pretty – even for the most scent-sensitive beaut.
My hair isn’t coloured, but this product is specifically recommended for colour treated hair, so those loves that like to treat their hair with some colour will likely find these dynamic duo perfect.
While my hair is thick, I wanted to try something lighter out, as I know a lot of gals deal with thinner hair. The Citrus & Neroli Detangler was perfect for thinner hair since it is very lightweight. I first found out about this brand from one of my favourite natural wellness Vloggers, HolisticHabits. Calia is free of sulfates, DEA, sodium chloride (not an easy one to avoid, even in the natural space), propylene glycol and is vegan friendly. The conditioner is especially great for dry hair as it is thick and can be used a little longer as a terrific leave-in conditioner.
I used the rose & black pepper and the grapefruit cardamon in between washes (usually on days 2 or 3).
I have been using the acure set since you posted this and I absolutely love it for my thick and somewhat wavy hair.
Purity of ingredients is a great criteria that should be used by anyone who wants to go organic. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. FORMAL is a hair tonic regrowth and color collection anchored by the bestselling Formal hair tonic and hair color spray from Japan, and complemented with the organic range of hair ampoules, shampoos and conditioners from Italy for maximum hair regrow. The FORMAL hair tonic series from Japan has been one of our best sellers in Singapore for the past thirty years. Directions of use: Sprinkle a suitable amount on the scalp and massage gently. Directions of use: Shake the bottle well before use, sprinkle a suitable amount on the scalp and massage gently.
The FORMAL hair color spray from Japan has been one of our best sellers in Singapore for the past thirty years.

A product to help prevent hair loss , based on plant extracts of Achillea and Birch , know for their properties to stimulate circulation in the scalp , slightly astringent and toning.
A product based on natural extracts such as Nettle extract for its anti-seborrhoea, astringent properties soothing itchy scalp, and Rosemary extract with its purifying action.
Directions of use: Apply to wet hair and scalp and leave in place for about 3 minutes and then rinse well. A product that stimulates the scalp and hair bulb , improving hair health and growth, thanks to the plant extracts such as extract of Arnica which stimulates blood circulation in the scalp , extract of Achillea with its protective , cooling and toning action on the scalp and extract of Birch with its astringent properties. Directions of use: Apply to towel dried hair, spreading the contents of a phial evenly over the scalp, massage for 2-3 minutes and then dry your hair normally without rinsing.
A specially studied product to treat excessive sebaceous secretion and dandruff , thanks to the presence of Piroctone Olamine with its antiseptic action , preventing the proliferation of microorganisms that cause the scalp to flake, and extracts such as Nettle and Rosemary . Directions of use: On towel dried hair spread the contents of a phial evenly over the scalp and massage for 2-3 minutes. My oldest daughter Sara was pretty much bald when she was born, and didn’t have much hair until she was two.
Organic Children makes conditioner with smoothing plant oils and proteins which leaves hair silky soft and shiny and easy to detangle.
Isn't it a pain when you are trying to make them soft and shiny, and they can't sit still during the bath?
The argan oil, argan stem cells plus the sea buckthorn oil were brilliant for shine and softness. I might dare say Rahua’s conditioner might be the best (from a long dry hair point of view). It did not weigh my hair down, and left my hair feeling clean and really manageable after drying.
Check out her YouTube channel if you are into great rawfood recipes, natural healing and of course, natural beauty. I liked the reviews on not just 1 but 3 products as it gives variety for your audience, and a well-described product plus where-to-buy is great!
Unlike other hair tonics brands, FORMAL hair tonic has been specially formulated for Asian hair and is manufactured under the strictest standards solely in Japan.
FORMAL hair tonic has been purchased by many satisfied hair treatment professionals and retail customers.
FORMAL hair color spray has been specially formulated for Asian hair and is manufactured under the strictest standards solely in Japan. The presence of a cationic polymer leaves hair soft, without making it feel heavy and sticky.

Rich in Panthenol which helps retain moisture in the scalp , making hair soft and supple , and plant extract with numerous different properties , like extract of Calendula which is softening , reconstructing and purifying , and extract of Camomile with its cooling and soothing action. It is gentle on delicate children’s skin (it is even suitable for children with eczema and psoriasis) and there are no nasty parabens, phthalates etc. There are no soap parabens sulfates artificial fragrances or dyes and no petroleum-based ingredients. I sent out a tweet about a year ago and was bombarded with products and companies claiming to have the best in haircare. BUT I have made notes throughout the post which can help different hair types find what might work best for them.
The Evening Primrose Shampoo was lovely in terms of scent (ylang ylang lovers, be ready to fall head over heels) and gentle cleansing. It will lift your roots and leave each strand feeling thicker thanks to the added silica, so it’s great for gals with hair on the thinner side. They were perfect for quick fixes on days I was running late too – adding a little extra volume, while making sure everything looked clean.
No matter what shampoo I decide to use (I switch up depending on what my hair needs at the time), I always pre-treat my hair with an oil or homemade hair mask, using shea butter as a key Igredient. This polymer isolates the hair fibre, making it less sensitive to the damp and preventing frizziness. The products you’re suggesting are tempting, I also would like to find an organic brand especially for children, it seems so hard, especially when it comes to conditioner. The coconut & shea butter keep things silky and soft, but also help to remove dirt and grime. I had to try it out and see for myself before I finished of my ultimate shampoo  & conditioner reviews. Well loves, I think it’s safe to say, I have found the best of the best in natural haircare and FINALLY will be sharing the results of my treasure hunt with you. There’s so many chemicals in shampoo and conditioner these days that I started making my own.

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