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Poultry manure is the primary ingredient but this is enriched with natural potash to supply the three major nutrients needed for abundant blooms and green leaves. The formula means that nutrients are released to the soil over an extended period and a single application can provide all your roses need for the whole growing season.
Organic Rose Food should be mixed with the soil when planting or used as a top dressing around the base of established plants. Organic Damascus rose oil (also known as the Damask rose) not only can benefit mood and serve as an antiseptic, but also smells great.
Botanists call it Rosa Damascena, but the flower is more commonly known as the Damascus rose. Although this article focuses on the damask rose, there are two basic roses that are used in the production of essential rose oil.
Rosa damascene - Also known as the damask rose or Damascus rose, this variety grows in Iran (Persia), China, India, Turkey, Bulgaria and Russia. Rosa centifolia - Sometimes called the "cabbage rose" by gardeners, this variety can be found in Egypt, France and Morocco. The roses are hand-picked in the morning when oil content is the highest and processed the same day. For those who are wondering how to use organic Damascus rose oil, it is quite simple to use.
The frequency of the rose's oil is said to nearly match that of the human brain, which might be why the rose's scent has such a calming effect on humans. Maintaining an organic yard is an excellent way to protect your family, pets, and wildlife from harmful chemicals. Before digging into mother earth’s gardening secrets, you may be interested in the amazing history of roses. If you're a fan of rose scented products you will love these; the gorgeous rosy smell fills the bathroom and then ever so subtly lingers in your hair afterwards.
This shampoo really cleans your hair without stripping it; my hair is looking so much healthier after just a few weeks of using it and actually seems less prone to grease.

I've tried washing shampoo first and then conditioner with these, but I get better results with reverse washing (I think because my hair is quite oily). Products marked with * have been sent to me for review, however all opinions remain my own.
Although this Rose Care Calendar is specific to Southern California, the procedures and products may apply by adjusting the months in my calendar to your area starting when you prune.
Make alfalfa tea (or some other tea or use an organic liquid fertilizer) when roses have 4-6 inches of new growth. The products that I mention here are readily available in Southern California, but may not be in your area.
When feeding or spraying, it is best to observe safety procedures and not breath in even organic products. Check out these websites for information on the products mentioned in my calendar and for other good gardening ideas. However, for best results we suggest you apply at the start of the season with a repeat application in early June.
The essential oil is typically extracted through steam distillation; this is known as rose ottos. Historians believe the roses were brought to Europe from Persia by Robert de Brie between 1254 and 1276.
Your local health food store and many different online essential oil sites can help you determine which products work best for your individual needs. It is also an excellent way to help create a sustainable environment. Growing roses organically will also give you the ability to create professional arrangements that look as good as Proflowers fall flower bouquets, but without chemicals and pesticides. If you love roses, you will be pleased to find that growing them organically is easy and inexpensive.
If you're just switching to natural shampoos, you'll find that they don't lather up like regular ones, which can take some getting used to. However, the oil can also be extracted by solvents such as hexane, with the final product being known as rose absolutes.

A small bottle should last quite a while, because you do not have to use much at one time to gain benefits from the rose oil. This shampoo is better for lathering than other natural shampoos I've tried and is easy to get a good lather going. I'm so pleased with the results and would absolutely recommend these to anyone wanting to get a bit of shine and life back into their hair. There are probably several organic products in your area, that may do the same or even have similar ingredients for your use, and may give the same results. Once used to dab on light bulbs and release its heady scent or as an additive to potpourri, organic Damascus rose oil is now used for many different purposes. Damascus roses are highly fragrant and have a high oil content, making extraction of the essential oil a bit easier.
Once you understand the basics of nature’s garden, tending your own organic roses will be a thrilling adventure. In addition to being used for essential oils, these roses are often used in the manufacturing of perfumes.
In instances where you have a pest or disease problem you can use a lime-sulfur spray or a horticulture oil to control these problems after pruning.
Also foliar applications of seaweed, soil soup or compost tea help keep disease and pests under control and improve foliage. When the alfalfa tea is ready, you may optionally add other ingredients such as 2 cups of fish emulsion, or, if you wish, a water-soluble organic fertilizer added according to the manufacturer’s directions.
Essential rose oil is quite expensive and compares to the cost of buying other organic oils. Use essential oil diffusers, or get brave and spread the oil on covers and around your bedroom to increase romances.

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