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While there are other very good organic restaurants in NYC, these are just my personal favorites. To join my newsletter list, please enter your email below and I’ll send you my Top 5 Inexpensive Ways to Shop Organic. I have one question: how transparent are the restaurants you list when it comes to their ingredients and organic certification?
One of my favorites on this list is One Lucky Duck – I completely agree with your words about the intimacy and environment.
Candle Cafe – they do a nice job but there are just so many that I can put on my list.
Anyway, I love reading sites like yours that emphasize the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. While they may not market themselves as organic, this is a very organic restaurant, in terms of the ingredients that they use.
I do my best not to consume organic agave but that is not going to be a reason to exclude them from this list. There is a new raw food restaurant that just opened last week in the East Village that I will covering very, very soon. Believe me, I am very, very, very appreciative to live in NYC, where there are tons of great organic restaurants. I’m a regular person who decided to take his physical and mental health into his own hands. Organic, local, fresh, free-range, healthy—these are all words that any health- and taste-conscious eater loves to hear. If local and organic is what you're looking for in Louisville, look no further than Harvest. Another great place for an all-organic night out is Lilly's Kentucky Bistro on Bardstown Road. Whether you're embarking on a cleanse or simply searching for a delicious smoothie, Life Bar has plenty of healthy and tasty options to offer. About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the Joe Hayden Real Estate Team - Your Louisville Real Estate Experts! Our free service provides you with a detailed estimate of your homea€™s current market value. Bindella Osteria is a new restaurant that has recently opened in Tel Aviv, and features a welcoming facade for guests. For those that are in Tel Aviv and looking for a taste of Italy, this Bindella Osteria restaurant will satisfy those cravings and provide a welcoming atmosphere for the evening.
If you are a person who loves organic vegetarian and raw food as we do and you are passing by Ubud in Bali (Indonesia), then this post about vegetarian organic restaurants is going to be the perfect Ubud guide for you.
We spent three weeks and three days in Ubud, tried almost all of the organic vegetarian raw dishes in town and we were feeling heavenly and healthy! For those of you who want to stay healthy on the road, we’ve created a list of the best organic vegetarian restaurants and cafes in Ubud. We’ve created a list of raw and vegetarian friendly restaurants and rated them from our most favourite to our least preferred one.
We saw this chic place a few times when passing by with a scooter and it didn’t inspire us a lot.
A wonderfully peaceful, open space, with a lovely atmosphere of sharing within a community.
Despite the fact that this lovely, two-floor restaurant is located in one the busiest streets of Ubud, you’ll find your peace here thanks to comfortable chairs, very friendly staff and, of course, wonderful, healthy food for your tummy! What looks from the outside to be a commonplace, small restaurant is actually a heaven full of pure tastes of dishes prepared with love.
We loved the menu, but a couple of times we were not able to order what we wanted and we wished the staff had been more organized. As they state on their menu, they use organic where it’s possible, so make sure to ask not to add soy sauce or salt, which is likely from a common manufacturer. Amazing spacious, open-air restaurant with the best view of all the vegetarian organic restaurants in Ubud! Very friendly staff, meals arrive quickly and almost all together, which is not very common in Asian restaurants. There are a few couches, but otherwise you can sit at the simple, black, wooden table with paper lamps swinging in the wind above you. The restaurant is a bit far from the center, but worth paying a visit for the delicious and nutritious food they will serve you. The place is located just next to Hubud, a co-working space, and it serves fresh salads, sandwiches, snacks, and absolutely delicious raw cakes. This place was one of the biggest disappointments for us when talking about the organic vegetarian food in Ubud.
A 3 star accommodation with swimming pool, massage service, bicycle rental and airport shuttle.
Situated near local attractions, the hotel offers rooms with satellite channels, a mini bar and a shower.

We hope this guide will bring you to some inspiring, organic vegetarian restaurants that will fill you up in the healthiest of ways.
Daylesford Organic brings the taste of the Gloucestershire countryside to Notting Hill with the Bamfords bringing produce from their country estates to the city.
Some of London's fussiest diners are also the littlest ones and it's a tricky task pleasing every member of a family at once.
An attractive, Grade II listed building on a leafy street in Bayswater, this traditional, reasonably priced townhouse B&B was at one time three separate Victorian homes. Nicole Farhi's Westbourne Grove concept store includes everything you need to buy into the Farhi lifestyle - from clothes to soft furnishings for the home.
From the friendly wait staff to the soothing decor to the cleanliness of the restaurant, going to Ellary’s is extremely enjoyable and relaxing.
If there is someone in this country who can make tofu better than Cliff, I have yet to meet this individual. It takes the traditional frozen yogurt bar to a whole new level and is very, very innovative. This might be the most impressive dish I’ve ever had at an organic restaurant in NYC. It probably has a lot to do with the Food Network being upstairs and the building being the home of the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco) in the early 20th century.
So if I go into said restaurants and ask if they can prepare a dish, any dish, with 100% certified organic ingredients, are they going to be annoyed with me? This weekend was our first visit and I told her for at least one of our meals I wanted to visit one of the restaurants on this list.
I met you there when you were in the beginning phases of your site, and I remember your vision being crystal clear!
I I have been eating at Angelika’s kitchen since I was teenager and I still look forward to going there. I do love PFAW, but their ingredients aren’t as pure as that of Q, and Q has been mega-creative for many, many years, and is the longest-lived raw restaurant in the city.
Everything here is based on a strict "farm-to-table" philosophy, with 80% of their ingredients coming from within a 100-mile radius. This is the best place in Louisville to find superfoods like wheatgrass, bee pollen, cacao, and goji berries. From hearty breakfast smoothies to delectable organic desserts, these Louisville establishments have got your taste buds covered.
The interior itself is quite dark, which adds a romantic quality to the overall feel of the room. This is exactly what was achieved with the overall look, as the design is quite stately, but still inviting at the same time. Well, with all its yoga studios, spas, budget guesthouses, luxury resorts, wellness facilities and the amazing Hanging Gardens Ubud, no wonder Ubud is literally PACKED with restaurants that serve some excellent vegan, vegetarian and raw food. We’ve been to eighteen of them, tried a lot of healthy, delicious meals, drank several liters of juices, coconut water and super boosting smoothies. Moreover, to give you an idea of how much you would pay at each place, you’ll find the prices for beverage (B), appetizers (A), main meals (MM) and desserts (D) for each restaurant or cafe. But when we dined there one evening for a dinner, we were awed at the surprise that awaited us!
A cool little hippie restaurant with a nice staff, comfortable cushions and most importantly, great organic food! You can either chill out on a cushion on the ground floor or sit at a table looking out upon a small, green yard. Here you find good quality food and high vibes, as they proudly claim on their welcome sign. You will find various modern, wooden chairs, both massive and small tables, with a view of one of the main roads. The only single thing that put a minus point for this popular organic restaurant was the slightly frozen raw cake we tried here. You can enjoy your meal either at your table or on a comfortable cushion, inside or outside.
Wooden furniture and lamps hanging above you give you a comfortable feeling, either you sit on a cushion, couch, or at the table on the first floor. It’s a place where a lot of people from yoga, alternative medicine and different spiritual workshops gather for a good, organic meal or a chat. The garden cafe, which is actually a big, beautiful patio, is literally nestled in a green garden of the Yoga Barn complex.
You can create your plate either from the buffet options, or simply order a meal from the menu.
We ate there twice and have to say that salads were a bit over salted and the quinoa was not that fresh. In Down to Earth you either sit on a long terrace with a view of a street or you can stay inside, at the table or on a cushion with a small table.
Unlike Taksu Garden Cafe, which is located in a beautiful garden on a ground floor, Taksu restaurant is a generic space with no artistic taste between its first and second floors.

If we’ve missed any of the best organic- and vegetarian-friendly places in Ubud, please let us know. The minimalist, cream and white decor could only exist in the city (no muddy wellies here, thank you) but the produce is the best all-organic stuff you'd find at an authentic farmers' market. From theatre to art and music to sport, London 2016 has something for everyone - so read on to find out what London town has to offer.
Portland also is squirrelly about what’s organic, as if I need to leave it up to the restaurateur to make the determination of what is good for me to eat or not. I did find a number of places, but when I asked, many ingredients were not organic which was a bummer. Until finding Blossom, I hadn’t really had many sweets on this trip since I last baked them myself. I’ve been meaning to get to Souen one of these days, my acupuncturist is always raving about it. The local and organic food movement has really taken off in Louisville, with dozens of restaurants now catering to hundreds of earth-friendly, health-conscious diners every day. Their locally-sourced organic menu includes mouthwatering items like local rack of lamb, seared Hudson Valley foie gras, and a plate called the Stone Cross Seven Deadly Sins which includes pork tenderloin, pork belly, bacon infused mac 'n' cheese, potstickers, jowl bacon collards, trotter cake, and crispy ear cracklins. This shop makes their own teas, which come with great names like "twig," "swamp," and "horny goat." But Hillbilly Tea is not just about tea leaves.
And if you're in search of the best organic food and beverages in town, don't stop with these four places. Nobody paid us for a single meal, all opinions are our own, or, of our foodies’ tongue, to be more precise. Dim light, great music, a gorgeous staff, and so much beautifully presented and mouth-watering food. Dayu’s warung only has a few tables, and serves a range of Balinese, Indian, Mexican and Italian dishes.
Or you can just sit, work online and enjoy your meal and fresh, healthy smoothie or fresh coconut inside. To get to Sari Organik is a small adventure: you’ll walk for about 15-20 minutes through rice fields, but it is totally worth it.
We visited this place only once and the food was not exceptional, as it was sweeter and more cooked than we prefer.
A hub for digital nomads, who, if they’re not bending over their laptops, they relax on fat chairs in a small garden. We were also not crazy about the food that we ordered (grilled vegetables were not grilled at all and the wild mushroom ravioli stuck to each other).
There are several parts to the shop situated on the well-to-do Westbourne Grove: the family-friendly organic cafe, Bread Bar for homemade patisseries, The Larder for fresh fish and meat, and the food shopping side of things. I was most impressed with Gustorganics because they are 100% organic & that is very important to me. Wish they had a branch in south palm Beach County, where we desperately need some raw vegan restaurants. Their menu is comprised of what founder Ivor Chodkowski calls "rustic regional" cuisine, and features different items depending on the season.
This cafe also has full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus full of organic items all sourced from local Louisville farms. There are enough organic restaurants and cafes in Louisville to keep even the most discerning foodie occupied for years to come. You can find raw, organic dishes, but also very tasty, cooked vegetarian meals, including an Ayurvedic menu. Shelves and baskets are neatly stacked with the best breads and biscuits, seasonal fruit and veg as well as longer life staples like dressings and mustard.
It was so hard to pick a meal with so many delicious-looking options – such a difference from the usual whatever-can-I-eat-on-this-menu?
The reliable internet connection, reasonable prices and very friendly staff made us into regulars. There's an excellent wine offering too, many of which are biodynamic or organic, shipped over from Daylesford's sister estate in the South of France. Although locally sourced & raw is also important, organic comes first for obvious health reasons. Their winter menu features hearty "southern comfort food" selections like butternut falafels, smoked pork chops, roasted sweet potato hummus, and a variety of local cheeses.
As she says, “Food is life,” and after eating in her local vegetarian restaurant, you will indeed feel revitalized. Delicious, contemporary and chic, we think Daylesford is a destination in itself, worth seeking out if you're looking for something a bit special. Located in the hip "Nulu" district just east of Downtown, Harvest has become a gathering place for foodies of all stripes in Louisville.

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