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Stopping by on a whim, in the dead of winter, to The Frisky Oyster in Greenport was as unexpected for us as it was for them. Great Neck’s new Bareburger is the first (but not the last) Long Island location of the popular restaurant that can be found throughout the NYC Metro area. If you love Love Lane Kitchen in Mattituck, you’ll be glad to know that a few months ago, in 2011, the owners set up shop just next door with their organic and local-centric market, Love Lane Market. Page at 63 Main in Sag Harbor has opened in an historic building dating back to the 1890’s. Healthy options are all the rage these days and we welcome the opening of any organic outpost that crops up on the island.
For those who are into organic products, this could prove to be your one-stop-shop for all of your daily needs.
Of course vegans can find a variety of options at ethnic eateries around the Island—including mock meat selections at a handful of Asian restaurants—as well as at gourmet Manhattan hot spots, such as Blossom and Candle, but what a pleasant surprise to find interesting and delicious dining options near the Nassau-Suffolk border, where vegans can eat alongside their carnivorous friends and family.
With its relaxed cool vibe set to reggae music, you’ll feel like you were transported to the tropics when you enter The Purple Elephant on the marina in Northport. While enjoying the view, share a fun appetizer of Patacones & Guacamole “Jubileo,” which is an assortment of Costa Rican crispy fried green plantains, homemade white corn tortilla chips and yucca chips that can be dipped into little cups of pico, refried black beans, guacamole and hummus. One of the most flavorful entrees I’ve ever tasted was a generous portion of Chris G’s Eggplant Extraordinaire, made with crispy eggplant, roasted tomato and Daiya mozzarella over raw zucchini “noodles” with pesto. The Purple Elephant, a vegan-friendly restaurant in Northport, offers a delicious selection of salads. Head south to Tula Kitchen, a vegan-friendly, candlelit space with the motto: “Live to eat. Breaded and fried daiya mozzarella served with tomato sauce from 3 Brother’s Pizza Cafe in Farmingdale.
Heading west, 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe in Farmingdale offers Italian favorites in both vegan and traditional versions. ABOUT USLong Island Weekly is your go-to source for news, entertainment, arts, music, sports and more. Smith Street Deli, a mainstay in the Merrick area is now set to a second location in Bellmore.
The Greene Turtle, a Maryland based sports bar and restaurant that opened in Franklin Square not too long ago is taking over the space that was formerly occupied by the long-standing Hooters in East Meadow. Margarita’s Cafe on Front Street in East Meadow has to be one of our favorite Mexican restaurants on Long Island.

La Gioconda, an italian restaurant located just across from the Great Neck Plaza LIRR station has closed it doors in 2014 and it comes as quite a surprise (to us).
When we first met Chef Noah Schwartz he was at the helm of Seafood Barge in Southold way back in 2007(ish). Kontokosta Winery, a new addition to the North Fork’s great wineries, is a wonderful winery in a magnificent building.
Off-season it may be tough to find a great drink spot that also serves up great food as well as a great atmosphere. The east end is recovering from the crazy summer activity that revs up the weekend and nightlife activity. Focusing on organic and quality ingredients, this new restaurant, located in an old retail store, is expanding the options on Middle Neck Road. While it may be an expensive town to live and play in, it doesn’t always have to be so expensive to eat (although it can be that, too).
The market is a great spot to capture a lot of the overflow from the Kitchen, known for its exceptional food and its long waits (especially on weekends).
The restaurant is still standing on its original foundation and there are a lot of original details as well, lending to a unique dining experience.
Run by husband-wife team, chef David Intonato and his adorable wife, Erin, who’s behind the bar with long, light-brown dreadlocks, they believe food should be clean, simple and delicious—and make every effort to procure organic and non-GMO foods.
Or choose from a handful of delicious salads, such as Erin’s Kitchen Sink Salad of quinoa, baby greens, kale, market vegetables, tofu and marinated tempeh with a red-beet vinaigrette.
She also writes decorating, travel and green articles for Long Island Weekly and Anton's special sections. A slight change to their name, going by Smith Street Deli South, this will move them down to a location south of Sunrise Highway (their Merrick location is located north of Sunrise near the Meadowbrook Parkway). While we visited their diner multiple times over the years (some for Restaurant Hunter, on FiOS1 and then on our own with friends and family), we were always excited at finishing up dinner with one of their legendary ice cream treats.
This new location will fit in perfectly with both the residential community and the nearby Hofstra University students (especially those that are of age to enjoy their Mug Club).
According to Newsday, Sacramone’s, an italian restaurant that is very well known for its delicious pizza and other italian staples will be closing their doors on August 15th, just a few days away. A quaint, dimly lit and intimate restaurant and catering operation, we were surprised to hear the news of their demise as we have dined there numerous times over the past 7 or so years and each time that we had visited the restaurant was pretty busy.
Not too long after our first meeting at that location, they closed up shop and Noah decided to head out on his own.

In Greenport, near the end of the North Fork, it can get a bit quiet off-season, but that’s ok. Now that it’s winter and the crowds are gone, the year-round residents can sit back and relax a bit, head out onto the open road and enjoy some of those finer restaurants that stay open throughout the slow season.
The first of its kind in the hamlet of Springs, the new store boasts a juice bar that serves smoothies, vegetable juices and coffee.
Most of the salads can become a meal with the addition of tofu, grilled chicken or grilled shrimp.
End the meal with a decadent vegan dessert, such as the brownie topped with peanut butter cream, which comes all the way from a specialty bakery in Pennsylvania. Delicious appetizers range from Oyster Mushroom “Calamari” to Buffalo Drumsticks made from soy and wrapped around chopstick-like bones to Tofu “Crab” Cakes. Hit up their Yelp reviews and it’s a mixture of 1-star reviews and some that are overwhelmingly positive. If you’re thinking of going there on a weekend night, reservations are an absolute must.
A few miles away in Greenport, the old Frisky Oyster bar location was opening up, so due to the collision of events, Noah decided to open up Noah’s in the heart of Greenport, on Front Street.
Gluten-free products also grace the shelves as well as various other snacks, chocolates, frozen goods and beauty products. Any of the mouthwatering salads can become a meal with the addition of grilled seitan or tofu. We know that you can’t please everyone, but without the social initiative that it takes to keep bringing in new customers, can they continue on this way forever? Come January 20th the lines may get a little bit easier when their newest (and 3rd overall) location opens on Wantagh Avenue in Wantagh. As for the entrees, in addition to just about any pasta dish you desire with regular, whole wheat or gluten-free pasta, the twist on traditional Parmesan, marsala, picatta and scarpariello using delicate seitan instead of chicken or veal, will have vegans smiling.

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