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We usually have a fresh homemade meal in the evening, however it is always handy to have a couple of ready meals in the freezer for when we are running late and have no time to cook, or just before food shopping when the fridge is running low on supplies.
Miniscoff has a large selection of organic food for children, they are healthy ready meals which are low in salt, sugar and fat, and high in nutrition. Little man was sent a selection of Miniscoff meals to review, they are frozen and only take a couple of minutes to heat up in the microwave, so very practical and easy! Organic Creamy Salmon Pasta is an organically farmed Scottish Salmon in creamy sauce with vegetables and penne pasta. Organic Curly Wurly Chicken is a scrummy Bolognese made with organic chicken in a rich tomato sauce with basil served with curly pasta. Broccoli Bill’s Pie is a tasty vegetarian pasta dish with a tomato and mushroom ragu, broccoli florets and creamy cheese sauce.
Salmon Ocean Pie is an organically farmed Scottish salmon fillet in a creamy sauce with vegetables and mashed potato.

Organic Chilli Yum Yum is a mild chilli to tickle the tastebuds, sweetened with mango chutney and served with basmati rice.
Overall, little man enjoyed his miniscoff meals, he would have all of them again apart from Organic Chilli Yum Yum.
It was the first meal that little man tried and he didn’t even notice the difference between our homemade meals and miniscoff ready meals. Little man liked the shape of the pasta and that the Bolognese sauce had chicken instead of mince meat. We don’t usually have vegetarian meals at home – only during the Greek Orthodox Lent – so it was nice to have a vegetarian meal for a change.
It was the only meal that little man didn’t like much, hubby tried some and said it needed more seasoning. Our UK Parenting Lifestyle Blog shares our family adventures, stories and reviews, from family days out and restaurants, to travel and hotels, children’s toys, gadgets, fashion and beauty!

One morning I realised I had no lunch to take to work, so I helped myself to one of his miniscoff meals, and it was lovely!
Little man had some of it, but he didn’t finish the meal – which is quite rare as he is a good eater.
Miniscoff meals are great to have in the freezer for when you would like to give your children a healthy and tasty meal but do not have enough time to prepare it.

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