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This time of year one of the most common problems students come to me with is how to do synthesis problems.
At one level of organic synthesis you can think of functional groups as being like cities on a map, and reactions that link them are like roads. Having finished my regular studies (I’m a chemistry grad student) I have to say that I always hated learning all these pesky name reactions. From that point of view I’d like to encourage all students not to be disheartened by the immense amount of stuff you have to learn for your organic chemistry exams. When I saw the above reaction it was immediately clear, that it was some kind of carbonyl reaction. Unfortunately that insight came a bit late for me (after lots of swearing etc.) and also some of my older professors might disagree with this view. About Master Organic Chemistry Imagine having a comprehensive online guide to help you solve your own problems in organic chemistry.

What Makes A Good Nucleophile?723 Trends That Affect Boiling Points70Five Key Factors That Influence Acidity69Polar Protic? On the other hand, other functional groups are a little like Laredo: dusty, one-horse towns in the middle of nowhere.
Here, the problem is identifying what alkyl groups to use in each of the two Grignard reactions.
Is that the right image for the reaction map for secondary alcohols, i.e., did you mean to use the last scheme twice? My professors had little quirks that bugged them, like Grignard reagents with leaving groups at the 2-position (that one’s been burned into my memory). But a lot of their younger colleagues seem to have a much more liberal approach especially in their teaching. And yes, in the lab, chemists will choose the shortest, most efficient route from one starting material to the final product.

Also, is there a reason that you’ve written H(+) in that scheme compared to H+ on the reaction map for ketones?
That’s just a matter of reading it up in some research paper and optimising the prcedure for your personal requirements like available solvents etc. And if you trace back secondary alcohols, you can get there from the aldehyde and a Grignard reaction.

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