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To understand how SEO saves money it helps to understand how pay per click (PPC) costs money.
SEO companies that promote organic SEO are most likely to choose quality over quantity, and this is exactly what Google is looking for. This is where organic SEO really hits its stride, due to its use of relevant, traffic-oriented keywords. Organic SEO is the best way to keep your website on-side with Google while ensuring you save money in the process. In class on Tuesday we talked about organic food and how it can’t really feed the world because growing organic crops doesn’t work everywhere.
Right on, especially to Liz’s comment towards the question of why big corporations won’t incorporate environmentally friendly practices into their work.
After all, Google is constantly releasing game- changing updates to separate the best websites from the rest. PPC may target traffic specifically, but costs skyrocket over time, meaning that if you do reach the top few spots on Google, it can be a bittersweet victory. In other words, when your SEO provider drives your website toward the top spot through organic SEO, you’ll arrive there with an air of credibility and authority. If your SEO provider is as professional as they claim to be, keyword content will be in sync with the searches your customers are doing online. Expect favourable treatment when new developments announce themselves and competitive advantages that your SEO company will keep you abreast of. SEO services companies such as Get Manic are strong promoters on an organic SEO approach and have the know-how to make it work for you. I found this article about Kenyan farmers fighting against GMO’s and insisting organic is the way to go.

It is so unfortunate that the one thing we probably will have to do is put a dollar value on everything. They are being told by their government that industrial agriculture would help their social problems. Furthermore, the ever-increasing sophistication of search engines means that your SEO company needs to ensure that content is not only kept fresh but is delivered to the highest standards. Better still, you’ll have a higher chance of staying there longer, as long as your content is updated and your SEO company plays by the rules.
Of course, the words used by a customer searching for your business may be grammatically nonsensical when compared to Google’s preference for informative, intelligent, and grammatically correct content, but a professional organic SEO company will know how to bridge that gap. Kenya, as well as most African countries, has a lot of impoverished people because of the unavailability of food and arable land.
Look at how much money we are probably losing (and Kenyan citizens have already noticed) by using GMOs instead of going organic.
Who knows what GMOs will do to their soils in the future and the farmers and the government probably will not be prepared to accommodate the soil degradation and water pollution. We have been lucky enough to continue to be able to create new technologies fast enough to at least solve a good number of our problems before they became much worse but with the ever changing climate as well as the slow but sure decline in our crop yields after our exploitative farming practices, we need to learn from the environment and not rely so heavily on technology.
The rest of the world is encouraging this knowing that it will degrade Kenya’s environment further, but the farmers know better and are arguing that GMO’s will only increase their social problems further. Whenever the U.S has problems with crop yields we can find a way to fix them, but Kenya doesn’t have the science or resources that we do and therefore cannot be solely reliant on monocultured GMO’s.
This creates the curious phenomenon of your website reaching Google’s top rankings while you pay less money for the engine that drives it there. What is the use of a few years of plentiful food if your country has to suffer decades of additional environmental issues.

We are smart but the Earth continues to demonstrate to us that its natural process are brilliant and sustainable.
The Kenyan farmers seem content with their crop yields and the way agriculture is headed in their country.
However, the Kenyan government recently passed the Kenya Biosafety Act 2009, which formed a group to regulate the introduction of GMO’s into Kenya’s agricultural system. While this may be true, the Kenyan farmers seem to believe genetically modified crops will harm the environment and not solve the hunger problem. One argument is that most Kenyan people are hungry because they don’t have the money to buy food, not because of under production.
It’s possible that the use of GMO’s will raise crop prices because of the cost of seeds and fertilizer, making the hunger issue even worse.
Toxins from GMO’s that reach the water supply will eventually enter the bloodstreams of citizens and animals. Luckily, Kenya has organizations such as KOAN (Kenya Organic Agriculture Network) to help continue and encourage organic agriculture practices. KOAN has trained over 1,000 model farmers, who in return trained 30,000 farmers increasing their production and business. For Kenya, it seems that growing organic crops will help the economic, social and environmental problems they are facing, while GMO’s would only worsen these problems.

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