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The graphic uses shades of green to create an official-looking badge, which bears the words “100% Organic” in white text along the outside of the circle. The sticker peels back, and you can creatively position it to reveal important details on a poster or web page. An organic food company could use this business card to convey the all-natural, organic quality central to their products. Have you ever wished that you could find truly all-natural products, free of synthetic chemicals, that offered great results and didn’t go funky half-way through the jar or bottle?  Are you looking for whole-food supplement products with no synthetic ‘vitamin’ isolates?  Do you desire to support sustainable agriculture through organics?  Do you know how many millions of health-conscious and green-minded people out there are looking for the same thing and are, perhaps like you, tired of all the ‘greenwashing’ in the personal care and wellness industries?  Are you looking for a home-based business in line with your personality, interests, goals, and values?

If you are interested in or passionate about organic, toxin-free, and sustainable living, then I invite you to consider a home-based business with Miessence in the rapidly expanding organics industry. I have found Miessence to line up with all of the above criteria and then some, I am thoroughly enjoying working with this company, and I am 100% committed to supporting my team’s success. Enter your email address:After you sign up, you will receive an email whenever a new post is published. In the center, five stars surround the word “Organic,” highlighting the message and adding some authenticity.

With a few quick edits, you can change this graphic to reflect other eco-friendly attributes of your product. The green palette and the organic shape work together to portray an image of a company focused on creating organic products.

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