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These benefits come at a price Organic food trends to be more expensive.  Simply because it takes longer to grow and has lower yields than intensively farmed products. At Rivva we provide healthy organic vegetarian and vegan alternatives to fast food, without compromising on taste.
We believe food that has been grown organically carries more nutrients, which are easier to absorb into our bodies cells.
Our food is prepared from scratch on the premises and kitchen areas are kept extremely clean. You will find us on the upper level (third floor) of the Brentwood Gardens Mall across from La Provence Patisserie and overlooking the tree-lined San Vicente Boulevard. If you are visiting Dance For Kids Studio or browsing the chic boutiques for a new outfit, why not take a break with a light salad, a post-yoga refresher smoothie, or even indulge yourself with a guilt-free frozen yogurt treat in our family friendly atmosphere?
In our comfortable alcohol and smoke-free environment, we have indoor seating for up to 12 people and casual outdoor couches for another 8 people to relax in our sunny patio area.
Also, for your convenience, we provide free WIFI internet access and take all major credit cards. We believe 'you are what you eat', so if you care about what goes into your body, organic produce is the clear choice. We work hard to source and use the finest organic produce available in our smoothies, juices, salads and sandwiches. The Palestinian Center for Organic Agriculture grows local staples like tomatoes in greenhouses on the same land Israeli farmers once used.
Outside a small organic produce shop in Gaza City, a large sidewalk placard reads "Good Earth" in Arabic in big red letters, followed by "Organic produce, free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides." The same message is on the shop's awning.

We put a great deal of time and effort in sourcing the finest organic ingredients from local farmers and trusted distributors. We value a healthy lifestyle and support natural, organic and chemical-free farming in business.
As all our produce is either vegan or vegetarian, we dona€™t use meat, poultry or fish so there is no risk of cross contamination. Underground valet parking is available nearby which we will validate for you when you visit. We feel that you can taste the difference and we are proud at the thought that the food you are eating is as pure and natural as we can make it. But "people don't notice the signs, they come in and ask, 'Why these [high] prices?,' " says Rami al-Naffar, the clerk here. Locally grown produce means a smaller carbon footprint, less handling and therefore less bruising, with some of the freshest ingredients being harvested just the day before.
Our philosophy is a€?goodness flows from withina€™ which definitely shows in the purity of our drinks, food and desserts.
We use eco-friendly dish washing soap and floor detergent, and we dona€™t use microwave ovens to heat any of our food. In Israel, interest in organic food has been rising, too, though much of the organic fruits and vegetables grown there are exported. In the Gaza Strip, once connected to Israel's labor and product markets but now cut off, most families are poor and price often dictates purchases.
In the Good Earth shop, Naffar sometimes shows customers a poster, hanging near the carrots and cucumbers, which outlines the differences between organic and conventional farming.

Onions, lemon, eggplant and other produce are displayed in wooden bins lining both sides of the narrow shop.
Much of the organic produce is grown in greenhouses on the same land Israeli farmers used before Israel pulled settlers out and soldiers back to the perimeter of the Gaza Strip.
Now Shaer's group, the Palestinian Center for Organic Agriculture, rents the land from the Hamas government and brings Gazan farmers here to train. He says 30 farmers are learning organic methods now, such as putting double doors on greenhouses to keep pests out, shaking tomato plants to pollinate them instead of relying on bees and adding organic compost — made in Gaza — to the drip irrigation system.
They didn't realize the other benefits." Shaer says those benefits include no chemical residue on produce and less reliance on fertilizer that has to come through an Israeli checkpoint.
Although the limited land in Gaza is increasingly needed for housing, this strip by the Mediterranean Sea has always grown food. Farmers are struggling to build their businesses now, in part because exports to wealthier markets, like the U.S, and Europe, are hampered by border restrictions. Although Naffar, at the produce shop, has a list of 60 dedicated customers, he can't sell as much as the farm can produce. So most of the organic produce winds up in the public market, mixed in with conventional produce and sold for the same price.

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