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On the other hand, there are two tasks that must be done before a specific date to get best results: your spring and fall pre-emergent (click for sources) applications.
Therefore, it’s important to know when winter weeds (chickweed, henbit, annual bluegrass) sprout and when summer weeds (crabgrass, etc) germinate.
Step 1 - Stop using pre-emergent crabgrass controlMany practitioners of a conventional lawn care program would never consider stopping the use of pre-emergent crabgrass control, mainly out of fear of a crabgrass infestation.
Either through personal experience or through bearing witness on a neighbors lawn, most homeowners have seen a crabgrass infestation and would do nearly anything to avoid one. Spot seeding and lawn repairs can continue all season provided the conditions are right.The main focus on a natural lawn in spring is the prevention of crabgrass gaining the upper hand.
This means providing conditions more favorable to lawn grasses rather than crabgrass.A healthy lawn is the best crabgrass preventionCrabgrass favors poor soils and thin turf.

So it is important to work towards complete coverage of the lawn with good quality, newer lawn grasses. Lawn grass will outcompete crabgrass if the conditions are right, so a full, lush lawn is the best natural defense against crabgrass. As crabgrass also enjoys poor soil conditions, have your soil tested and ensure the soil is not the problem. Crabgrass will also establish in highly compacted areas so aerating and reseeding high traffic or worn areas will help prevent crabgrass infestations.Crabgrass populations can further be diminished by collecting your grass clippings in the late summer or early fall when established crabgrass goes to seed.
Limiting the amount of seed naturally scattered around your yard will add another element to your multi-pronged approach to curbing crabgrass.Crabgrass will also beat out lawn grass where the desired grass is unhealthy or weak. Also, ensure that the lawn is being fed properly through an adequate fertility program and continue to repair weak or damaged areas.Controlling crabgrass organically is certainly not as easy as applying a pre-emergent chemical herbicide but the pay off is much more desirable.

Stopping the use of pre-emergents will bring a homeowner one step closer to managing a guilt free lawn that is safe for children, pets, and the environment.
Care must be taken to encourage the growth of lawn grass through a solid lawn care program. Results are not instant and it may even take a few years to build up your lawn to where it can out-compete crabgrass entirely but perseverance is key. Trust the program and it will eventually reward you with a lush, healthy, herbicide-free lawn.

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