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BuffaLoam Organic Plant Food Tea is a natural source of nutrients for your plants. It is based on our 100% buffalo compost sourced only from our Diamond Tail Ranch in Northern Colorado. Usage:  Add two tablespoons of loose compost tea to one half gallon of distilled, non-chlorinated water.
All BuffaLoam products are OMRI Listed and tested under US Composting Council Testing Assurance Program.
BuffaLoam Organic Potting Soil is a controlled potting medium. It is based on our 100% buffalo compost sourced only from our Diamond Tail Ranch in Northern Colorado. Ingredients: BuffaLoam Organic Buffalo Compost, fine grade sphagnum peat moss, and fine pine bark.
Usage: Use BuffaLoam Organic Potting Soil to start and nurture bigger and stronger plant growth. Ingredients: 100% Buffalo Compost and wood shavingsThere are no added chemicals, artificial ingredients, unknown fillers, or waste products. Usage: BuffaLoam Organic Compost can be used as a soil amendment, potting mix component, and as a plant food. Benefits: BuffaLoam Organic Buffalo Compost, when used as a soil amendment, will improve the soil structure, moisture holding capacity and nutrient supply. BuffaLoam Organic Arbor Stampede is a highly effective soil amending additive to support the establishment of new tree and shrub plantings. Usage: Blend Arbor Stampede with freshly dug soil and fill in top 6” from grade when backfilling. Benefits: Highly rich in Organic Matter, increases soil’s water holding capacity, Assists the plant’s root system with the uptake of nutrients and water. For indoor herb garden it is very simple: All you need to do is to get a potting soil (it is better to use organic potting soil) and put it in to the pot (not to the top. The soil will be dry and it’s ok for it to be like that as you have to control the water drainage for most of the herbs.
So basically the potting soil is a combination of elements and despite its name, little or no soil is used in potting soil because it is considered too heavy for growing house plants.
Well, because harvesting peat destroys unique ecosystems for both flora and fauna, and is particularly damaging to insect and migratory songbird populations. Apart from helping songbirds population to survive and minimizing pollution you’ll grow bigger and healthier plants than your neighbour.
Living soil contain higher levels of nutrients, and many taste better than their conventional counterparts.

We all like to use herbs in cooking to provide the that special flavours and aroma in our food. It is very easy to grow herbs indoors using home garden seeds and grow the most commonly used ones.
Most of the herbs grown in a basic organic home garden such as parsley (note that this herb is biennial in nature.
Since some have different soil requirements and can grow under slightly different conditions, having them separated by variety can help get them started and keep them growing throughout their life. In most cases it is easier to grow herbs indoors close to the kitchen (on the window, for example) for easy harvesting of the fresh crop. A home garden of herbs is a great addition to your kitchen supplies and won’t take too much of your time to look after. I’ve found nice tutorial on Youtube about growing plants for you garden from seeds in your home. I’ll publish the short text below the video in case someone wants to save and print it. Before you go to work, make sure your plants are well watered as a sunlight coming through the glass creates tremendous amount of heat and you don’t want your plants to dry out and die. In my opinion the best way to grow plants from home garden seeds inside is make the investment in a grow light system. I try to combine both elements: position near the sunny window so you can have a natural light from the sun and grow light.
As I mentioned before, when you have a plant on the window sill it’s going to follow the light.
With this 41 grow light system you need to expose your plants to this grow light for about 16 hours per day. Since we’ve started our seeds, and plants are up an growing we will no longer need the humidity knot. Another thing you want to consider when you choose a location is the temperature in which your plants are growing.
I wish I could be read better in Spanish, but I found a great site that will be of help with my veggies. Our 100% organic base, consists of screened earthworm castings, Canadian sphagnum peat moss, compost and forest humus.
BuffaLoam products have been developed with a desire to continue the strong renaissance and regrowth of the majestic Bison. The product’s nutrient supply makes it perfect for potting and repotting houseplants, flowers and transplants.

Some potting soil mixtures contain particles of vermicompost, while other contain vermiculite for water conservation. It will be interesting to know that most professional chefs prefer to use fresh herbs in their cooking. Most of them require average soil and just some of them need rich soil, for example oregano.
This means the first year it is grown it will not be useful for seasoning), sage, rosemary, thyme (this is a very forgiving plant and if it dries out will likely come back when an appropriate amount of water is given), oregano and basil are tolerant of direct sun, and will need minimal amount of water to survive. In the case of grow light system installation, the plants will grow inward, toward the light.
You can either turn it up when you wake up in the morning and turn it off before you go to bed or you can install a little timer which is what I like to do. You can adjust the light but keep an eye on it because once the plants get too high and start touching the lump you can burn them.
If the holes at the bottom are too big you can put some plastic bag there and make some small holes in it. Potting soil is a mixture used to grow plants, herbs and vegetables in a contained garden environment.
Most commercially available brands of potting soil have their pH fine-tuned with ground limestone, and some contain small amounts of fertilizer and slow-release nutrients. Their peat-free potting soil is sold in retail garden centers, supermarkets, botanic gardens, and farmers markets.
This renewable resource is comprised of a 40% to 50% lignin fiber or more and 20% to 30% cellulose fiber. You can harvest leaves, sprigs and twigs from any of your herbs as they are growing giving fresh organic herbs for your kitchen. Hortomallas has a great library available to farmers as tutora means tutor as referred to a plant.
Repeat the application at every watering. You may also sprinkle a ?” layer of BuffaLoam Organic Plant Food around the base of your plants and water it in the soil.
I ran into this site by mere chance as I was trying to find the ideal product to tutor my backyard vegetables, and did not know that using netting reduces viruses and fungi.

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