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Frankincense is prized for its essential oils which are believed to be medicinal and energetic. 40 Philosophic Zen Garden Designs - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. ANY REFERENCES ABOUT THE USE OR EFFECTS OF THESE NATURAL HEALING HERBS IS BASED ON TRADITIONAL USE OR SHAMANIC PRACTICES. This plant contains many of the same alkaloids found in Chocolate and a series of alkaloids that effect the human opioid receptors.

Clinical aromatherapy uses Frankincense often, following the belief that its beneficial for skin diseases, respiratory and urinary tract infections, rheumatism, and even syphilis. Those who use it for religious purposes claim that it contains a sentient intelligence, with vast knowledge - which reveals guidance, and the proper path to choose for self-renewal and a cleansing of the soul. Such a place is very calm and you can easily design it in your own garden just realizing some features. A pond with carps, sand garden and big stones, moss and lots of green will help you to create an atmosphere.

For example, the Urarina of Peruvian Amazonia use it in sacred religious and healing ceremonies. Add wooden bridges, pebble covered areas, water lilies, classical Japanese lanterns, a fountain, some lights and voila a€“ your inspiring and philosophic space is ready!

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