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Organic food is that food which is produced by using farming methods that are environment and animal friendly.
Due to the expensive way of production, the foods tend to be more expensive than those that are conventionally produced.
Animal organic foods are obtained in a secondary method for they are obtained from animals that have convert the original food into organic.
As observed earlier, organic nutriment products are available in the form variety of juices processed by the slushie machine and yoghurt and ice cream among others. There are many challenges as to how one can obtain the right kind of food ideal for personal needs or the pet. Staying safe and healthier is the motto of life and it is important to make the right choices in matters related to food. Organic Maitake, Organic Shitake, Organic Liona€™s Mane, Organic Beech, Organic Turkey Tail, Organic Oyster.
In other words, the methods used in farming are devoid of artificial means like chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
Good nutrition is important in having good health and good nutrition can be obtained from food with optimal nutrients and less chemical processing. In organic farming the fertility of the soil is improved by using crop rotation, compost and manure. There is a variety of organic food obtainable from the stores, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, cafes and other outlets.
We had no business plan, just a passion to provide the healthiest meal possible for our pets to enjoy.Today, Party Animal™ continues to develop products that are never compromising.
Since organic food is a product of organic farming, it is in order to conclude that the food is not polluted by chemicals hence good for health. We use the best ingredients available, such as: organic and wholesome protein sources, organic oils, organic fruits and organic vegetables. All of our products are complete and balanced for all breeds and life stages with added vitamins and minerals to nourish your furry child's body from the inside out.
USDA organic ingredients are free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, growth hormones, GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), by-products, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Where is your pet food manufactured?We produce all of our products within the United States. Has your pet food ever been recalled?Our pet food has never been associated with any pet food recalls.
Where do you source your ingredients from?Our company sources all of our ingredients from the United States, with the exception of Venison and Lamb that come from New Zealand.
What does organic mean?Organic ingredients do not contain pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, growth hormones, gmo’s, by-products, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Farms must be free from prohibited substances for 36 months prior to the first organic harvest.
Additionally, meat, poultry, eggs and dairy must come from animals that are fed organic, pesticide-free grains. What is the organic certification process?The organic certification process requires each and every ingredient in our organic formulas to be reviewed by the organic certifying agency (that operates under the federal USDA National Organic Program) and approved for inclusion in the formula. A complete breakdown of our formula, including sources of each ingredient is required as part of the organic certifying agency’s review and approval process.

What is the difference between USDA Organic and Made with Organic Ingredients?Products labeled USDA organic are required to contain 95-100% certified organic ingredients. Products labeled made with organic ingredients must contain a minimum of 70% certified organic ingredients.
The certifying agency symbol may be used on the packaging, however, the USDA symbol may not be used under the “made with organic ingredients” rule. Party Animal™ dry dog food is formulated under the “made with organic ingredients” classification.
Why are the duck, lamb, salmon and venison flavors in your cat and dog food lines not certified organic?Unfortunately, most of these protein sources are not available in organic form.
Lamb is available in extremely limited amounts; however we are unable to source enough to be able to use it year round.
Our goal is to use the highest quality ingredients available year round in all of our formulations.
Although these proteins are not organic, we do use free range duck, free range and grass fed lamb and venison, and wild caught salmon.
Some Party Animal labels state “certified organic by Oregon Tilth.” What does this mean?Oregon Tilth is an organic certification agency that operates under the national organic standards federal law. Oregon Tilth inspects our production facility and reviews each ingredient used in our organic formulas. A complete breakdown of our formula, including sources of each ingredient is required as part of the agency’s review and approval process to certify that the federal organic standards are met. We use different organic fruits, veggies & oils in Party Animal™ compared to Cocolicious™ in order to give your four legged child an wide variety of ingredients to eat from!
Our 13oz dog food cans contain a tiny trace amount of BPA that falls well within the current safe and acceptable levels established by the FDA.
The purpose of can lining is to protect the food from the can, and the can from the food (to prevent rust, etc.).
Additionally, in order to ensure that consumers receive fresh manufactured pet food, we produce our pet food in small batches to maintain optimum freshness and to prevent our pet food from sitting in cans for a long period of time. What liver is being used in your canned pet food?All Party Animal™ canned dog & cat food is single source protein, which means the liver in Party Animal™ recipes come from the protein source that is being used in that particular flavor. All COCOLICIOUS™ 95% meat canned dog food is single source protein, which means the liver in these recipes come from the protein source that is being used in that particular flavor.
However, we are allowed to use descriptive terms on the front of our labels, therefor, we have written “wild caught salmon” on the front of our labels. Guar gum has the natural ability to bind with water molecules, preventing them from forming the unwanted crystals. Without a binder such as guar gum, the individual ingredients might separate into a watery mess. Do you use artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives such as Ethoxyquin?We do not use artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in our pet food. Over the next few months, she slowly gained weight and learned how to enjoy life as a spoiled family dog. However, as she gained confidence, she also gained a discriminating taste and started refusing to eat almost any food except Party Animal canned food. We were so grateful to finally find a quality food that she would eat consistently and now we buy the cans in bulk!

Thank you for nourishing our sweet rescue, Sierra!Kristen & Jen (Lancaster, CA) I am so happy I found the Party Animal line of dog food. They both eat the canned food and not only love it (they lick their bowls clean) but are thriving on it.My younger dog came to me with GI issues that turned out to be from food allergies. She’s doing super now on Party Animal and can finally eat a variety as long as we stay away from the few allergens. I have been changing the flavors daily and I was following the guidelines on the can, so I guess I am on the right track.
Because Chip is nearly toothless, and we have two other elderly dogs (Samwise and Layla), one with a sensitive stomach, we needed a healthy canned food. They have now been enjoying it for a year and we hope to give them Cocolicious for a long time to come. Thanks for everything, Daryl!Sarah (Nebraska) May & Cody love their COCOLICIOUS!They are 14 year old brother and sister Lhasa Apso’s, and are healthier than ever! As per your recommendation I have been alternating with your wet food and she goes bananas for it!!!
She really loves your wet food and still eats the dry so it is a really wonderful way to go about feeding her.Thank you so much for all your help, always good to get the real scoop on pet care! As a first time dog owner I really appreciate your advice and all the time you took showing me different products.
Thank you so much again!Emily (Marina Del Rey, CA) Hello Daryl, You are an incredible customer service person and I appreciate your dedication to your job. Most of them she would just walk away from after a few bites, or push her food bowl all around the house and then walk away.
It’s an amazing change, and I attribute the wonderful quality of your food to her increased appetite. When strangers meet Sushi they cannot get over how good she looks and always think Sushi is much younger than she is.
After all, it’s important for a girl to keep her looks, and your wonderful food with all the tasty choices is a big part of why Sushi looks so good!Keep up the good work! Your biggest fan and a real “Party Animal”!Sushi and Sheila (Sherman Oaks, CA) Hi Daryl, It was great to meet you at the event on Sunday! Thanks for the sweet gesture.Hi from Lu, the Mayor and Monkey We have been Party Animal fans for 3 years! Here is a pic of our fun-loving and so sweet Teddy!Susan (New York, NY) What a blessing it was to get in contact with you after my local store stopped carrying the Party Animal food that i had been buying for my beloved canine companion, Eloise.
I was so touched by your caring and compassionate eagerness to make sure Eloise was not deprived of her Party Animal cuisine — you were amazingly fast in shipping a special order off to me.
I am eternally grateful for your awesome and delightful responsiveness and exemplary customer service — it is so heartwarming to receive such dedicated, helpful, friendly, and personal attention!

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