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Juice Plus+ is simply 17 – 26 different fruits, vegetables, berries and grains (grown without pesticides or herbicides) with the water and most of the fiber removed, placed in a capsule or chewable form. Extensive research over 20 years provides clear evidence that it is absorbed into your blood and significant results occur in the body, positively impacting all the body’s major organs and systems. Juice Plus+ is not a vitamin or an isolated nutritional supplement; it is whole food nutrition with a food label. Juice Plus+ Complete is a whole-food-based beverage mix that provides balanced nutrition in every scoop. Anthrax-tainted letters were sent to Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and to anchorman Tom Brokaw. From Organic Consumers Association: In 1992, the Food and Drug Administration claimed that they had no information showing that GM foods were substantially different from conventionally grown foods and therefore were safe to eat.
The primary reason companies genetically engineer plants is to make them tolerant to their brand of herbicide. One of the major health concerns with GM food is its potential to increase allergies and anaphylaxis in humans eating unlabeled GM foodstuffs. For example, if an individual who has a known allergy to peanuts unsuspectingly consumed a genetically modified organism that contained the allergenic protein from the peanut, conceivably the individual would experience an allergic reaction.
The biotech industry claims that Bt-toxin is harmless to humans and mammals because the natural bacteria version has been used as a spray by farmers for years.
About two dozen US farmers report that Bt corn varieties caused widespread sterility in pigs or cows. Filipinos in at least five villages fell sick when a nearby Bt corn variety was pollinating. The stomach lining of rats fed GM potatoes showed excessive cell growth, a condition that may be a precursor to cancer.
The unacceptably wide range of rat starting weights (±18% to ±23%) invalidated these findings. These studies were poorly designed and therefore the conclusion that FLAVR SAVRTM tomatoes were safe does not rest on good science, questioning the validity of the FDA’s decision that no toxicological testing of other GM foods will in future be required. GMO’s have been linked to thousands of toxic and allergenic reactions, thousands of sick, sterile, and dead livestock, and damage to virtually every organ and system studied in lab animals.
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Consumers select organic foods over genetically modified organisms (GMO) for a variety of reasons, however besides the long list of potential health implications from consuming GMO, the one thing that impacts decision making more than anything else is nutrition. Higher antioxidant levels, lower pesticide loads, better farming practices all lead to a more nutritious end product when choosing organic over GMO foods. For example, tomatoes grown by organic methods contain more phenolic compounds than those grown using commercial standards.
Other findings published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry showed that organically produced apples have a 15 percent higher antioxidant capacity than conventionally produced apples. Non-GMO corn has 6130 ppm of calcium while GMO corn has 14 — non-GMO corn has 437 times more calcium.
Non-GMO corn has 113 ppm of magnesium while GMO corn has 2 — non-GMO corn has about 56 times more magnesium. Non-GMO corn has 113 ppm of potassium while GMO corn has 7 — non-GMO corn has 16 times more potassium. Non-GMO corn has 14 ppm of manganese while GMO corn has 2 — non-GMO corn has 7 times more manganese.
Overall, the paper found that non-GMO corn is 20 times richer in nutrition, energy and protein compared to GMO corn.
Most nations in the world have no GMO-Free platform to protect their citizens and although this is slowly changing, most nations are far behind places like Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Egypt, Russia and others who have GMO-Free or national bans on GMOs. Marco Torres is a research specialist, writer and consumer advocate for healthy lifestyles. The website he is associated with is anti-vaccination, tries to sell you magnets for sleeping and advocates pretty much every other pseudoscientific health claim known to man.
Juice Plus+ empowers the body to heal and perform by providing the most balanced plant based nutrition to bridge the gap and help meet the recommended 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables we all should eat every day.
Anthrax bacteria was found in a Senate mail room and 24 of Senator Daschle's staff tested positive for exposure to the disease.
This is mainly due to the fact that very little research has been done on the effects of GMO crops. But internal memos made public by a lawsuit reveal that their position was staged by political appointees under orders from the White House to promote GMOs.

The four major GM plants, soy, corn, canola, and cotton, are designed to survive an otherwise deadly dose of weed killer. A gene from the soil bacterium called Bt (for Bacillus thuringiensis) is inserted into corn and cotton DNA, where it secretes the insect-killing Bt-toxin in every cell. However, Bt in GM crops is designed to be more toxic than the natural spray and is thousands of times more concentrated.
In addition, it was concluded that mean body and organ weights, weight gains, food consumption and clinical chemistry or blood parameters were not significantly different between GM-fed and control groups.
However, these were considered to be of no importance, although in humans they could lead to life-endangering hemorrhage, particularly in the elderly who use aspirin to prevent thrombosis.
There are convincing differences between organic and GMO foods in nutrient content and health benefits. Nations such as The United States, Canada, China, UK, Australia, Mexico, and most of South America, Asia and Africa who have no formal GMO-free platforms so that they continue their unrestricted and widespread use in all foods. He holds degrees in Public Health and Environmental Science and is a professional speaker on topics such as disease prevention, environmental toxins and health policy. FDA scientists, on the other hand, warned that GMOs can create unpredictable, hard-to-detect side effects, including allergies, toxins, new diseases, and nutritional problems. Farmers in Europe and Asia say that cows, water buffaloes, chickens, and horses died from eating Bt corn varieties. He'll find his way.Plusby starbreakerWith those managers, and the co-managers on it, I'm wondering if they're gonna juice this stock to bring back some life to the ipo market. Instead, biotech companies, who have been found guilty of hiding toxic effects of their chemical products, are now in charge of determining whether their GM foods are safe.

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