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In opening Tierra Mia Organic Nail Spa, Justin Mitchell and Karina Restrepo bring water-based polish, Latin flair, and a designer’s keen eye to the Philadelphia nail world. Architect and designer Mitchell and his fiancée, nail technician Restrepo, wanted to open a salon that was fully organic, all the way from construction to the services offered. The couple found an available location on the first floor of their building, in the affluent residential area around Rittenhouse Square. Alongside a wall lined with water-based polishes are about 15 of Restrepo’s own bottles of custom polish.
Intent on using water-based polish, Mitchell and Restrepo worked together on an application process that would result in longer-lasting manicures and pedicures.
In addition, the Tierra Mia service menu is on a constant rotation, with services ready to be phased out and new ones added in. Mitchell says the state of the economy when they first opened in summer 2009 only made them aim higher. An Orange County nail salon dedicated to natural, organic products and services, will be offering 10 percent off to clients who want a little pampering on Small Business Saturday.
These are our brand spanking new salon chairs in front, and just behind is our manicure bar. We feature quality, comfy salon chairs to offer you complete relaxation while you enjoy your service.
Our reception deska€”we often leave our latest concoctions of handmade and custom crafted lotions, creams and other such items for you to test here. We are available by appointment only, Tuesday thru Saturday 10am-6pm as we strive to give each client the personal attention and care they deserve.

Located in Green Hills of Nashville, Organic Nail Spa provides high quality, professional, private nail-care.
Several new nail and spas have opened in Bedford during the past few years including Simply Natural Nails, TL Nails Spa and Salon Oz.
I know the owners of Bedford Organic Nail and spa I have been to all of there other locations and I can promise you the services you will receive there will be like no other.
Body Mint tablets are made from an all-natural, highly specialized, derivative of chlorophyll.
Restrepo, an accomplished nail technician with editorial manicure and pedicure awards under her belt, brought to the salon the beauty techniques of her native Colombia, using natural ingredients like saltwater, coconut, and clay. Getting permits to open in a residential area took eight months, and working weekends and nights, Mitchell and Restrepo began construction of the entire space.
Mitchell estimates nearly 90% of those who come in make a second appointment, and most of them had been referred by a friend. Following the organic concept with sustainable construction, he chose American Clay natural plaster for walls and used zero-toxic paints. From the entrance, a narrow hallway opens up into the main room, which holds two manicure tables. According to Mitchell, this creates an entirely new experience for clients who routinely come in for the same services.
Lollipop Nail Studio recently moved into a larger studio at the CAMP in Costa Mesa to offer more women, men and children its organic manicures and pedicures and non-toxic beauty treatments.
Soon Lollipop will also be offering classes on healthier beauty options including teaching clients to make scrubs and oils.Prices start at $25 for an adult manicure, $35 for an adult pedicure, $15 for a child manicure and $15 for a child pedicure.

Near the back of the salon, we have a manicure bar for those who just need their nails done.
We exclusively use non-toxic, chemical-free polishes, lotions and scrubs during our services to ensure a safer, cleaner environment. According to staff, this is the third location for the company which also has locations in Billerica and Chelmsford. Flooring is made from post-consumer wood waste, and Kirei Board, an environmentally friendly substitute for wood made of reclaimed natural fibers, was used for surfacing materials. A middle room houses one pedicure chair, and a third room in the back is reserved for reflexology sessions and soy-based hair removal.
To connect the salon further with Restrepo’s Colombian-influenced beauty techniques, many services have Spanish names.
We purchased top-of-the-line salon chairs to ensure your comfort, but we use bowls which are easier to sanitize and use less water. We are neat-freaks and germaphobes herea€”we insist on using bowls for our footbaths because they are easily and thoroughly sanitized between clients. According to Nails Magazine, the nails industry  has had recording breaking growth this year. The buffer and nail file we use on you will be thrown away after your service, so please feel free to take them home to reuse in maintaining your nails.

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