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Then kinda by accident I came to understand fully what ultra pasteurized milk was in terms I could digest. I did find a number of interesting cheeses like Kerrygold Dubliners Grassfed Cheese in the deli section.
I think the thing people don’t know about rBST free milk is that cows naturally produce this hormone(BST). This page has a chart which may help clear up any confusion … like the wiki article said HHST is somewhere between HTST and Ultra-Pasteurized.
Buying regular whole milk in the store does not necessarily mean you are buying from factory farms.
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Milk is great source of calcium and protein to help you build and keep strong bones and muscles. Take control of your health with free expert recommendations from ShopWell's Registered Dieticians. We are providing even more adorable food choices in the new Wild Oats Marketplace Brand – to help everyone be their best starting from the inside.

We are looking at some other retail outlets for our products that were in Fresh & Easy. Organic Grade A Reduced Fat Milk, Organic Grade A Nonfat Milk, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D3. Every now and then a nagging sense that I was repressing awareness of something truly important would surface but I’d just shove it back down again.
Monsanto came up with a synthetic version to increase milk production(the rBST) but conveniently didn’t come up with a way to test the difference between the two. Many real food bloggers advise strongly against homogenization and say it has been linked to heart disease.
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Farmers who produce milk without the synthetic hormone sign a conscientious agreement form to not use synthetic hormones in their milk production but with no test there really is no way to know if they are honoring their contract. Here in America it’s in the refrigerated section only because the sight of room temperature milk doesn’t get people reaching for their wallets! They are owned by Dean Foods, the company that holds near monopoly position control over the price we the regular farmers are paid.

I knew Sally Fallon stated pretty flatly to avoid ultra pasteurized dairy, but I reasoned how much worse could it be than simple pasteurized milk? Emotionally this struck a chord with me, making me realize this is a very unnatural product. I either avoid cow milk completely and use coconut milk (do they have good coconut milk at Walmart?) or go to Whole Foods for our Pastured, pasteurized, non homogenized milk. And very angry at myself for not taking this seriously when those nagging doubts would arise. I believe now that it was associated with some health problems that just won’t seem to go away.

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