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In my household we have gone organic and I recommend to all my in home personal training clients to go organic as well. The term organic means that the food is more than 70% free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, growth hormones, antibiotics, irradiation and genetic modification. Natural food markets offer shelves and shelves of crackers, chips and cookies claiming to be organic alternatives to junk food—all without trans-fatty acids.
More and more natural food markets are stocking up on frozen and “faux-meat” entrees to attract troubled health-conscious shoppers. Occasionally indulging in a frozen pizza from one of these stores is probably not a problem if your overall diet is healthy.
Part of the lure of a natural market is the delicious, gourmet cuisine that often greets you when you come in the door. If you pay close attention to these danger signs it will make your natural whole food shopping for “organic” much faster and easier.
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In fact, the layout of a natural food store can be challenging for even the smartest shoppers. Organic does not mean the product is low fat, low sodium, fat free, low calorie, nutrient dense, rich in phytochemicals or even plain old healthy.
In these aisles, keep a close eye on food labels to make sure saturated fat hasn’t replaced trans-fat. Stamped “organic” or “natural,” these products are convenient, but they can pack a lot of calories and fat into a serving size. But don’t assume that a slice of pizza is low fat simply because you bought it at a natural food market. Although they may offer less fat and fewer calories than the “real thing,” faux products can still provide more than a nugget of fat, some of which may be saturated. This strategically placed array of prepared wraps, focaccia bread sandwiches (which consists high-gluten flour), spinach lasagna, wasabi-sesame-crusted tuna, grilled veggies and tofu meatloaf all conspire to defeat your best intentions— especially if you arrive hungry to shop! We have traveled near and far to quench our desire of the green chile stew of porky goodness. This was just enough for Joey "Jaws" Chestnut to regain his title of "World Champion Asparagus Eater'.
Two deep fried chicken breasts coated with the Orignal Colonels secret spices, cradling two strips of bacon, jack & pepper jack cheese, and held together with the special Colonel's sauce.

They claim to select the highest quality cocoa beans to create the finest textures and tastes chocolate can offer. Their goal is to help reduce meat consumption 15% to improve personal health and the health of the planet.
Natural and organic food markets have sprouted up everywhere, offering you a nearby source for “natural” foods, such as organic produce and other foods that are free of antibiotics, preservatives, growth hormones and trans-fats.
Learn how to spot and navigate around the danger signs in store aisles before your next visit to the market.
It simply means it has been certified “organic” by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). There are some better, tasty snack choices lurking on these shelves, but again, check the labels to find the healthiest options.
Some varieties can dish up a generous amount of total fat, so always scan the nutrition facts panels.
Flip the boxes and choose a meat substitute that provides the taste you are looking for with the least amount of fat. The good news is that those shiny cases do contain some healthy and fabulous choices; you just need to find them! The Amaryllis may be beautiful but it will not compare to the taste of this bacon wrapped pork loin. This will be the perfect temperature for Joey 'Jaws' Chestnut to regain his Asparagus eating crown. Joey lost last year to Patrick Bertoletti's consumption of 7 pounds 5.81 ounces of deep fried Asparagus.
The reason we are trying this chocolate today is because it is a dark chocolate bar with chili. I will be the first to admit that it is not easy to learn all the controls and nuances of setting up this device. When looking at prepared dishes, pay attention to the type of ingredients listed, if it is a grain dish, (pick one with) whole grains, beans, legumes and lean proteins. Some bacon that was imported from Butlers will cradle, protect, and baste the loin from the intense ring of fire. This contest will be held at the Main Stage at 12 noon, Saturday.Our friend Martin Yan will be demonstrating his celebrity cooking skills at various times of the festival.
Please realize that a meatless entree is not always lighter or healthier than one that contains meat and that it is important to check the label for oil, whole-fat cheese or cream. A wild and crazy marching band snaked its way through out the festival to celebrate this joyous celebration of the 'Spears of Spring'.
We definitely will be watching and standing by in case Martin needs a hand in his demonstration.
The board of Supervisors of San Francisco just passed a nonbinding resolution urging restaurants and stores to offer vegetarian options on Monday. The Tee-Off Bar & Grill is a local watering hole that just so happens to serve some fantastic grub. When we took a bite, it gently pulled off the bone and left a crescent shape mark from our chomp. Today we were lucky to meet the owner David Theiss.David Theiss started working at Butler Meats in the 70's.

We watched the clip below and it was a done deal.I still have not learned my lesson about bringing a back up camera. There is a Peet's coffee to fuel your shopping frenzy.In the back of Cafe Rouge are a couple of small meat displays.
The government will tell us what not to eat on Monday’s,It is bad enough that I had to wear a helmet on the short bus. All these jubilant events worked us into a ravenous state of hunger.We headed to "Asparagus Alley and ordered some deep fried breaded Asparagus. We were promptly seated and the complimentary chips and salsa were brought.The chips were fair and the salsa mediocre. I am not sure if this booth was selling Turkey or Vulture legs.It was a beautiful day to celebrate Asparagus.
There is Heritage pork, sustainably raised beef, free range chickens and a whole gaggle of house made sausages.
They carry free-range meats, organic poultry, seafood and they also have an extensive wine collection. The yellow corn, green asparagus, achiote red with black hatch marked pork chop, multicolored apricot relish was all placed around a mound of white garlic mashed potatoes. He guided us through his large inventory of meat products.Butler Meats, has all your meat desires.
This is a one-stop shop to gather top shelf ingredients for an exquisite home cooked dinner.Once we shook the snow off our shoes and entered Overland, We were greeted by Brian Cohen the owner. A large enameled cast iron pan was used to render some bacon for the fat to brown the meat.
The smell makes you want to grab a menu and have some nourishment.There were a lot of tempting meat items to buy here.
This was a true find!Tee-Off Bar & GrillOur bellies were bursting with comfort and joy while we watched the Rat Pack work their magic.
You can savor the deep dark chocolate and it is accompanied by a wisp of chili flavor.I would recommend this chocolate bar to every grownup that likes chili peppers and chocolate.
We witnessed customers approaching Brian to ask about the fresh seafood delivery.We made a purchase of some chorizo, jerky and bacon. This is an old fashioned Butcher Shop that serves the Carson City populace with quality meat.We purchased a large amount of different sausages, ham and some slab bacon. Overland Meat & Seafood would be our destination meat market if we were residents of the area. When the temperature hit 144 the roast was removed to the kitchen for a 15 minute rest.The roast was perfect, juicy and delicious. There is one bright note to this disaster, The beer was ice cold!Celia's is a fun, bright and cheery place.

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