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Enjoy a delicious variety of fresh picked seasonal certified organic produce, beef, homemade pies and syrups available for pick up from our farm and in North Toronto.
We are delighted that Belanger Organic Farm produce and meats are in high demand by our consumers locally and in the Greater Toronto Area. To be sure you feel as good about our guarantee as we do, every crop we harvest on the farm is 100% Organically Grown and government certified. Our farm products are grown and harvested without pesticides, herbicides, commercial fertilizers, animal feed supplements or food preservatives. Organic farms near Toronto are just about to hit their stride for the summer growing season. A regular supplier to high-end produce markets like Harvest Wagon, Meadow Sweet Farm also has a farm stand open at Warden Avenue and Stouffville Road on weekends throughout the summer months. Located in Markham, Organics Family Farm is a small family owned and operated certified organic farm in operation since 2007.
Ancaster's Fenwood Farm has been a family owned and operated business since 1990 providing quality organic and antibiotic free meat.
Greenfields Organic Farm has been operating in Campbellville since 1989; it's been certified organic since 1997. This Angus family market garden farm opened in 2001. Moondance offers a variety of different garden day camps and workshops to inspire aspiring gardeners and teach the basics of tending your garden or farm.
Mapleton's Organic Dairy Farm has been processing organic milk into ice cream and fresh yogurt for purchase since 1999. Located in Dundas, Our Father's Farm offers up CSA-approved organic weekly vegetable baskets as well as grass-fed beef. Beretta Family Farms has been in business for 20 years providing grass-fed, all-natural and organic beef, chicken, pork and a frozen baby food line called Sweetpea. Would be nice to make the connection between these organic farms and store locations where their produce is sold in Toronto.
Grass fed (not just grass finished) beef, capon chicken and sushi grade wild caught fish, delivered to my home in convenient packaging with a full disclosure on the farms used. Unfortunately just because something is organic does not mean that the plant or seedling was not GM. Grass-fed, pasture-raised, naturally fed, naturally finished, pasture-fed, grass-finished… WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Our herd lives and grazes here much as cattle would have back in the 1700s when our farm was first settled. For years claims have been made as to the health benefits for both cattle and consumers of cattle raised on a strictly grass fed diet. Of the labels we could find on high quality, grain fed, extra lean chicken, we discovered that the fat in chicken was an average of 8% and our beef was at 6%, and the cholesterol in chicken averaged at 20% with our beef being at 17%.

The taste of our beef is simply a reflection of the right breed, the right diet and having had the best and most natural life we can possibly provide.
We proudly supply discerning retailers including The Big Carrot, both the Eglinton and Queen St.
I’ve teamed up with some of the best shops and bloggers on Instagram to give one of our followers a Step 2 Neat & Tidy Cottage! Lots of screaming  #fangirls  and two pretty happy and emotional daughters ?? Good job boys!
Good things grow in Ontario, and with more of us choosing local and organic food options, there's no shortage of places near Toronto to find freshness and quality. The farm offers naturally raised meat included pastured raised beef & pork, which in turn makes the offerings hormone and antibiotic free. They offer everything from chicken, beef and pork, plus turkey during Thanksgiving - you can either pre-order or visit the farm direct. The farm offers everything from organic fruits and vegetables (year-round) to fresh farm eggs and chicken (depending on availability).
For those looking to try out some of Moondance's offerings, several different season veggies and herbs are available, alongside fresh eggs, honey and seeds. The Wellington County farm also produces organic pork, free-range chickens and turkey available only in the summer months.
The farm is available for on-site purchases or online ordering (with delivery to Toronto) - they sell everything from herbs, sprouts and root vegetables to maple syrup and raw honey.
They pride themselves on being a farm-based organization that provides hands-on farming education and engaging community programming on food and farming. They butcher, prepare, and ship out all retail orders (unfortunately no walk-ins allowed at this time) at their Etobicoke location. We finish our cattle on pasture which means that they mature at 28 months and up, as opposed to the industry average of 14 months finished on grain. They are a composite breed of as many as eleven different breeds, some very rare, from around the world. They were bred to perform on a grass based (sustainable) diet and to be finished on pasture.
We couldn’t find solid backing for any of these claims so we have taken the extraordinary step of having our meat tested.
Lawrence LowlandsDespite its size as the second largest country in the world, Canada's population is concentrated in the Great Lakes-St.
Educators and students may use them in presentations and for illustrating research papers; they may not otherwise be copied or stored in any form without the exrpress written consent of the artist.
They also have an abundance of crops that come in through the season including asparagus, raspberries, apples, kale, beets and more.

Also on-site at the farm, they offer a variety of items such as coconut oil, emu oil soap, honey and organic ice cream. Visitors can stop by the farm or visit them at one of the many Toronto farmer's markets they frequent weekly.
Visitors are welcome to take part in the many barnyard demonstrations or explore the on-site cedar hedge maze and labyrinth.
While you can visit on-site, Everdale has set-up the Harvest Shares package where you can choose from 20-30 seasonal vegetables weekly for pick-up at local farmers markets.
Several farm events (open to the public) are held year round which can be found on their Facebook group. Their ancestors, the bison and the buffalo, ate this diet for thousands of years and sustained man and their environment. What this means for the consumer is beef with great taste, texture and great nutritional values.
The Shaver Beef Blend breed was the creation of one local family, the Shavers of Cambridge, Ontario. For the consumer this means that these animals when finished can produce a tender product without being fed any grains. Our cattle are inseminated naturally and contrary to popular belief, our bulls are passive creatures. All the crops and produce we sell to retailers or at local farmer’s markets are harvested with care by hand, washed with spring water and packed for freshness.
The most important value to the consumer is that the meat can be marbled yet is very low in saturated fats and cholesterol. Grain finishing has even become a selling feature instead of a detrement to the quality of the meat. In some cases such as ours, testing now shows our beef to be lower in saturated fats and cholesterol than numerous samples of grain fed, high quality, extra lean chicken.
So please, visit our farm and let us show you the difference and when you purchase our meat, you’ll taste the difference. This contradicts widely held views that grass fed beef is a meat high in saturated fats and cholesterol.
Aside from pasture and hay the only supplements that we give our cattle are certified organic kelp meal, natural salts with trace minerals, and natural spring water.
Our spring water has also been extensively lab tested from different areas on the farm and found to be free of any known contaminants including heavy metals.

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