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It’s another beautiful day in paradise and after greeting the sunrise Art and I walk along the beach and turn up the second arroyo towards a friends vacation house. We make the familiar circuit, buying lemonade and organic tostadas and admiring the various craft displays. We always have odd errands to run when we are in town.  The process of finding a specific screw or tool needed to repair or build something at our house seems to delight Art. As the sun dips low, Art and I walk the road to Zacs, inhaling the hot, dusty, and fragrant desert air.
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If you are seeking information on any natural or wholistic topic (from Avocados to Zen), this is a great landing site with well research topics. Note:"Our website may contain affiliate marketing links, which means we may get paid commission on sales of those products or services we write about. Montel Mora, with Rodriguez Farms, puts out organic strawberries for sale at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Farmers' Market back in 2014. Organic farm Flora Farms in San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico, well known for farm to table concept restaurant and fresh organic produce. Art spent time with them last week and although they have returned home, Art suspects that their wireless is still on.  We stand outside the house and Art checks his e-mail before we return back along the beach to our simple casita.

We walk from lunch to a hardware store and Art passes a drawing of a screw that he needs to a man behind the counter. We choose a small table at the edge of the restaurant to catch whatever breeze might drift our way.  We enjoy our usual libations and share a plate of shrimp as our dinner. For a safer, faster, more enjoyable user experience, please update your browser today or try a newer browser. Usually this wheat pastry is filled with beef, pork or chicken; however, these ones were vegetarian. It is for educational purposes, to bring awareness or to share our experience; recipes and information found on various topics. Beaded jewelry and leather wrist bands are pinned to draped table cloths with umbrellas or small canopies sheltering the vendors from the intense sun.  Most of the sellers are young and many have children toddling behind their booths. This may sound like a contradiction but in the intense Baja sun, fresh flowers would wilt in a matter of hours. Art is motioned behind to a row of bins to do his own search, but the desired screw is not available and we leave empty handed.
We are home chefs and researchers, not doctors, scientist, or experts in a particular field; you should seek your personal health-care provider’s advice if you have a health concern. The artists are a diverse lot; some indigenous indians with traditional crafts, infiltrated by a number of young American and European artists who have gravitated to this friendly and supportive artist community for the season.

Today is the day that most families visit and pay remembrance to their departed loved ones. As a native San Franciscan and Grateful Dead fan that market sounded like my kind of thing. But the information that you find here takes me much time and effort to research, and the recipes take me weeks–sometimes months or even years to formulate. Each grave is freshly adorned with multiple bouquets of artificial flowers.  The trash cans are overflowing with last years discarded and faded bouquets.
Many families gather at graves but this celebration is mostly a private affair and after circling the main walkway we leave, not wanting to intrude.
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