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The Calgary Farmers' Market is the place to go if handmade bison sausage, artisan bread and fresh local produce sound to you like "tonight's dinner."Vendors at this year-round market bring in products from local farms each week. Find farm-fresh local produce, meats, dairy and baked goods from local producers in this year-round indoor market. Visit The Shooting Edge to learn how to fire a rifle or pistol or practice your skills in a safe environment. Tip 1: If you spill something in your african market basket you can use a very mild soap and warm water to wash it.
Sign up now to receive a free piece of jewelry with your next order, jewelry styling tips, free updates, lifestyle tips and inspirational messages!!! Study Surprise: A cooler shows off a bountiful display of local and organic produce at Sunnyside Market in Calgary on Thursday, Jan. Almost half of organic fruits and vegetables tested in Canada contain pesticide residue, a recent study says.
The study, released in January, has startled many Canadians, especially those who regularly buy and consume organic produce.
As the study’s findings come to light, many consumers are questioning the extra cost of organic foods despite the presence of pesticides, the very thing many consumers are trying to avoid. Calgarian Sharon Dennis has been purchasing organic produce for her family for the past seven years and says that the quality and taste is much better than conventional produce. Dennis says that its impossible to eliminate all traces of pesticide in fruits and vegetables, and compared to the levels in non-organic produce, she can accept produce with a low pesticide level.

Cameron admires the fact that consumers are willing to spend significantly more on getting better food, although, he hopes they are well informed. Though many consumers purchase organic products to avoid pesticides, there seem to be large-scale benefits to buying organic food than just trying to eliminate pesticides from our bodies.
The negative effect of transporting produce from places like California and Mexico can be reduced as many seasonal organic produce items can be purchased from local growers, says Dennis. Genetically modified produce, or GM foods, are foods that have had changes made to their DNA using genetic engineering.
According to Cameron, the produce is modified to be resistant, not to the pest but to the chemical that kills the pest. As a writing and communications major in the journalism program at SAIT, Cara Howlett worked as a reporter for The Press during the 2013-2014 academic year. Both buildings are on the former grounds of Currie Barracks - used to be the home of the Canadian Forces in Calgary - they kept their aircraft there.
Addendum(May 2011) - This market has closed down - see our entry on one of the new markets - MacLead Trail just south of Glenmore. Since it first opened in April 2011, the Calgary Farmer’s Market has become a local favourite to pick up organic fruits and vegetables, specialty foods or to just enjoy a relaxing afternoon lunch with a friend. The Calgary Farmer’s Market is a bright and open place to wonder around, with a lively atmosphere and numerous eclectic vendors. Don’t miss out on tasting a delicious Simple Simon pie, award winning slice of Gouda from Sylvan Star Cheese (a personal favourite) or world-famous Saskatoon pie from the Saskatoon Farm.

In addition to favourites like Alberta beef, fresh dairy and bread made from western grains, the Farmers' Market offers local specialties like pork, elk, bison, rabbit, duck and even ostrich.Alberta-approved market.
Never allow a wet basket to sit in a place that has poor ventilation or little to no light. The large round baskets is the traditional style, but because of other cultural influences other styles (like our bike baskets) have been created. In Ghana women would put their food-stuffs in the basket to take to and from the local market.
If you like, you can choose to use protective spray on your leather handles, but this is not necessary. A recent study done by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has found that organic foods contain pesticides.
The store will have a  butcher, fishmonger, baker and a team of chefs creating takeout meals. You can expect the colour and vibrancy of your basket to last longer in higher quality baskets like ours.

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