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The power consumption of the OLED panel is only dependent on the pixels that are lit in the images. The production of small molecule devices and displays usually involves thermal evaporation in a vacuum. These devices are currently used in small screen displays such as mobile screen, digital camera etc. The proposed mechanism was either direct excitation of the dye molecules or excitation of electrons.

History of OLEDs • First developed in the early 1950s in France• Early technology would emmite a short burst of light when a voltage was applied • This early form applied high-voltage alternating current field to crystalline thin films of acridine orange and quinacrine. Architecture of OLEDs • Substrate (clear plastic, glass, foil) – The substrate supports the OLED.
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OLED – Organic Light Emitting Diode An OLED is any light emitting diode (LED) which emissive electroluminescent layer is composed of a film of organic compounds. LCD and Plasma • Cost to manufacture is high• Overall luminance degradation• Constraints with lifespan • Easily damaged by water• Limited market availability OLED Lighting Vs.

For viewing only, you can play with our flash based presentation viewer instead of downloading the ppt file. Incandescent and Fluorescent • Cheaper way to create flexible lighting • Requires less power • Better quality of light (ie.

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