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Each strand in the complex web of law has different sources and relationships to the other.
Each of the classifications below have at some point been recognized and enforced or protected by a governmental body in the United States.  The relationship between each type of law can be quite complex, with a type of law governing in some circumstances, but not others.
In medieval England, the law was simply the word of the King, bishop or sheriff, often mixing secular law with liturgical law tracing back to the Ten Commandments. The judges’ recorded decisions would be studied and followed by other judges deciding cases with facts similar to earlier cases. The continuation and evolution of the common law gives meaning to all other sources of law.
The US Constitution additionally defines the relationship between the federal and state governments. As a country the United States is bound by its treaties under international law.  The US derives its existence from Natural Law and its courts conduct themselves in the traditions of English Common Law.
An interesting relationship between International Law and US domestic law is how the States relate to one another legally.
When Congress (the national legislature) or a state legislature passes a law, the law must comply with the processes, be within the powers and not beyond the limits set out by the relevant constitution. Long ago, the common law had developed to define many areas of law including contracts, personal injury and more.
If a statute does not comply with a constitution’s grant of power, limitations or prescribed process for passage, a court may declare it void as unconstitutional. Since the New Deal, there has grown up a virtual alphabet soup of regulatory agencies: FDA, FCC, ICC, FTC, ATF, EPA, CFTC, EEOC, FEC, FHA, FRA and more.
Congress and state legislatures have given these agencies the authority to make rules that have the full force and effect of law.
The granting of power to an executive agency to make law is called a delegation of legislative authority by the legislature. On Facebook and the more than 5,100 members of Dave Shestokas on the Constitution and like the pages for David J. The Euro-Mediterranean Network for Human Rights (EMHRN), the World Organization Against Torture (OMCT) and the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) deplore the adoption of the draft Basic Law for the Protection of Public Security, by the plenary of the Congress of Deputies on 11 December 2014.

Using the pretext of improving public safety, the Basic Law on the Protection of Public Security establishes an arsenal of administrative sanctions, some of them very severe, aimed at dissuading citizens from expressing their concerns by means of public demonstrations.
In addition, it is particularly alarming that fines can be imposed for organizing public meetings and demonstrations without advising the authorities in advance, including spontaneous gatherings, for which prior notification is impossible. EMHRN, OMCT and FIDH also denounce the legalisation, by an amendment presented at the last minute by the Government, of the practice of summary expulsion, used in Ceuta and Melilla, by which migrants from Morocco who have succeeded in crossing the border are immediately sent back.
EMHRN, OMCT and FIDH therefore call upon the Spanish authorities to modify the law without delay so that it conforms to the international standards concerning the rights to assembly and to asylum, and expects a firm reaction from the European Union, including the European Parliament and other member States, in the face of this violation of civil liberties in Spain. People rely on “law” to guide their conduct and their expectations of the conduct of others. The US Constitution and the state constitutions are sets of rules for government, defining the organization, and enumerating government’s powers, limits and functions. These organizational statements also effectively express the philosophy of the relationship between a government and its people. However, in some instances, by virtue of the Tenth Amendment,[4]  state constitutions have more force and effect in specific areas. At one time, the power grant was thought unconstitutional as violating the separation of powers. Sometimes some law trumps one set and sometimes that set trumps the other.  Each type of law is connected to the other, but each has its own independent source. Shestokas has been admitted to practice law before the Illinois Supreme Court, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, the Supreme Court of Florida, and the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida. Berta Isabel Arias offer a Spanish language translation of Constitutional Sound Bites: Capsulas Informativas Constitucionales . Our three organisations denounce the growing restrictions on the right to demonstrate in Spain.
Despite its rejection by all the opposition parties and civil society organizations, which denounced the direct threat that the law poses to the right of peaceful assembly, and despite the opposition of 82% of the Spanish public opinion according to recent polls, this law was adopted the very day after Human Rights Day and will enter into force by the end of this year.
Our organisations consider that this new provision violates the right to asylum and the principle of non-refoulement.
The term “law” is often used to refer to things that simply exist or have a spiritual content to them, such as Physical Law and Moral Law.  The classifications below are “laws” which are enforced by government and government penalties exist when the law is not obeyed.

The states principally control matters such as local criminal law, land law, contract law, and family law. Statutes are typically organized into codes, with the codes organized according to subject matter.
As legislatures became active in all legal areas, the will of the people, as expressed in statutes passed by their representatives would supersede the common law. They are under the control of the president at the national level and the governors at the state level. The Administrative Procedure Act sets forth the rule making process at the federal level and similar acts do so at the state level. That the common law of England, … shall be the rule of decision, and shall be considered as of full force until repealed by legislative authority. Moreover, this amendment exposes these migrants to serious risk of torture and ill-treatment since they would be deprived of the possibility of filing a claim in case of abuses by law enforcement personnel. Nils Muiznieks, has also emphasized the threat that the law poses for the exercise of the right of peaceful assembly and has called for the prior authorization requirement, the classification of demonstrations around Congress or the regional assemblies as grave offences and the prohibition on recording images of law enforcement personnel in the exercise of their duties to be removed from the final version. In 1154, under King Henry II, judges began returning to London to discuss cases and record their decisions. Statutes are effectively superior to common law and if a court makes a decision pertaining to a statute that the legislature does not like, it can overrule the court with a new statute. Typically the process calls for publication of a proposed rule, public hearing and comment, then final publication in the Code of Federal Regulation or similar state code. Many still consider it to be unconstitutional, though the US Supreme Court has ruled that such delegations are an implied power of Congress. Accordingly, of the 4500 copies of the proposed Constitution that legislature ordered, 1500 were in German.

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